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Generate and Redeem A FREE Promo Code For iOS Apps


So you’d like to create promo codes to give out people so they don’t have to pay for your app on the app store, or you are running a promotion period for your app, it might even be that your app is in the testing stage. You can also send this promo code to your friends or reward to those who made some contribution to the app’s development. So there is a quick guide for you on how to generate and redeem iOS apps Promo Codes.

To generate promo codes for your iOS app you can simply follow these easy steps:

1.    Launch your apple app and then proceed to log in to your apple( formerly known as iTunes Connect) with your Apple ID details correctly.

2.    Check for the “My app” and then Click on it and navigate to the app you want to generate promo codes for in the play store (always make sure you are on the desired app).

3.    Find a way to navigate to the Features tab on the page you are that’s on the app you want to generate promo code for.

4.    Click on the Promo Codes section which is listed in the left-hand menu at the bottom of your page. Note if your page is not fully maximize the promo code section might not show.

5.    You will then need to select how many promo codes you are willing to create for the said particular app and put it into the number section under the App Promo Codes field. (Note that you can only generate 100 codes for a single app’s version)

6.    You then have to agree to terms and conditions involved in generating the app promo code and finally click on Generate Code.

After the above 6th step, you will automatically receive a confirmation email from Apple with some conditions which are meant for your international users of the promo code you just generated. However, note that the email attachment is not the actual promo codes you just generated for your users.

Where will you view your promo codes?

To view the newly generated codes you will need to navigate back to the Promo Codes page and then click on History Tab. Here you’ll be able to see the Codes link which if you click on it, you will be automatically redirected to the page where your code is embedded.

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When you finally click on the link and the next pop up is where you will see all your iOS App Promo Codes list displayed!

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 How to redeem the iOS App Promo Code?

Another task you will need to get done knows how to redeem your generated code easily without issues.

You will need to follow the listed steps below to redeem the generated iOS promo code:

1.    If you are browsing through a desktop/laptop, visit the Apple website and navigate to the App Store login page. However, if you are accessing from an iPhone/iPad just open the App Store on your device.

2.    Open your apple account page and then go ahead and click on your image or the avatar representing your profile.

3.    You will then proceed to click on Redeem Gift Cards or promo code

4.    A dialogue box which will point to the next action will come up.

5.    Go ahead and select you can also enter your code manually.

6.    Enter the Promo Code our have been given which is among the previously generated ones.

7.    Wait for some couple of seconds for your code to be redeemed.

8.    A “You have successfully redeemed your code “message will come up and you will be notified automatically.

You have successfully redeemed your code

After the above steps have been followed completely, you’ve successfully generated and redeemed promo codes for your iOS App. You can then send the following steps to your users for them to be able to redeem any promo code you shared with them

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