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All You Need To Know About The New Bitmoji For Android


I was once chatting with an old friend of mine who is a techie and is so updated on pretty much everything in the ICT industry. We were discussing about how the introduction of memes to social media have simply taken over the role of short jokes in terms witticism and humour when he started talking about emoticons, emojis and Bitmoji.

Don’t get me wrong, I am simply aware of what emoticons and emojis are about. But for Bitmojis? Never heard of that before. So what is a Bitmoji? I then went on a private research to come up with the following rich discoveries.

What is Bitmoji for Android?

Bitmoji works on the basic principle that you produce an illustrative version or an avatar of yourself by applying a sort of cartoonish effect to your image or picture. This version of you that looks like a cartoon can be used on several web-based platforms like Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram to Gmail and so on.

Bitmoji is an effective app for adding interesting features and humour to your everyday conversation.

Cartoonish Effect

Who are the developers behind the app?

Bitmoji is owned by Snapchat now, after acquiring its parent company its parent company, Bitstrips in July 2016. Consequently, Bitstrips was closed. However, Bitmoji is still fully in operation.

What is Bitmoji all about?

Bitmoji is often described elaborated by the popular three words -Your Personal Emoji – allows users to produce an accurate lookalike version of themselves and at the same time, it offers different styles of users’’ avatars which represents different emotions and reactions.

These avatars that are human-like in form can then be added into personalized emojis which are called Bitmojis, which they can send to friends or use in regular comments on any social platform on the web.

What Apps work with Bitmoji?

The Bitmoji keyboard is compatible with the entire app that use the basic copy and paste function of any PC or mobile device.

Various popular apps as well as services that are easily integrated with Bitmoji are Whatsapp, Slack, Facebook Messenger, Gmail, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snap chat, comment sections of blogs, news sites, forums and so on.

The list is a long one as the app is possibly integrated with pretty much any app or web application that supports text. Apparently, with Bitmoji people have the ability to carry their avatars to anywhere they go virtually.

How to use Bitmoji for Android.

Bitmoji allows you to swap Bitmoji expressions with friends and followers through messaging platforms as well as on social media. But, if there is a need to send the Bitmojis while in any app such as Facebook, Whatsapp, Messenger, Instagram, Snapchat or any other app-the Bitmoji Keyboard function must be enabled in your device.

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The following steps will teach you how to do this.

Login into app

1). Download the app

Before using the personalized Bitmojis expressions on social media platforms and blogs, users are essentially required to download the app from the official Google Play Store as then follow the instructions provided on-screen to install the app.

2). Log into the app

As soon as the app is downloaded, you can now open the app. Once the app is open, you can go ahead and log into the app if you already have Snapchat long on details, if not, you can create a new account.

3). Setting up your profile and designing your Bitmoji

While you are logged in, you can then proceed to create a profile of your own and try designing your personalized Bitmoji avatar. This is done by modifying your personal attributes like skin colour, gender, hair colour, features of your face as well as your outfit.

When this is complete, you can click on the check sign located towards the top-right position of your screen to save your avatar. This initial avatar will then act as a reference for the future subsequent Bitmojis you produce.

4). How to enable the Bitmoji keyboard

Sharing the Bitmojis expressions with the use of the app is always a good idea for users who just want to send in just a single image or two images and be through with it. But, the official Bitmoji keyboard is a valid option, if there is a pressing need to use the Bitmojis in all your conversations online.

Instead of just needing to open up the app anytime you are in need of sending the Bitmoji, your keyboard can be changed and then you can now find the particular Bitmoji and then send it to the intended target- this can be done in a flash.

Bitmoji for Androids

Follow the instructions below to enable your Bitmoji keyboard:

  • Activate the app and quickly tap on the three dots in the top-right position.
  • Select the “settings” button in the dropdown.
  • In the menu where you have settings, select “Bitmoji Keyboard”
  • Lastly, select the “Enable Keyboard” function.

This feature will show the Language and Settings menu of your device. When the button in front of the “Bitmoji Keyboard” is turned on, it can now be used in messages as well as social media platforms.

But, users will have to access the same menu they used in turning it on to switch off the option so as to be able to use the standard keyboard meant for normal texting.

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For this process to be a simple one, goggle’s official keyboard known as Gboard will have to be installed and configured on your phone.

5). How to configure Google’s Gboard

In case you don’t have the Gboard installed on your device already, it can be downloaded free of charge from the Google Play Store.

Finally, after having both the Bitmoji keyboard and Gboard installed in your device, the following instructions will clue you in on how you can go about their configuration.

  • Navigate to Settings.
  • Select “language and input”.
  • Choose the “Current keyboard” option. For users of Samsung Galaxy phone, they can select the “On-Screen keyboard”.
  • In the window that popped up, select “Choose Keyboards”. For those with Samsung Galaxy Phones you can select “Manage keyboard’’
  • A list of the various keyboards you have installed in your phone will now appear. Activate the buttons in front of the “Bitmoji keyboard” as well as that of “Gboard” to come on so as to activate both keyboards.

Up next, you can now activate the Gboard app and make it as your default keyboard by following the selected options: Select Input Method > Gboard > set Permissions > Allow > Done. If the configuration of the Gboard is properly done, then you are now able to use the Bitmoji keyboard in sending messages and commenting on social platforms.

How to use the Bitmoji Keyboard

To start the process of using your Bitmoji Keyboard in conversations, activate your favourite app for massaging and follow the instructions below.

  • Tap on the text field to activate the keyboard
  • Tap the smiley face image on the keyboard. It can be found on the lower-left position of the screen, at the left side of the space bar.
  • You can now tap on the little Bitmoji image located at the lower center part of the screen.
  • Then a window which contains your entire Bitmojis will show up. Look through this Bitmojis and select the one you want to make use of or rather you can look for it by using the “Search Bitmoji” function to provide a faster means of finding it.
  • As soon as you see the Bitmoji you are looking for, tap it to place it in your message.
  • Tap on “Send” to send out the message. Depending on the type of app being used, this alternative can be displayed by the symbol of an arrow or a check sign.
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