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Best Smartphones For Students


It is no news that mobile phones play a vital role in education, many students now use smartphones to make research related to specific topics which will enable them to gain more knowledge or be ahead in class.

Nevertheless, the fact that mobile phones are now used in the educational sector doesn’t kick out the need for students to make research using their hard copy text books. But yet, the fact still remains that getting information via Google is much faster and easier than using a hard copy test book.

As the need for student to have a phone they can relate to grows wider, smartphone manufacturers are taking this into account and have made available phones that suit their needs.

By the way, making research is not the only thing students use smartphones for, some use apps for home work to reminders, scheduling classes, speed up task, enhancing performance etc.

Furthermore, the smartphone need varies depending on the grade or level of the student. For instance a college student may need a high end device with large RAM size in order to store many text book in soft copies while a high school or elementary school student might just make do with a phone that supports only calls and texting but comes packed with battery juice.

This article will be discussing 10 best smartphones for students, now let’s take a look at them.

Oneplus 6

Oneplus 6-2

Like they say not all fingers are equal, while some parents are able to afford the latest Apple’s flagship smartphones for their kids in school others can’t. No need to worry! There are still mid-range smartphones that are pretty good for students, one of them is the Oneplus 6.

Coming in at $524 the device will give users value for their money.

Not only does this phone pack in awesome features, it also comes with some features found in high cost phones like iPhone X and Samsung Galaxy S9.

Oneplus 6 packs a 6GB/8GB RAM size that gives immense support to the phones octa core processor on ensure a baggage free running of the system especially when playing games.

With the 64G/128GB students have enough room to house all their files, videos, photos etc.

Moreover, the flagship comes with a dash charge technology that enables quick charging and a longer battery life so users can play videos on their phones, stream videos on the net and more without worry too much about the battery.

In addition to all these amazing features, the phone comes with good camera quality. The 16MP rear camera has an EIS that supports it in low light condition and reduces blurring while the 16MP dual front facing camera is able to capture amazing selfies which stunning portrait mode.

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The good thing about the Oneplus 6 is that it offers more than some of its competitors despite been cheaper than some of them. It also has good oxygen operating system and high pixel cameras that support clear and vibrant shooting.


Oneplus 6 do not have a microSD card slot and an IP water resistance, so users have to be careful that the phone doesn’t fall into water. Also, the phone lacks telephoto and ultra wide lens.

Samsung Galaxy S9

Samsung galaxy S9

Galaxy S9 is an amazing phone that is currently making wave. This Samsung phone meets almost all the requirement a student needs in a smartphone, but the one thing that might prevent some persons from getting it is its price.

Well it’s still not as expensive as iPhone X which has a starting price of $999 against the S9’s $769. Despite the fact that it is less expensive it competes strongly in terms of overall performance with the Apple’s iPhone X and even the latest iPhone XR, XR and XS max.

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Galaxy S9 has a brilliant dual rear camera setup of which one is a 12MP shooter while the other is a 12Mp telephoto lens that is able to carry out optical zooming. The front facing camera is also amazing, if you child love snapping then Galaxy S9 is the right phone for him/her.

In addition, the phone features wireless charge and comes with a very strong processor.


  • Large RAM and internal memory
  • IP water/dust resistance certified
  • Impressive facial recognition system
  • Wireless charge


  • High cost device
  • Not pocket friendly

Xiaomi Redmi Note 6 Pro

Xiaomi redmi note 6 pro-2

Next up is Xiaomi Redmi Note 6 Pro, this phone has a strong processor and graphic processing unit that makes gaming and graphics work more fun and hassle free. Interestingly Redmi Note 6 Pro is a budget device and still packs amazing features like brilliant display, long battery life to mention a few.

Perhaps the highlight of the Xiaomi smartphone is it’s four cameras, dual rear and dual front camera.

The phone comes with a dual rear 12MP main sensor that is supported by a 5MP lens. These cameras Features autofocus, Al portrait and 1.4 micron pixel. On the other hand, then front facing camera comes with large 20MP primary lens that is supported by a 2MP sensor which has a 4-in-1 super pixel and an Al unlock feature.


  • High quality camera
  • Good display
  • Strong GPU
  • Budget device


  • Not so impressive design
  • Its processor Left room for improvements

IPhone X

IPhone X

IPhone X is one of the strongest smartphones Apple ever manufactured. Even though the phone is a high range, it packs features that give you value for your money. The smartphone costs an eye watering $999 and it’s totally for high classic individuals.

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Note, the price varies with gigabyte, so the larger the gigabyte the higher the price.

For students who usually store gigabyte test books, videos, and more, iPhone X is perfect for them. Not only does the device come with large inbuilt memory, it also comes with other amazing features like enhanced video play, wireless charge, a water resistance design and longer battery life.


  • Facial recognition
  • Superb battery performance
  • Water resistance design
  • Portrait mode camera


  • Expensive
  • Few variant and color

Honor 8X

Honor 8x

One thing that caught my eyes is the Huawei Honor 8x’s glass and metal design with extremely slim casing. This design makes the phone looks more expensive than it actually is, I would totally recommend it for users who like flashy phones. Moreover, the flagship device comes with a strong graphic processing unit and chipset that will ensure gaming is done without lag.

Another good feature of the phone is the high quality dual rear camera having a 20MP and 2MP setup. The phone also comes with a 16MP front facing camera that is able to capture breathtaking selfies.


  • Good performance
  • Attractive design


  • Micro USB charge
  • Poor camera background blur mode

Samsung Galaxy J8

Samsung galaxy J8

Samsung Galaxy J8 is also a smart choice for students as it packs many features that can carry out task effectively. Some of these features are Quality 16MP primary and secondary camera that can perform the task of taking amazing photos and videos both indoor and outdoor.

Also, with the phones live focus features, students can adjust the depth of field or brokeh when shooting.

Furthermore, Galaxy J8 has a 4GB RAM alongside a 64GB internal memory that is enough to house many videos, photos etc.

More to the aforementioned features is the ability of the phone to switch to power saving mode when it detects power hungry apps that are not in use. With the J8, users can get battery support from the wireless and fast charge technology.

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  • No side bezel
  • Large display


  • Lacks NFC support
  • Type- C port is absent

Oppo F9 Pro

Oppo F9 pro

Another impressive flagship, Oppo F9 Pro brings more value to the table. Oppo F9 Pro has a powerful display that makes everything displayed on it bright and vibrant. Apart from it’s display, the phones design is pretty attractive with less bezel and a glass design that gives it a classy look and feel.

Furthermore, the phone is backed by the opposed VOOC fast charge technology that allows the phone charge 0-100% in no time.

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Oppo F9 Pro also comes with Al based camera having a setup of 25MP secondary camera and 16MP rear or primary camera. In addition, the phone packs a 6GB RAM and a long lasting battery.


  • Processor upgrade to snapdragon 820
  • Pretty good front selfie camera


  • High range
  • Uses mediatek processor

Realme 2 Pro

Realms 2 pro

Realme 2 Pro is one flagship device that deserves to be on this list of best phones for students.

First of all, the phone is powered by a Qualcomm snapdragon 660 processor with artificial intelligence engine (AIE) that makes the device very fast in carry out task.

Secondly, Realme 2 Pro also comes with an Al powered camera for portrait mode, multi frame noise reduction and scene recognition.

Lastly, the phone has a top notch display with a fingerprint scanner mounted at the back. Also, figuratively speaking the phone has a memory space that can house an elephant.


  • Good battery life
  • Fast fingerprint scanner
  • Top notch display


  • Lacks HD video streaming
  • No 4k video

Motorola One Power

Motorola one power

When a phone has a good battery life, students tend to enjoy it more as they can carry out many activities on the phone with no fear of fast battery drainage. Motorola One Power comes with a massive 5000mAh battery that lasts longer than some smartphones on its price range.

This battery comes with the turbo power technology that enables 6 hours usage for just 15 minutes of charging.

Motorola One Power is competing with its Max vision display and cameras that can give amazing photos and even shoot 4k videos. With its strong processor, the task is faster and better plus a 4GB RAM that supports performance.


  • Long battery life
  • Max vision full HD screen
  • Android v8.1 version
  • Good audio quality and 3.5mm headphone jack


  • No infrared and NFC support
  • Lacks water/ dust resistance

Apple iPhone 7

Apple iPhone 7

A lot of people will say the iPhone 7 is outdated, but the truth is it is still good enough for students and the reason is because it carriers most of the feature new flagships comes with.

Moreover, iPhone 7 is more affordable than some other iPhones like iPhone 8 and X. It will be bad not to mention the fact that iPhone 7 has the strongest battery Apple ever produced.

Also, the phone has a pretty good camera but doesn’t match that of iPhone X which came with more camera features. Furthermore, the phone is water resistant and saw a lot of improvements and far better than the iPhone 6s which can also be used by student who are looking for lesser priced iPhone.


  • Strong battery
  • Good camera
  • Water resistance


  • Not so impressive display
  • Similar design as the predecessor

There you have it 10 best smartphones for students

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