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Samsung Bixby: How To Setup, Disable And Everything Else You Need To Know


It’s a “Say Less, Do More” world with Samsung Bixby and i am giving you all you need to know about it.

The world today practically breaths technology, with new emerging innovations, soon technology will take the world to another dimension. Like other industries in the world, there are also competitions in the world of technology and a need to step up the game by inventing new technology and improving the already existing ones arise.

Samsung is a famous smartphone brand that has put a footprint in the world of mobile phone technology, this brand do not just produce amazing mobile phones they sort out ways to improve them.

Before now, Samsung phones were said to be smart, but trust me they aren’t as smart as they are now. With new added features, to say these devices are smart would be an understatement, ‘they’re brilliantly smart’.



Samsung announced the voice powered digital assistant named Bixby in March 2017 which came with the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus flagship phones as well as Samsung Galaxy Tab A. Bixby is the revolutionary on-board assistant that learns, evolves and adapts to you.

Each features of Bixby is designed to make life easier, whether it’s through touch type or voice. This digital assistant combine’s machine learning, voice assistant, visual help and more into an encompassing helper that enables you do things easily.

The Samsung Bixby takes on Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa, Google’s Google assistant and Microsoft’s Cortana.

But Bibxy is sort of different from Siri, Alexa, and Google assistant whose function is focus on collecting and understanding information on the internet and then answers any question you have.

Instead, it helps you use your own phone and represents a major reboot for S voice, Samsung’s voice assistant introduced in 2012.

The Samsung Bixby is divided into two distinct categories which are the Bixby voice and Bixby home.

The Bixby voice allows you get things done by holding down the Bixby button for a moment and talking to get a task done more like a walkies-talkie while the home feature is accessed by short-pressing the Bixby button.

Samsung Bixby Benefits

Bixby can be side loaded on older galaxy devices that runs on Android Nougat and can be used in the same way in devices that was manufactured with the Bixby.

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The Bixby allows you focus on what matters most; it also learns what you like to do and works with your favorite apps and services to help you get more work done.

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The Bixby can adapt to your needs by learning your routine, the apps you like to use and it also remembers your most frequently asked questions which enables it to become useful over time.

You can get a lot of this done by just saying the word, with Bixby your voices is power.

Bixby understands natural conversation languages, so you can talk the same way you would talk to a friend.

Bixby only understands accents and dialects of English, French, German, Italy, Korean, Mandarin, Chinese, and Spanish. The use of Bixby may be limited under certain conditions including without limitations during media recording during calls, docking on the dex station, dex mode, maximum power saving, emergency mode, kids mode and mirror link.

Some of the latest Samsung phones come with a Bixby button that is only for Bixby and cannot be used for other action.

This button is usually placed under the volume keys and nearly directly opposite the power button.

Placement of the Bixby button is not pleasing to many users as it may lead to accidental presses and unintended Bixby launches, especially when double-pressing the power button to launch the camera.        

How to Disable Bixby on Samsung Phones

Even though the Bixby feature seems awesome, some individuals do not fancy this innovation and may want to disable it.  Samsung has also made it possible for those that do not want the Bixby to disable it.

You can disable the Bixby by login into your Samsung account; you can do this by following the steps below.

  1. Press the Bixby button or swipe right of your phone’s home screen
  2. Tap next
  3. Choose your Bixby voice language and tap next
  4. Then tap next Sign in
  5. Enter your Samsung account details or you can create a new account If you do not have one

Alternatively, you can press the Bixby button on the left side o the phone, right under the volume rocker.

In the top menu bar, tap the settings button then uncheck Bixby key.

How to Setup Bixby on Samsung Phones

You can also set-up Bixby by following the steps below

  1. From the home screen, swipe from the left to right or press the Bixby button
  2. From the Bixby screen tap next then tap Sign in
  3. Choose your Bixby voice language then tap confirm
  4. Then enter the appropriate information then tap Sign in
  5. Review your profile picture then tap done
  6. Review terms and conditions then tap next
  7. Follow the tutorial or tap skip to continue
  8. From the open app service, review the available options then tap next  
  9. From the Bixby works with these app screen, review the available options then tap next
  10. From the Bixby is experimenting with more app screen,review the available options then tap next
  11. From the here are all the things Bixby can do screen, review the available options then tap next
  12. From the build your experience with Bixby screen, review the experience points details then tap done
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After completion of setup, the Bixby home screen is displayed

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