13 BEST of The Best Hacking Apps For Any iPhone

best phone hacking apps

Is there any chance you have been looking out for some iPhone apps, tools that are best for hacking on the iOS platform? This app can be used for testing, reverse engineering purposes, penetration testing, and other forensic work.

Getting on these tools are more functional for ethical hackers, developers who are constantly working on the iOS platform. However, some of the notable tools and apps which cannot be sidelined are Cydia netkillUIbeta and others.

Searching for apps and tools on the iPhone is as easy as looking out for apps on the Android platform. A lot of reasons associated with this is not far fetched because of the praiseworthy high security, and high restriction on app sharing through App Store unless the device is a jailbreak for installing hacking apps.

You will get to know some useful forensic and reverse engineering apps and tools which can be very useful for you:


Cydia app on iphone, ipad or ipod

What does this app do and why do you need it for iPhone hacking and penetration testing. Say you are an iPhone user who is interested in tweaking your device, and then you must have at one point or the other come across Cydia. In like manners, this is an alternative app for your iPhone, iPad and probably your iPod.

Exploring this app gives you the power to access apps that aren’t made available on the iOS App Store. Reasons have been that most of the apps violate Apple’s terms of use. To have access to this advance tools and apps you might need to jailbreak your device, at your terms.

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It’s an iOS reverse engineering tool kit, it can be used by a pen tester to repeat a particular process or task which is often used to achieve success. The task to be executed could include typing out some commands line code to run different hacking commands on an iPhone device.

This app can also be referred to as iOS Reverse Engineering Toolkit and it was developed by Veracode. However, this app is a static one and it needs python before it can run on your device. 


NetKillUIbeta cracking tool

This is a real dearth app for hacking on the iOS platform, it also doubles as a Wifi cracking tool. NetKillUIbeta functions just like an app called WiFIKill for the Android OS, this is a tool developed to stop any device that is currently not in use from consuming the network bandwidth.

Before you can make use of this tool, you will have to add it to a repository through http://extigy.github.io/repo/ via Cydia and then find a way to install NetKillUIbeta alongside with its dependencies. Be sure that your device MAC address can be traced if you are using it for fraudulent activity.

iWep Pro

Absolutely, this is another useful utility app for wireless cracking and it can also be used for several varieties of purposes. If you are using this tool, it could be used to check if there is any vulnerability, or if your router has been exposed to harm, and also used for the generation of WEP key on your Wifi router easily.

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Often times, this hacking app can be reverse engineered to hack other Wifi passwords, although, this depends on the encryption level.

iKeyMonitor iPhone Hacker

Although, this app is not really meant for hacking, however, it can be used to remotely retrieve information by installing the keylogging software. You can monitor target phone unaware by viewing all the logging activity, passwords, website history, keystrokes and other information such as email or FTP. In addition, the iPhone must have been jailbroken before it could monitor all these features.


Burp as a security network traffic analyzing tool for your device cannot be left out. It’s an app needed for important network analysis and it is used for an integral part of the process. To achieve this you would have to use an HTTP sniffing software.

For more details on how to use and configure Burp, you might need to refer to the PortSwigger Burp Suite, For web testing applications this security and iOS hacking tool needs to be configured in a way the tool would listen and always accept connections on other network devices.

Hopper App

This app was not exactly built for iPhone hacking, it’s a reserve engineering tool developed for iOS enthusiasts to disassemble, debug applications and even decompile any app that has been built before. Another feature is that you can use it to modify and reassemble code. As soon as you start the application on your macOS system or Linus PC, to make it work, you have to point it to the cracked binary.

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Bishop Fox’s iSpy is a reverse engineering app built for iPhone and it is a one-stop solution tool for all the dynamic analysis you might want to carry out on the iOS applications. It is customized for easy to use on the web GUI for instant tracking, SSL certificate pinning bypass jailbreak detection and many others.


The most dynamic analysis app that can be used for analyzing iPhone running several apps, or any iDevice. It’s a tool that understood objective C programming language and also interprets JavaScript. It turns out that the tool usually turns out to be very useful by analyzing the iOS application runtime. Say you install this tool on a jail-broken iPhone; you can find a way to abuse the iOS app security.

Paraben DS

Here is another forensic tool for investigators for carrying out mobile device examination. It can be installed on your personal computer, and launch its GUI, which you can then connect to any iPhone and iTouch devices. Most of the main function of this tool is logical and physical imaging, app data parsing, password bypass, data acquisition, data craving and lots more.


A tool developed for injecting JavaScript V8 engine into any runtime process being carried out by iPhone. It can be run on two different modes of operation which is jailbreak mode and no jailbreak mode.


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