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AR Mapping: Tattoos, Furniture Apps And More Essential Life Apps


A lot of innovations have been introduced, these innovations reigns for some time but few years on no one talks about them anymore. The augmented reality application has been in existence for a while now, but the way it is constantly modified I doubt if it would go out of existence.

AR tools have contributed immensely to the creation of AR-powered apps that is usually featured in iPhones. The AR tool is usually accompanied by the various Apple IOS, we saw impressive AR apps that came with Apple’s IOS 11, and users expect more improved AR apps with IOS 12.

The augmented reality app is going further as Google now has a developer called the ARcore that will enable them add more features to the already existing system. This new features includes AR powered directions which would allow user find their way with the assistance of Google map.

Google showed off new features of the map which is quite impressive, the mapping comes with augmented street view mode that gives you clear directions.  What Google did was to combine the existing street view of map data.

This allows you to have access to live feed from your phone’s camera making it look like you are seeing your working steps in real life while assisting you with directions.

According to Google, the AR map will come with features that will help you identify nearby areas, and might also make use of an animal guide that will lead the way on your phone. The map will also get the “for you” tab that comes with recommendations that will be beneficial.

You can also share multiple places recommendations with friends using a single action, these are some AR features we expect to see in newer Apple devices.


Occipital might not be a house-hold name like Google but it’s a technology company that has made much progress and contributed to the advancement of technology. Occipital has also made their own augmented reality by means of a bridge engine which uses a similar idea as Google’s daydream and Samsung’s virtual reality.

Phone having wide Lens above the phones camera can produce live videos from a surrounding room into headsets for augmented reality (AR), this concept is used by most AR makers.

However, Occipital is going in with a different approach, they use data from its own depth sensor to create 3D view from the side angle feed. The approach is targeted to make the AR like Microsoft halo lens but a bit different, although Microsoft does not have a transparent display.

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How does the bridge engine work?


To create augmented reality (AR) the engine first maps the room, then it makes a wireframe of space and this is possible because the bridge engine understands all the angles involved.

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These angles include the horizontal surface, vertical and all other angles in between. Occipital demonstrated this with the use of a robot which normally you can interact with using the daydream style controller.

The robot was placed in a room, from a controller you can move it around furnitures or any other object in the room. While carring out this action, it gets to a point when you will not be able to identify what was digitally created and what is actually real, this simply means everything will look like it was digitally created.

What is the AR or Augumented Reality all about?

When people talk about AR, you might think its a new concept, but the truth is that the AR has been existing before some invention we may term old.

AR stands for augmented reality, this is usually featured in phones and allows layering of computerized or digital image ontop of your view if reality. This effect produces a complex view that augments the real world.

AR Applications

BBC civilization AR

The BBC civilization is an interesting AR application you might want to try. Knowledge is vital in our world today, it is often said that ” knowledge is power “, this one reason education is important. The AR BBC civilization app gives you the opportunity to explore historically, the app allows you view artifacts and their locations.

For those that might not know how to use this app, you will not be left alone as a get tutorial that will guide through. There are more than 30 historical items to be admired on this app, so I think this might interest history lovers.


The name already sells it, this app will definitely interest those that are fascinated by art and sketching. The Sketchar AR is also known as AR tracing, what this does is trace drawn object and makes it easier to sketch out.  

For example, if you plot a cog o circles on a piece of paper, select the type of sketch you want from the Sketchar app, the app will now project the drawn image into the paper making it easy for you to trace. This app can help you practice different drawing techniques, although it may be a bit difficult as you have to hold your phone in one hand while drawing with the other hand.

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Learning a new language is fun with Mondly, the app comes with about 33 languages for you to choose from and also have daily exercise sessions for active learning. The Mondly app also has a virtual reality version which makes it better.

You can explore the Mondly AR by tapping the AR button, you will be asked to find a flat surface. Once that is done, the app will ask you to set your AR teacher which will start the lessons. The Mondly app is currently on some android versions and will soon have an IOS version.

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Pokémon GO

Best gaming smartphone

Gamers are you ready! The best part of the augmented reality has to be the Pokémon go, this app allows you go out to the world and have different gaming experience. The Pokémon go uses GPRS to mark your location while moving your avatar inside the game and your camera showing your Pokémon in real world. 

Sounds fun right! Please note this game might be dangerous depending on the kind of environment you decide to use.

Ink hunter

This app helps you decide where to place a tattoo and the possible tattoo design by allowing try out some spots. This does not mean the tattoo will be drawn on your body but with the aid of an in app editor, the tattoo style will be projected via your phone’s camera on the part of your body you want, this actually looks like the real thing.



This is another AR app, the app helps you figure out possible layout for your room, office or home. You can do this by using an amisaka enabled device (iPhone or iPad) in your home or office then place a 3D models on the various items to see how they look, and the possible spot that will fit more. Recent updates of the apps add more kitchen facets, wallpaper, burner and other amazing features.

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