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20 Tricks To BOOST Your Android and iPhone speed


Few things more irritating than a lagging, hanging, dragging or slow smartphone be it Android or iPhone. It is a head scratching situation trying to speedup your slow smartphone.

If you’re thinking of changing your android smartphone only because it is not as fast as it used to be, think again. The outdated specs do play the spoilsport, but a few tweaks can get things back to normal.

In this short guide, I am going to describe a few tips for making your smartphone snappier and faster than it was ever before.

Never flush Cached Data

There are many experts who tell you to clean up the cache of your phone regularly, but there is a reason why cached data resides on your phone.

It allows quick access to the applications you frequently use. When you remove the cached data, android loads an app from the storage space of your phone, and this leads to a slow launching of the app.

So, in an attempt to speed-up your smartphone, you may end up doing the contrary.

cache data and memory

Uninstall Useless Applications

It is better to uninstall those apps you rarely use, so as to refrain them from running in the background and using the smartphone’s memory (RAM).

To see the list of installed apps and to uninstall them, follow these steps:

Settings < Apps < See the List of Apps in ‘Downloaded’ tab < Select any App < Uninstall

Disable Animations

Avoid animation

You must have noticed some transition effects when a pop-up appears or when you move back and forth with your phone. These animations also consume RAM. If your phone is slow, you are better off disabling such effects.

To disable the animation effect, you need to first activate the developer options, and to do so

  • Go to the phone’s settings, select “About phone”,
  • Go to “Build number” and tap on it 7 times. Android will make you a developer (easiest course ever, right?).
  • Now, press the “back” button, and tap to open “Developer options”.
  • In the Drawing section of “Developer options” you will find “Window animation scale”, “Transition animation scale”, and “Animator animation scale”.
  • You can select all three of them one by one and turn off their animation effect.

Although the transitions will not be as aesthetic as they were, you will notice the improvement in your phone’s performance.

Disable Apps

Disable Preloaded apps

As mentioned earlier, the more storage space in your phone is consumed, the clunkier it will get. One of the ways to optimize storage space which will lead to a performance boost is to delete unnecessary apps, especially bloat wares.

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To do this,

  • Long press any preloaded app and drag it to the “App info” icon on the home screen;
  • Then, tap on “Disable”.

Although the app will continue to occupy the storage space, it will, at least, not run in the background.

Send Files to Cloud


If the gallery of your phone takes forever to open, you need to find a new place to store your video and image files safely.

You can download “Google drive”, or “Dropbox”, or any other cloud service on your smartphone and send your files to the cloud. It will not only allow you to release some storage space but also enable you to access your photos and videos from any other smartphone or PC.

Software Updates

One of the reasons why smartphone makers provide updates for their phone every now and then is to ensure that their performance is optimized to the best that they could and fix bugs if there are any.

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Every release is expected to work best towards the phone’s performance boost, of course. Aside from that, these updates are meant to fix all other issues that users experience with the phone according to their feedback.

Software Updates

Force Close All Background Apps

Most of the time, smartphone users press the home button once they’re done with an app. By doing so, the app is not entirely shut down, instead, they’re just paused until they’re launched again.

These apps become a background app and will continue to consume your phone’s RAM until they are entirely shut.

In case you are not aware of what the RAM is for here’s a what it is about in a nutshell: Random Access Memory better known as RAM is basically the virtual memory that accommodates the phone’s real-time activities.

Clean Up Your RAM

Apparently, cleaning up your RAM by closing your recent apps is not enough sometimes. The most efficient way of making sure that there are no more sneaky files or apps that are eating it up is by using a RAM cleaner app.

Do Not Use Animated Wallpapers

Animated wallpapers look attractive, but they also eat up a lot of RAM.

The Same principle applies to animated wallpapers as with the apps because they usually take as much RAM as an actual app.

Unless you have a phone with high-caliber specs, animated wallpapers are a no-no if you want to optimize your phone’s speed.

animated wallpaper

Restart your device

Sometimes the best way to fix a slow device is by restarting your device once. Over time your phone might have been running for days without rebooting it, this can also be a factor causing your phone to be slow.

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Performing a restart will also clear all the running cache, stops the unwanted tasks from running in the phone background.

Update all apps

Your apps need to be updated regularly because updating comes with different features and it fixes know and unknown bugs as well, which will help improve the overall performance of your device.

Most of the time, older apps on your android phone or iPhone can cause it to freeze or may crash so it’s best to update them regularly.

Investing in the high-speed memory card

SD Card

When you notice that you have less space on your phone, using a memory card would be very essential to expand your phone storage capacity.

Using a high-speed memory card(such as class 10 speed memory) will be good for phone because it will enhance read and write process of your phone easily.

Files would be transferred with great speed that will generally increase the speed and performance of your phone.

Don’t use live wallpapers

Activating live wallpaper on your android phone or iPhone is cute and it gives your display a lot of fancy looks, it also means high definition images and lots of animations will be running on your phone screen, do not also forget that it means that it takes lots of space on storage and eats your RAM space more.

Thereby slowing down your precious smartphone.

In addition to this, your battery drains faster which will even slow down your device’s performances generally.

Using other launchers for your device

Using a custom launcher for your android phone or iPhone changes a lot of things from the performance to the UI, however, you must have it at the back of your mind that this practice can also consume a lot of RAM space and internal storage space of your device.

Which can grind your smartphone to a complete stop due to heavy lag.

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So if at all you decided to use a custom launcher, try installing a lightweight launcher then it can work to increase your phone’s speed rather than using a heavy and unnecessarily sophisticated launcher on your device

Have a Clear Home screen

Samsung Galaxy C7 Pro Pink Navy Blue Front Sceeen

To boost your android phone and iPhone speed you need to keep your home screen clean and free of unwanted notifications.

You must also make sure that you have a few screen switches on your home screen because multiple screens as this can lower the speed of your phone and its performance.

Remove all news, weather, RSS feeds or world clock view out of your home screen totally.

And remove as much of the less useful apps from the home screen to reduce RAM usage.

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Update your apps through Wifi

If your phone’s background data is disabled then your device will run faster than before. Also, apps that always run in the background needs to be updated so as to perform better.

Updating these background apps over the WiFi network is another way to relieve your phone from being slow.

Large apps will automatically update itself without any issue in the background.

factory reset

Factory Reset your phone

In some frustrating situations, a factory reset of your phone might become the last but not least option which can improve your device speed.

A factory reset deletes every data such as photos, contacts, text messages, videos, apps you might ever have on the phone, it’s like restoring the phone to the basis of the factory configuration.

This a a last resort in a hopeless case were the smartphone drags or slows to a halt, making usage near pointless.

Recovery mode Or Hard Reset

If you want to do deep cleaning of your device and reinstall the OS system image back to the hardware then you have to boot your device into recovery mode and perform a hard reset of your device.

This erases any trace of the phone been used before, and it looks as good as a new device. This process deletes everything from the device and wipes it out.

Hard reset can also mean taking out the phone battery without switching it off first thereby shutting everything down to zero immediately.

Fewer widgets

Widgets are mini apps that are developed to perform a specific task. For example, a widget could be developed to monitor weather updates for your phone.

Using too many of these widgets sometimes can have a substantial impact on your memory cost. These widgets are always running in the background so you don’t have to click on it before it opens or runs, they do so automatically.

The best way to get rid of this widget and increase the performance and speed of your device is by disabling these widgets.

Try not to root your device

If you decide to root your phone, it will open up tons for customization and superuser alternatives for your phone. However the processor can be overclocked to work in a faster mode, the overclocked processor uses more battery, which can cause  Overheating of the phone causing interminable damage.

All the tips and tricks are some of the best tips that can help you to increase your device speed without any special task or charge to your pocket.

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