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15 Best Workout Headphones For Any Session


First of all many when in search of headphones for workouts, the regular search is for “running workouts”. But believe me,  with improvements going on everyday, there are headphones which are suited for all sorts of workouts-be it, cycling, gyming, running, weightlifting, build-ups.

Now we’re going to be looking at the best among the myriads of headphones you can get for any of your workout sessions.

Let’s dive in.

Platronics Backbeat Wireless FIT Bluetooth Headphone

This is wireless headphone built for the workout. It is a waterproof headphone,that comes with a bluetooth Technology. This goes to tell you that you can use this for running workout sessions mostly and any other workouts. It has a sweat-proof due to special nano-coating, which are IP57 rated.

This headphone can be rinsed in water without damage after a heavy workout session. Plus it is light in weight and gives a good bass baseline.

Plantronics Backbeat Wireless FIT Bluetooth Headphone

Tivoli Fonico Earbuds

This is a sporty alternative to Apple’s Airpod. It uses a bluetooth 5 audio file transfer for connectivity. And it is IPX5-rated sweat-proof and rainproof. This audiophiles appreciate a decent baseline with bass. You can get up to 14 hours of playtime with this one, meaning you can use it for an insanely long workout session.

It has a portable carrying case which doubles as a charger.

Tivoli Fonico Earbuds

Jabra Elite Active 65t

This earbuds headphones are built to withstand rigors of workouts. It can be effectively customized to suit your routine. This earbuds headphone has an Active built in Accelerometer and thus it can double as a fitness tracker.

With the Jabra’s app installed you can log your activities, establish your music profile and noise cancellation settings so as to focus on your exercises. Supports multiple virtual assistants like the Google Assistant and Siri, which can be activated by a single touch of the button.

Jabra Elite Active 65t

Aukey Latitude EP-B40

This is a budget workout  headphone. Its sound quality is superb and it can stand up to gym condition, so its  commonly a gyming kind of headphone. The silicone wings and tips keeps the earbuds firmly in place to your ears, and the IPX4 rating means it can withstand a bit of splash of water and sweat.

Since it has an 8 hours plus battery life, it can last you about a week for about a 60 minutes workout session. Magnets in the earbuds helps to keep them around your neck when you want to take water breaks during workouts.

Aukey Latitude EP-B40

Bose QuietComfort

This headphone keeps making the list in different ways. First as one of the best,  and as one of the best wireless headphone, and now,  one of the best as a workout headphone. We can say that the Bose QuietComfort is a multifaceted headphone.

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With the most advanced noise cancellation, and Alexa built right in, this headphone is good for the buy. With the Bose App integrated with it, you can adjust your noise cancellation level,  music as well the Bluetooth Settings. And lets forget that the sound quality is superb.

Bose QuietComfort 35 II

Mpow Flame Waterproof  Wireless Earbuds

Starting with a price tag of less than $20, you can get this bluetooth enabled earbuds for your workouts. Its a sweat and waterproof resistant, bluetooth enabled at a distance of up to 35feet, noise cancellation comes in the form of Qualcomm’s signature cVc technology.

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Despite its small size and fair price tag, it has good quality sound that makes it to the list of one of the best. It has a quick charge options, and with a battery life of 7-8 hours.

Bose SoundSport Wireless Headphone

This headphone is in form of earbuds and it has the same versatility when used for gyming workouts. It has a Bose connect system that enables you to define your music settings, establish your bluetooth settings, and keep up with new firmware update, and not just that, it allows you also to track your earbuds with the “Find My Buds” functions.

It has an IPX4 rating for sweat and weather resistant conditions, plus its design is good to give you comfort.

Bose SoundSport Wireless Headphone

SkullCandy XTplyo

This is not a wireless workout headphone. And so its a best fit for those who don’t bother about charging and wire running down to their device as they workout. It is made of grippy materials that helps in securing them in place during high workout sessions.

The sweat and water resistant feature is superb, and just with a single button remote designed on it, you can control your music as well as answer calls.

This is not a wireless workout headphone so its a best fit for those who don’t bother about charging and wire running down to their device as they workout. It is made of grippy materials that helps in securing them in place during high workout sessions.

The sweat and water resistant feature is superb, and just with a single button remote designed on it, you can control your music as well as answer calls.

BackBeat Fit 500

This wireless headphone is essentially for the weightlifters and those who hits the gym. They are very comfy to wear and they stay back on for a long time without slipping, plus their water and sweat resistant feature are superb.

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It has a simple-to-use control, which you can use to change tracks, adjust volumes, take calls, access the digital assistant without taking off the headphone. Battery life is 18 hours plus.

BackBeat Fit 500

Underwater Audio Earbuds

This had to make the list for swimmers. If you are an Avid lap swimmer who needs motivation during your swimming warm ups and exercise, then this headphone is a go get. This underwater earbuds stays in place under the water even when you are doing flips or practicing aggressive styles such as the butterfly strokes.  

The Syryn package comes with everything: waterproof MP3 Player, earbuds and a pair of googles.

Underwater Audio Earbuds

BackBeat Fit 2100

This one is a platronics make built for those who do outdoor running. If you are looking for headphones that gives good quality sound,  fits comfortably, resistant to sweat and still allows you to hear your surroundings during your running workout, then this headphone fits.

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It is lightweight such that you wouldn’t know you wore it for long hours. It has a 7 hours battery life, and its quick charge feature of 15 minutes can give you a hour ride.

TBI Pro Bluetooth Earbuds

Sweat and water resistant IPX4 rating; yes. Bluetooth 4.1 Wireless enabled; yes. Battery life: 12 hours plus. Charging Time: 2 hours for 100%. aptX codec and CSR8645 chipset to get quality sound during music. Compatible with Android and iOS phones, and also it has noise cancelling features.

With all these feature, the TBI Earbuds is worth the buy for workout sessions.

TBI Pro Bluetooth Earbuds

SENSO Wireless SweatProof Earbuds

You don’t care about voice assistants and cutting bells exercise apps, but something rather comfortable, durable, and affordable, then SENSO answers you needs. These earbuds combine a high HD audio experience alongside with passive noise reduction to produce refreshing sound.

Strong bluetooth Connection provides lossless performance, and it is IPX7 rated for sweat and water splash. Noise cancelling is a yes with cVC tech, plus a battery life of 8 hours.

Monster iSport Freedom Wireless

This workout wireless headphones apart from its bluetooth enabled functions, has other feature. They are water-resistant, sweat resistant , and are also washable (this is something you wanna do after a workout).

The Monster iSport Freedom Wireless headphone has the ability to link two headphones for shared sound, as well as custom sound profiles, plus hi-rez aptX support.

Monster iSport Freedom Wireless


This is a technology based kind of headphone for workouts. Meaning it suits you whether you are using them at the gym or at the commute. Active Noise Cancelling, touch controls for sound profiles, pause, play and skip, internal storage (you get to load a list of music in it) , brilliant build quality for comfort while in use,  and good battery life.

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There you have it, a list of 15 best headphones you can get to day for any workout session. Buy, and rock them for your workouts.

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