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Guide: How to Borrow MTN Data with MTN XtraByte Service


Being out of MTN credit is terrible but in this internet age, exhausting your data without funds to buy more instantly renders one almost useless. That may no longer be an issue thanks to MTN XtraByte service.

Telecommunication users has various communication needs, these needs has been met by the different networks in Nigeria like Glo, MTN, 9mobile and Airtel by offering different tariff plans and services that their customers can benefit from.

These offers ranges from airtime bonus, data bonus, sharing of airtime and data, borrowing and more.

MTN Nigeria is one network that offers these various benefits to their esteem customers. I previously wrote an article on MTN XtraTime credit that allows customers borrow airtime and data when their account is low;

MTN XtraByte – Borrow MTN Data

It is amazing that MTN has yet again introduced another amazing service called the MTN XtraByte.

Unlike the XtraTime credit that allows MTN customers borrow airtime, the XtraByte service allows MTN borrow data. This service is really amazing as customers who love surfing their various social media platforms like Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram and more can benefit from this service even if they do not have enough data at a particular moment to browse the internet.

Which simply means that with MTN xtraByte you can connect to your family, friends and business associate online even when you are stranded and whatever you borrow data on the XtraByte service can be paid at a later time. Before I tell you more about this, let me show you how to make money from selling VTU in Nigeria.

How to borrow data from MTN

erviceJust like the MTN XtraTime credit s, the MTN XtraByte offer can be accessed by using a USSD code. To subscribe or check your eligibility to this service simply dial *606#, this service allows you to borrow either 10MB, 30MB, 100MB, 200MB or 750MB.

See these USSD codes for data and credit on other networks in Nigeria

However borrowing MTN data multiple of times is not allowed, the data worth will be deducted immediately you recharge. To check the XtraByte data balance you can also use the *606# code by selecting the check balance option that will appear after dialing the USSD code. This borrowed airtime cannot be transferred and the service will attract 15% charge on your recharge.

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To be eligible for this service the following steps has to be taken

  • MTN SIM must be registered
  • Customer’s main account must be between N0 to N12
  • MTN’s consideration of customer’s average monthly spend
  • Customer must have paid up any previous XtraByte request and charges or borrowed data associated thereto.

Eligible subscribers who wants to borrow MTN data have the choice of choosing from 5 different data bundles on the XtraByte service. These data bundles includes 20MB, 50MB, 150MB daily, 150MB weekly and 500MB.

The MTN xtraByte service charges 15% on borrowed data and subscribers can payback the data borrowed by recharging their account and the amount of data borrowed will first be deducted from the recharge amount then the remaining credit balance, if any, will be loaded in the customers main account.

For example, if an MTN customer owing N100 (due to borrowed data recharges) N500 airtime, the N100 owed to the xtraByte service is first deducted from the N500, then the remaining N400 will be loaded to the customer’s main account.

MTN images - XtraByte Borrow MTN data

MTN XtraByte Bundles and Subscription Fees

  • 20MB xtraByte band- MTN customers can subscribe to this band with just N50 and get 20MB
  • 50MB xtraByte band- This band goes for N100, the customer gets 50MB on subscription
  • 150MB xtraByte band- when you subscribe to this xtraByte data bundle with N200, you will get 150MB to access the internet for 24 hours
  • 150MB xtraByte band- when you subscribe with N300, you will get 150MB that has a validity period of 7 days
  • 500MB xtraByte band- subscribe with N500 and get 500MB to surf your different social media platforms and other platforms on the internet

MTN XtraByte Quick Recap

What is MTN XtraByte?

The MTN xtraByte is MTN’s promotional service that allows eligible customers borrow data on credit when they run out of data; this borrowed data is to be paid at a later time, although the customer might still decide to pay that same day the XtraByte service was rendered. This service is available to active prepaid MTN customers.

How to know if you can use MTN XtraByte

An MTN customer can check if they are eligible for the MTn xtraByte service by dialing *606# then selecting option 1 from the options menu that will be displayed to confirm their eligibility.

How to pay back MTN XtraByte?

The xtraByte service attracts 15% charge on borrowed data and subscribers can pay back data borrowed by recharging their account.

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That 15% will be first deducted from recharge made after the borrowing, and then the remaining 85% will be loaded into the customer’s main account.

Can a subscriber borrow MTN data multiple times?

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You cannot borrow data multiple times; you can only borrow another data bundle using the MTN xtraByte when you have paid back the previous or outstanding ones you have borrowed.

Can i borrow MTN data even when i have not paid for borrowed airtime?

You can borrow data on XtraByte, even though you have not paid back your borrowed airtime on MTN xtraTime credit. However, immediately you recharge the airtime you borrowed will first be deducted then the data will be deducted next.

If your recharge is less than the amount you owe both on the MTN xtraTime and XtraByte, you will be able to pay the remaining balance on subsequent recharge.

What are MTN XtraByte charges?

You will be charged for this service, just like the MTN xtraTime credit, you will also be charged 10% extra on-top of the data you are borrowing. When deducting the amount for the borrowed data, deduction will be made based on the prices of the various data bundles and remember that the 10% charge will first be deducted.

Can MTN borrowed data be shared or gifted?

Just like borrowed airtime, borrowed data on MTN xtraByte cannot also be shared or transferred to a third party via share ‘n sell.


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