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Top Features of Apple Photo Apps On Mac and iOS


Are you looking for the best photo management/editing app that can help you make the best out of your digital images?

Look no further! Because this article shall be discussing all top features of Apple photo, which happens to be one of the most sought after photo management/editing apps (Apple photo) that can enable you organize and edit photos on your Mac and IOS devices.

Although it may satisfy the needs of users who already have the app, but still there’s a good chance they may not be using it to its full potential, hence the need for this article. But before that, lets have a quick summary of the history of photography and Apple photo in order for us to comprehend the latter’s amazing features.

The first photographic image was developed in 1827 by a french scientist called Joseph Nicephore Niepce. He was able to pull this off using Camera Obscura (Ancestor of the photographic camera), it means “dark room” in Latin.  The Camera Obscura is a device in a shape of a box or a room that lets the light through a small opening on one side and projects it on the other. Camera Obscura was used as an aid for drawing and entertainment despite its low image quality.


Photography has drastically changed since then. Nowadays, you just pull your iPhone out of your pocket, point and click and you are sure of capturing crystal-clear, high-resolution, editable shots with the aid of Apple photo.

Apple Photos (or simply Photos) is a photo management and editing application developed by Apple (Wikipedia). This amazing software was released as a bundle app in iOS 8 on September 17, 2014, and now the app comes preinstalled on every iPhone, iPad, and Mac computer. It was formally known as iPhoto on Macs. Apple photo can be accessed and downloaded from the company’s app store.

Note: MacOs and iOS (iPhone and iPad) are both products of Apple but they don’t share the same interface. MacOS is designed for Apple computers; keyboard and mouse are the primary ways of interfacing with the computer.

iOS, on the other hand, is designed for mobile devices and a touch screen is the primary way of interfacing with the device. Apple Photos on Mac is not the same as Apple photo on iOS (iPhone and iPad), meaning they don’t share the same interface but you may observe that they both use icons that are alike, same nomenclature and their buttons are positioned on almost same locations.

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Top features of Apple Photo on Mac and iOS (iPhone and ipad)

1. The Search Feature

Before you perform any task (photo management or editing, you need to search for the photo you want to work on. Searching for photos on Mac and iOS is easy and the app’s object recognition is excellent and really useful when searching for a photo that you are having a hard time remembering the date it was taken.

But if you are looking for a particular photo on iPhone, simply make use of the search bar that’s built directly into the Photos toolbar.

Also, if you wish to search for a photo, you can use names of close friends, family members, locations and objects (bicycle or sandwich) that appear in the photo. For MacOs, use the search box in the top right corner of the application.

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2. Editing Feature

Editing feature

Similarly you can take wonderful shots via your iPad or iPhone’s camera, however, there are more exciting things to do with the Camera app: you can employ a range of adjustments and effects to add more fun to your snaps by means of Apple photos app.

Photos can be edited on MacOs too and this app is equipped with all you require to enable you personalize your photos, and what’s more, if your edits don’t turn out the way you wanted, you can reverse every change you made on a picture and it will go back to its original form or state.

The tools you’re likely to use when editing a photo are crop-and-rotate, for portraits, Remove Red-Eye. You will also find the Auto Adjust option to be very useful: just a tap and your images will get better.

To be on top of your game, you’ll need to know about the latest adjustment options on Apple photos, color and light can be regulated by hand, and generate custom mono conversions.

A variety of photo filter effects are available, but extensions are some of the most important features of Apple photo because they enable it to blend with other applications creating an immeasurable variety of fresh filters and effects

3. Share your favorite photos in more places than ever.

Utilize the Share menu for easy sharing of photos through Shared Albums and AirDrop. You can pick a preferred destination like Facebook, Twitter and send your photos. Depending on how you see fit, you can modify the menu and share straight to well-suited websites that posses sharing extensions.

You can share your photos by means of:

  •  iMessage: iMessage is a free text messaging service from Apple which also allows you to  insert photos into messages and recommends contacts to share new pictures with. You can access every photo you share using other devices because the more you share photos, by default it will be uploaded to iCloud library.
  • Share photos via the Photos app: first you will need to open the photo app, then highlight or choose a picture, hit the “share icon button”, after that scroll right and click on “Copy iCloud Link”. soon after you can send link to contacts in order to share photo.
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4. Apple photo can help you to revive old memories.

Apple photo can help you to revive old memories

For You can bring back old memories of happenings, past events, especially the ones you forgot to resurface. During its one of its previous WWDC keynotes, Apple announced that a new For You tab for iOS 12 would come.

Previous versions of Apple photo didn’t posses this feature, it was added recently to improve your photography experience by creating an app that can assist you to relive memories.

It comes with the For You tab similar to Apple music that has an “On this day” section showcasing existing memories, looping live photos, portrait photos and more. In addition, the For You tab will also suggest editing tools to try out to improve pictures in you library.

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There are other wonderful features like “Best of last 4 weeks,” which intends to highlight current events. The For You is a great feature designed to enable you get the most out of Apple photos.

5. The Force Touch Feature

You can get a list of shortcut options, together with the Photo widget, Most Recent, Favorites, One year ago, as well as Search by taping and holding down the app. All these and more can be done if your iPhone has Force touch capabilities.

6. Facial Recognition Feature

Photos has the capacity to identify people based on facial recognition. Whats more, you can name the face that was identified by photo. This special feature can work on iOS and Mac.

7. Privacy Feature

If privacy is a big deal to, then you will find this feature to be very useful as you can hide a photo from prying eyes via Photo app either on iOS or Mac. This will help prevent unauthorized people from stumbling into your sensitive photos.

Hence, if privacy is a big deal to you, then this feature to be very useful as you can hide a photo from prying eyes via Photo app either on iOS or Mac. This will help prevent unauthorized people from stumbling into your sensitive photos.

To hide a Photo on iOS, simply tap select the photos you wish to hide, then tap the share icon and scroll right, soon after tap Hide. On Mac, Right-click the Photo you want to conceal, then click Hide. Hidden photos can be found in the “Hidden Album” and anytime you hide a photo, automatically it will be removed from the year’s section, Collections and Moments.


So, it must have been interesting to learn about the top features of Apple photo apps on Mac and iOS. If you’ve read this far in the article and found it useful, comment on it below or share it with your friends on social media.

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