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Let’s take a selfie! This is a common saying among smartphones users, we just love our selfie and there is practically no good phone without a selfie camera. Before now, there were phones with just rear camera, as good as this innovation is, and you cannot snap a picture while looking at the display to see how the picture will turn out.

Mobile phone manufacturers sure knows how to market their product, knowing users would love taking single or group selfie, they came up with the front camera which has been incorporated into almost every new phone. Besides, the front camera is very beneficial as you can take a photo while staring at the display to know how to adjust your face, I for one love selfie.

Over the years, phone manufacturers have released phones with great front camera, but as the years goes by we see something better. This post will be discussing some phones with the best selfie cameras in 2018, and with the start of the New Year, we hope to see more phones with amazing front camera.

One phone that rolled out early last year was the Google Pixel 3, the cameras were so good that it literary became a standard that other smartphones had to meet. However, the camera seemed great at that time until other phones start popping up with better cameras.

It is interesting to know that high resolution only doesn’t determine the best selfie, other effects like the brokeh which was popularized by Apple also adds beauty to selfies.

Here list of some best selfie phones in 2018

Honor 10

Considering the fact that honor 10 is a high range smartphone, it would have been a flop if the selfie camera was lesser than what it is. It may interest you to know that Honor 10 is cheaper than some other smartphones but still have better selfie cameras.

In fact, the phone does not only have a good selfie camera, the main cameras are also fantastic plus it has a very attractive design. Coming in with a 24- megapixel front camera, the phone can snap well detailed selfie, and is perfect for selfie lovers.

good selfie camera

Huawei P20

Huawei P20 is another smartphone to look out for, just like honor 10 and its brother Huawei P20 pro, the flagship has a 24MP selfie shooter that can also capture well detailed selfies. Despite the fact that P20 has same 24 MP cameras as honor 10, they are better in other qualities.

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One of these qualities is the amazing rear camera with dual lens that can take breath taking photos. P20 is quite an expensive phone, but it’s worth the trial as it doesn’t only offer good camera but also good overall performance.

Samsung galaxy S9 plus

Samsung galaxy S9/S9 plus

Samsung has a record of having one of the phone cameras so it is not surprising that its latest flagship S9 and S9 plus is part of this list. Most users have the misconception that S9 and S9 plus do not have a good selfie camera. These is probably because it only has an 8MP shooter, but remember what I said earlier “high resolution doesn’t entirely determine a good selfie camera “.

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Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus have a f/1.7 aperture which is best for front facing cameras. This aperture refers to the opening close to the camera and allows enough light get in for more detailed image. This aperture is also good because the phone can snap amazing selfies even in low light conditions.

HTC U12 plus

HTC takes the selfie game to another level, coming in with a dual selfie camera; the phone is totally a goal. The cameras are 8MP respectively and allow you shoot wide angle selfie. Also to enhance the selfie appearance is an artificial brokeh effect, the front camera is able yo focus on the subject while blurring the background.

HDR Mode

In addition, the front camera also comes with HDR mode which adds stability to the image. The phone has an amazing shooting experience as it features a dual rear lens and a powerful chip set that encourages a lag free running of the system.

Apple iPhone XS and XS max

IPhone XS and XS max are Apple’s recent release; they are part of this list because they also meet the criteria for good selfie. The phone bags a 7MP front camera with f/2.2 aperture which is good for great selfie. Just like iphone X, Its front camera also features a true depth.

Apple is known for the brokeh effects of its smartphones, xs and xs max was not left out. The depth of field is perfect and you can also adjust the background blur to your taste. It also comes with HDR mode that allows you capture different portraits and intelligent combine them to make a photo.

Apple iPhone X

iphone X

IPhone X is the mother of Apples three other latest flagship, XR, XS and XS max. The phone has remarkable features that contributes to its elegance, aside from the attract build; it has a really good chip set that contributes to its overall performance.

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The phone camera is also something to take note of; the dual rear lens is awesome. In terms of front camera, it is also a good phone to look out for as it promises to give you a thrilling shooting experience.

Apple’s iPhone X comes with a 7 MP selfie shooter with a f/2.2 aperture and great features that make selfie stand out. To add more thrills to your shooting experience, the smartphone is manufactured with portrait node and portrait lighting. This feature allows you focus the subject and blur out the background.

IPhone x also comes with animoji which is made possible by a face ID technology that was built into the front camera. It also features a true depth effect that defines you photo.

Samsung galaxy A8 2018

2018 saw the release of galaxy A8 (2018), the beauty does not have attractive design but has amazing rear and front camera. The flagship is similar to HTC U12 plus in the sense that it also comes with a dual front facing camera.

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However, the front camera of the Samsung galaxy A8 (2018) comes with better dual selfie camera. The resolution is higher than that of HTC U12 plus having 16 MP and 8MP lenses respectively. Aside from higher resolution, both camera has a f/1.7 aperture meaning they will be able to take in more light than the f/ 2.0 aperture in HTC U12 plus.

Also, the device utilizes the two Lenses effectively, it uses them to form fantastic artificial brokeh by blurring the background while focusing on the subject. One good thing about this device is that it gives you more than actually what it ia worth, the mid-range device can perform more than some high cost device in terms of shooting.

Samsung galaxy note 9

The front camera setup of note 9 is similar to that of S9, the phone also had a 8MP camera. The camera is supported by a f/1.7 aperture that allows more light to get in giving a more detailed image. However, the phone is slightly better than the S9 with little improvements in camera quality.

Oneplus 6

Oneplus 6 has a brilliant selfie camera; the phone has a 16MP front facing camera that uses electronic image stabilization (EIS). This stables or focuses the photo, in other words prevents shaky image. The main rear camera is also breath taking, the high resolution of 16MP and 20MP that captures fanatic image.

prevent shaky image

Samsung galaxy A6 (2018)

Hurray! Mid- range galaxy A6 (2018) made the list of best selfie smartphones. The truth is that A6 (2018) has a worthy front facing camera that competes with some high range smartphones. The phone bags a 16MP lens with a f/1.9 aperture and an LED flash. Cameras with LED has a reputation of doing well in low light condition, with LED flash, A6 can take amazing selfie in low light conditions.

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Gionee A1

Gionee is one brand I am proud of, the brand is fairing pretty well like top smartphone brands, Apple Samsung and huawei. One interesting thing about Gionee A1 is that it is a low budget device and still has a nice front facing camera. The smartphone was built with high resolution front camera, the 16Mp takes amazing selfie in normal light condition but may fair badly in low light condition.

Vivo V7

Vivi V7 is another budget device with great selfie camera; V7 comes with a fantastic 24MP front facing lens. It’s no news that high resolution contributes immensely to shooting great photos. The higher resolution of V7 does the trick, and gives a good selfie.

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