15 Best Gaming Headphones With Awe Inspiring Sound

15 Best Gaming Headphones

For the record, its undeniable when you are on your favourite game and the sounds that comes out is sort of inspiring. A game with no sound is like a movie with no sound (a mime). Surely you’re not a miming fan, you want to enjoy the game in every conceivable including the sound.

One of such way to enjoy the sound only to yourself when you are on the game is through the headphone. With the headphone plugged in and the game on, you are certainly in your own world. Want to know the best headphones you can get to this effect? Read on.

1 HyperX Cloud Alpha

This is one of the most attractive headphone by its maker. It has an in-built artificial leather and memory earpads which enables it sits well on the ears, even in long sessions.

It has a dual Chamber which separates the Bass for the mids and highs, that enables it to deliver clear and smooth sound, making it behave like an open-back headphone. It can deliver sound with a broad range of frequency 13Hz-27000Hz.

Kingston HyperX Cloud Alpha

It is also good in producing directional sound, this enables you to locate where a sound is coming from during gaming. It has a removable mic which can be used to communicate with teammates during multiple play games. It is a multiplatform headphone that can work for PS4, PCs, X-Box 1 and other platform through its 3.5mm port. Pricing can be found on Amazon.

2 SADES SA807PLUS Stereo Gaming Headphone

If you want to improve your gaming experience, this is one of the best headphones to go for. It has high audio quality and a better microphone for in-game communication. It has a 360-degree omnidirectional microphone that picks audio in all directions,  making it perfect for staying in touch with teams or video chatting.

With a 3-dimensional stereo sound stay motivated and inspired no matter what game you play. Plug and play to enjoy your headphone; there are no drivers needed for it to work. With the adapter it can work for PS4, PCs, XBox One, Nintendo 3DS, laptops, PSP, Ipads, Ipods, and smartphones. Pricing begins at $50.

3 Steelseries Arctis Pro

It has a smooth and plain black look design. Magnetic and easily removable ear-cup covers which you can swap for different designs.

RGB lighting on the ear-cups gives a stylish feel and also on the microphone which you can use to tell if the microphone is muted or not. It has a Digital to Analog converter which makes users to get high quality and less compressed audios. Otherwise, Game-Dac cables are short.

Steelseries Arctis Pro

The gaming performance of the Arctis Pro is so exceptional that you can hear any or the tiniest background sound with high quality. It has a bendable mic set making it one of the best headphone with a gaming mic set. Pricing can be found on Amazon.

4 BENGOO Gaming Headphone

This headphone has a matchless look and design; it makes gaming extra cool with its aesthetic design. The luminous LED light it boasts of is breathtaking , plus its made of braided wire and durable tensile that helps reduce external pressure.

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BENGOO Gaming Headphone

The Velcro cable tie prevents issues like twining, and also you control the headset while gaming,  all thanks to the rotary volume controller and a few other controls  found in the controller. Again pricing starts from $50 and above.

5 XIBERIA E1 USB Gaming Headsets

This is a low budget headphone with microphone, yet it makes the list as one of the best. With this,  you can enjoy clear, high quality audio without distortion, including realistic bass sound that you would definitely love.

XIBERIA E1 USB Gaming Headsets

The microphone is easily adjustable so you can stay in touch with teammates as you game, plus it has a LED light for style. It is a lightweight headphone that comes in black and brown, sporting a soft ear cushion for comfortability.

Plus it has a breathable mesh to prevent the ear from overheating during long gaming periods. This USB enabled headphones works with many popular gaming systems, including PCs and PS4. Pricing starts from $20.

6 Razer Kraken Pro V2

This is a headset with a simple and smooth all-black design. It has a cushy earcups based on aluminium framework but very light. The earcups makes long gaming session comfortable for the user, plus you can adjust the ear-cups up or down.With this awesome headphone, you can pinpoint the an enemy with the approaching footsteps or gunfire.

It has a mic that is retractable and bendable. Plus the mic’s voice sounds very clear during in-game communication. Pricing can be found on Amazon.

7 HyperX Cloud Revolver S

Made of tough steel frame, yet having a good look. The plug and play surrounding sound feature is comfortable to the feel, such that you will forget about wearing it after long hours. The ear cups are big and comfortable, and with a push of button by its side, you can activate a 7.1 Dolby surround sound, to get a louder sound during gaming.

The mic is bendable and retractable, clear and can separate background noise to a very great extent . It makes it easier for gamers to pinpoint enemy footsteps or gunfire. It is compatible with PCs, PS4, PS4 Pro and pricing can be found in Amazon.

8 Turtle Beach Stealth 700

Headsets with a neat design like smooth diagonal lines, with a black colour feel. It is a modern build with ear cups loaded with buttons, volume knobs, micro USB port for charging,  plus a button for syncing.

It is a headphone good for moderately long sessions of gaming, with much more bass than is needed. There is a Super Human Hearing settings you can use to suit your need or you can use the Turtle Beach Audio Hub App for android, ios and PCs. Stealth gives you a 10 hours game time on one full time. It is compatible with PS4,  PCs and XBox One. Pricing list should be on Amazon.

Turtle Beach Elite 800

9 Mpow EG3 Gaming Headset

This headset is compatible with my platforms, including android and ios phones. With PCs, it works for windows 7, 8 and 10, PS4 as well as any device that supports USB audio. The neodymium drivers provide surround-like sound support which gives you awesome gaming experience. The immersive sound effects lets you detect enemies before they get to you.

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After purchase, make sure you download the Mpow gaming software so you can customize the sound effects how you want it. The memory foam in the ear cups enables you to wear the phones for a long time without feeling any discomfort.

10 Arkatech Gaming Headset With Mic

You love to live stream your games and you are looking for affordable but within the range of best, then the Arkatech headphone meets your specification. First of all, it is widely compatible with many systems such as PS4, XBox One, PCs, Laptops, Nintendos, PSP, and even mobile phones.

It has a lightweight padded headband that is adjustable to fit to heads of different sizes, whether Adults or children.

Arkatech Gaming Headset With Mic

It has an LED display of seven colours that changes colours when in use, plus it has a mic that is noise-cancelling and can be detached from it when not in use. Sells at Amazon a little above $50.

11 Corsair HS50 Stereo Gaming Headphones

This one is compatible with systems like PCs, PS4, XBox One, PSP, Smartphones,  and any other gaming platform because of its famous 3.5mm audio Jack. It is an affordable headset with a detachable mic used for casual gaming.

There is the white and the black design, and the black one comes with a choice of blue, green, or additional backlights. It can be used for a couple of hours without discomfort. The in-game sound sounds flat but the mic sound is very clear.

Corsair HS50 Stereo Gaming Headphones

12 Razer Thresher

The design is primarily black with green neon details at the earcups. The headphone control are divided into two controls, one is a left featuring knob the mixture of chat volume with game audio, and the right knob to adjust the game volume. With a 40ft wireless range, you can’t use it when the battery dies.

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The retractable mic can be slid out of the way when not in use. The headphone is quite heavy yet you can use it comfortably, even when you use glasses. 16hours charge on full charge, you can use it on an average of 2hrs per day to last you for about two weeks. Charging to full takes about 4 hours. It is most compatible with PCs, PS4 and XBox One.

13 Astro A40 TR

This headphone is mostly built with plastic, and it has a great design to its feel. The earcups are firmly held in place by plastic frame which can be move up and down for comfort. The headset is large, but its weight is negligible compared to other headphones like it.

Astro A40 TR

There are no control in the headset, and everything is done with a MixAmp that come with it. There is a space under each ear cups that allows air to circles in and out, but the drawback is sound can escape this way.

You can add an A40 TR Mod Kit which includes a rubber stopper to block it. The headset works well with different platforms like PCs, PS4, XBox One and even smartphones.

14 Sony Platinum Wireless

This is a premium headset that was designed and made by sony for game lovers. It rocks a 7.1 virtual Surround Sound, 3D audio, drivers, and many audio modes. Its design is light, neat and durable. Also, it has a dual mic used to make clear cut voice chat with your friends during gameplay.

Sony Platinum Wireless

Its battery life is fairly decent such that you can use if for many hours playing games with it or listening to music. It connects wirelessly to PS4, PCs, and XBox One. Plus it comes with a wireless Adaptor with 3D processing audio components, Travel pouch, 3.5mm audio cable, Micro-USB charger. This is a headphone to love. Get it on Amazon at a good price.

15 Turtle Beach Elite 800

This headphone is the bomb. It’s not just an ordinary headset. Its features includes: 50mm speakers and Digital Optical (Game) and USB (Chat) audio with Dual Boomless Noise Cancelling Mic, and with up to 10 hours longevity.

Its crystal clear speakers enables you to hear enemies lurking behind you during your gaming sessions. It is a fully wireless headphone which is compatible mostly with PS4 and XBox One. It has DTS 7.1 Surround Sound features, Bluetooth, and a host of others.

I hope this lists meets your desire to getting one of the best headphones to enjoy your gaming experience.

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