Forsage Review: Earn Free Ethereum CryptoCurrency Daily Worth $11,433

Forsage Smart Contract Scam

Have you heard of Ethereum? Currently, Forsage smart contract is one of the best and most profitable Faucets in the world that earns you Ethereum crypto currency quickly.

Sit back and enjoy this Forsage review along with a video that truly breaks it down to a beginner’s understanding.

Remember when Bitcoin was $1? Now it is at $9,000, you can barely afford it now. Imagine you earned a huge amount of Bitcoin 7 years ago. You missed your chance.

But like Richard Branson says – “Opportunities are like buses, there is always another one coming

Here comes another bus with Ethereum crypto currency.

Ethereum is the 2nd largest and fastest growing crypto currency which is currently trading at $244 and rising.

The best part is, you can start earning massive amounts of Ethereum with Forsage smart contract today.

Over 6,000 people join Forsage Ethereum smart contract everyday and some will never earn more than 20 Ethereum (none at all, worse case) because they don’t understand the basic principles of Forsage which is all about TEAMWORK.

Forsage smart contract is a community of crypto lovers not a one man army, so you need a team to start, earn and grow your Ethereum.

  • To join Forsage smart contract, you need a referral ID like 294533
  • To earn your first Ethereum, you need to open up levels or refer someone to your team.
  • To build to the next level in Forsage, you need your sponsor, referral or team to grow with you via upgrades, spillovers or overflows.

And that is one of the features that makes Forsage Ethereum smart contract such a high income opportunity for everyone involved.

What is Forsage?

Forsage is a multilevel marketing (MLM) scheme which launched in February of 2020 and is one of the pioneers of the world’s decentralized smart contract.

The system is made up of a a self executing smart contract on the Ethereum Blockchain which forsage developers claim cannot be modified by any entity which makes sense when you see how Forsage works.

Forsage Smart Contract?

Forsage smart contract cryptocurrency earning and referral program officially called the Ethereum Blockchain Matric Project is a peer to peer commission based payments between the Forsage system and us it’s active members.

For those that don’t know what smart contracts are but need to read some geeky English then read how Ethereum smart contracts work on Coindesk

Smart contracts is not an underground technology for special beings, in fact according to Cointelegraph it is widely used already by major players in the crypto and financial industries like Citi, J.P Morgan, Bank of America Merril Lynch, Credit Suisse?

Don’t feel like reading? Watch this video on Forsage then chat with me using the Whatsapp button at the bottom of your screen to explain further.

How Forsage Works

First of all, Forsage Ethereum Smart Contract doesn’t sell any products. It is simply a gifting system where each member is given Cryptocurrencies (Ethereum) according to their level, referrals and referrer.

The whole point of Forsage is for it’s active members to earn residual or passive income through Ethereum cryptocurrency on a long term basis.

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Forsage is so focused on the team building part that without a referral code like 294533 you can’t register to earn free Ethereum crypto currency.

To start earning free Cryptocurrency like Ethereum, you will have to visit Forsage website.

You will then be charged 0.05 Ethereum to join Forsage.

Once you register, the 0.05 ETH will be split in half – 0.025 ETH – and used to open 2 programs for you in Forsage smart contact.

Those 2 Forsage programs are your matrix.

Forsage Matrix

Forsage has 2 matrix programs which participants on the forsage platform can work with – the X3 Matrix and X4 Matrix used for earning Ethereum crypto currency but with different processes and more importantly strengths.

First the similarities on Forsage between the X3 and X4 programs.

  • Each Forsage X3 and X4 program comes with 12 levels.
  • Levels don’t expire or have deadlines.
  • Levels are locked until you upgrade to activate them.
  • Each of the levels double in Ethereum as you upgrade. For instance first level is 0.025 – 0.05 – 0.1 – 0.2 – 0.4…
  • You can upgrade as many levels or all levels as you want from day 1. (recommended)
  • You can choose not to upgrade any levels but you will miss earnings if your referrals upgrade to a level you are not on.
  • Each level have slots to fill – Forsage X3 levels have 3 slots while Forsage x4 levels have 6 slots.
  • All active levels can generate Ethereum for you simultaneously on each filled slot – from referrals, spillovers and overflows.
  • Each of the slot immediately auto pays Ethereum into your wallet once a member fills it so no withdrawals, wait periods, minimums or withhold limits.
  • Each of the slots auto renew with Ether once full so it always stays open for the next participants to join your slot.

See a live demo of the Forsage dashboard here, just click on “login” then “authorization” and “view”.

Forsage x3 Explained

Forsage X3 is your personally referred members who are automatically placed in your X3 program below you so they stay with you as you move along activating and upgrading your levels while you all earn Ethereum together.

It is also much shorter to fill so an easy way to profit and earn Ethereum crypto quickly

But you can also have shifts if your referred members upgrade more slots before you, you can then end up as their referred members.

Forsage X3 matrix slot has 3 spaces to be filled each.

  • Slots 1 is your referral and the Ethereum goes directly to your wallet
  • Slot 2 is also your referral and the Ethereum goes directly to your wallet again.
  • Slot 3 is another of your referral but that Ethereum is used as a areinvest which simply opens up the slot for you again so you dont need to pay out of pocket anymore. That Ethereum goes to your referral.

So your X3 levels always stays open and the cycle continuous as you refer more people to Forsage smart contract.

Forsage X3 LevelsEthereum costEthereum earnedProfit per Cycle
204 Ethereum$47,880 Profit
Join Forsage smart contract today

Example: You refer 12 people in level 1, that will be 3 slots filled per cycle which will be 4 cycles. Your profit will be 0.2 Ethereum which is $46 at the writing of the article.

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Example: IF all 12 people upgrade to level 4, that will be 3 slots filled per cycle which will still be 4 cycles. Your profit will be 1.6 Ethereum earned which is $375 at the writing of this article.

New referrals comes in and invest, you earn Ethereum. Other referrals upgrade levels, you earn Ethereum. The cycle stays open and you just keep earning passive income on autopilot.

Forsage x4 Explained

Forsage X4 program is where you can earn Ethereum on Forsage without referring a single person because the X4 program can be filled in several ways – your personal referrals, spillovers and overflows.

The X4 program is a longer version to fill but is more random meaning you can earn free Ethereum in X4 without referring due to spillovers and overflows.

No referrals but still earning. Contact me on Whatsapp to join my team now.

Spillovers: Spillovers in Forsage X4 program are bonuses from uplines (your referrer) and downlines (your referrals) that have gotten enough Ethereum but refuse to open the next level or upgrade which is then distributed to others in the X4 program.

Overflows: Overflows in Forsage X4 program means you get rewarded from the efforts of your uplines or referrals once their slots are full then you and the other downlines take the rest Ethereum.

Forsage X4 matrix comes with 6 spaces to be filled in 2 lines by either your referrals, spillovers or overflows.

  • 1 and 2 slots are partners who whose Ethereum will go directly to some one higher than you not necessarily your referral.
  • Slots 3, 4 and 5 Ethereum are all yours and those slots can be filled by anyone – your referrals, spillovers from partners higher than you and overflows from those lower than you.
  • Slot 6 Ethereum will not go to you but will be used to renew and keep the Forsage X4 level open for you.

Just like your X3 slot, your Forsage x4 matrix program always stays open.

Forsage X4 LevelsEthereum costEthereum earnedProfit Per Cycle
307 Ethereum$71,976
Join Forsage smart contract today

How To Earn Lots of Ethereum on Forsage

It’s simple, your skills and abilities should determine which of the Forsage matrix you want to invest heavily in.

If you are a network marketer then choosing the Forsage X3 Matrix should be your main investment.

While non network marketers and those that can’t refer should go for Forsage X4 Matrix because of the use of spillovers and overflows.

In both matrix, you still need to refer people to earn more Ethereum on Forsage and keep the system running.

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And if you can’t refer, you need to join a team with lots of network marketers like myself so we can you can gain spillovers and overflows — Join our SUPER TEAM today.

How To Join Forsage Ethereum Smart Contract.

Forsage is a community of cypto traders which means without a referral that you know and have access to, you are near doomed.

So before you think of joining Forsage and gaining lots of Ethereum, get on a team that can be accessible and contacted by you.

With that, you can refer and build by yourself and your referral can also place people under so you earn more.

Forsage Registration Fee

Forsage registration fee is not fixed due to the Ethereum price fluctuations but to be on the safe side, Forsage cost 0.05 Ethereum to register which is roughly $20.

The 0.05 ETH will be distributed between level 1 of Forsage X3 and level 1 of Forsage X4 thereby opening both programs for you.

How To Join Forsage on Desktop

To register for Forsage on your desktop, you need a Metamask Wallet.

Just like most other wallets, to setup your Ethereum wallet, you will be asked to write your recovery seed phrase (secret key – Keep it safe and private) which is 12 words. Example – Dog, Donkey, Egypt…”

Once your Metamask wallet is setup, purchase or have at least 0.065 Ethereum to register for Forsage blockchain smart contract including your transaction fee.

If you are having trouble registering, contact me on Whatsapp below and if asked for an ID number to activate your Forsage Ethereum, use 294533 to join our super team where referrals is not needed.

How to join Forsage on mobile phone

To register for Forsage on your mobile device, you need the TrustWallet app owned by Binance.

While setting up your Trustwallet Ethereum, you will be given a 12 word phrase which will be your secret key like “House, Room, Legs…”. So keep it safe.

Once done with the secret phrase, set up your TrsutWallet with 0.065 ETH including the transaction fee then head over to Forsage to join or register.

Note: If you are having difficulties registering, contact me on WhatsApp below and if asked for an ID number to activate your Forsage Ethereum, use 294533 to join our super team where referrals is not needed.

For iOS users, if you can’t find TrustWallet or for some reason cant use it, download Token Pocket wallet.

How to Buy Your First Ethereum With TrustWallet

For people having difficulties buying Ethereum on your TrustWallet, dump it! Buying Ethereum from your TrustWallet is a headache.

First, you can’t buy Ethereum worth less than $50.

I spent $100 worth of Ethereum registering for Forsage but you only need $15 worth of Ethereum as of this writing.

Then TrustWallet hits with a 3.5% transaction tax or $10 (depending on which is higher) then a more than tedious verification which most will fail no matter how many times you try.

So use the alternative – use Luno to buy Ethereum.

  • Far less restrictions on Ethereum minimum buy.
  • Easy verification
  • No hefty tax on Ethereum.

You can buy your first Ethereum on Luno within minutes of downloading the app.

Even the verification process is simple and straight forward.

Once you buy your first Ether on Luno, send it to your TrustWallet because that is the actual wallet you need for Forsage smart contract.

Recap – Buy from Luno, Transfer to TrustWallet, register on Forsage.


Forsage smart contract is all about team work and we must all work together as a team in doing our parts, be it referring or upgrading to keep the Ethereum crypto flowing.


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