11 best iOS Chargers For That Long Lasting Super Quick Charge

best iphone chargers

Battery issue remains one that haven’t been curbed with smart devices. Although there are ways the prevalent issue has been minimized ranging from making battery with enhanced capacity, and with the advent of fast charging.

Which brings us to the crux of the matter: charging your smart device, your iPhones with the best charging accessories. The kind of charger you use for your iPhone goes a long way in affecting your battery life and how well it charges up your battery quickly,  especially in emergency situations.

So, we’re  going to be looking at some best iPhone chargers that can deliver, based on their output, capacity, functionality  and build.

1 Necano Charging Set:

This iPhone charger set does not come as a Two-pack like other models. It is a simple charging kit. It consist of a wall charger, having a USB port, and a lightning USB cable that can used to transfer data between the iPhone and PCs. It works very well with iPhone 7, 8 model charging them very fast.

However, it tends to be slow with the iPhone 6s model. It has a good build quality, inexpensive to buy, and good output capacity.

Necano Charger

2 Pager Pack Of 2 Chargers

This is a cheap charger pack of twos with great value for the money. It can charge iPhone 5, 6, 7 as well as the iPad Mini. It has an output of 5 volts and 1 amp, with both having a detachable lightning cable as long as 3 feet, which can be connected to PCs and Computers to transfer Data.

Also, this iPhone designed charger pack can work for other smartphones if a micro USB cable is used.

Pager Pack Of 2 Chargers

3 Cellstall Iphone Accessory Phone Pack

This is a complete kit iPhone chargers pack with an affordable price tag. In the pack, there is a wall charger, a phone charger as well as two lightning cables. The wall charger has two USB ports, so it can charge two phones same time.

The USB cables are 6 feet and 3 feet respectively. The wall charger has an output of 3.4 amps, making it charge an iPhone super fast. The car charger on the other hand has a 1 amp output, making it slower in charging. Overall, it is a great charger pack.

4 Onson iPhone Charger

This charger comes with two USB ports, where one can be used to charge an iPhone, and the other any other phone or a second iPhone. It has an output of 5.1 volts and 2.1 amps, meaning it charges fairly fast. It has a black and white build, with a USB cable as long as 6 ft.

Onson iPhone Charger

5 ORange iPhone Wall Charger

A kit that consists of two chargers and two lightning cables. It works well with iPhone 5, 6, 7 and also, iPad Air, iPad and iPad Mini. It has an output of 5 volts and 1 amp or any device that has a lightning connector. The cable in the kit are 3 ft long and they are white in colour. It is quite affordable to buy.

11 best iOS Chargers For That Long Lasting Super Quick Charge

6 Shackle iPhone Car Charger

This came into the list as a result of the life saving features when our iPhones are drained. Works very well with all Apple products that uses a lightning port including iPods and iPads. It is a kit that consists of the charger itself and a small lightning cable.

7 Francois et Mimi iPhone Apple Certified Charger

This is an Apple Certified charger, meaning it has high quality grade. With a 2.4 amp output, this charger charges your device pretty fast. It is a simple kit that comes with a wall charger and a lightning cable.

The sweet thing about this charger is that it can handle older models of iPhones pretty well. Makes it sort of a universal iPhone charger. As for the price, it is reasonably affordable.

Francois et Mimi iPhone Apple Certified Charger

8 FeBite iPhone Charger Dock

This charger is designed as a dock. You just have to slide the iPhone in and when fully charged, you slide it out. The Dock keeps the phone tightly in place, and the base is made of silicon to prevent slippage. Work with all iPhone versions, supporting iPhone 5 and above. It can also be connected to any charger that has a USB port.

9 Connected iPhone Charger

Connected charger is a model that charges iPhone devices very fast, having an output of 2.4 amps to that regard. It works with most iPhones and pretty much any other Apple products, plus it offers a fast charging mode. Let’s not forget that it is also affordable.

Connected iPhone Charger

10 Ziku Charging Dock For iPhone

First of all, it is an Apple Certified product making it having a certain quality level. It works well with iPhone 7 and older models as well. It can be used with a phone that has its casing on. It can also be used to charge directly from a USB port. Its lightning cable it came with can be used for data transfer.

Ziku Charging Dock For iPhone

11 Anker Elite USB Charger:

This is a charger that supports fast-charging up to 24W for iPhones. You can charge your iPhone twice as fast with a normal charger with it. It is a dual-port wall adapter charger.


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