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Apple Pay: The Complete Guide Including Security Steps


Life’s activities are becoming easier by the day, and this is because many brands are introducing many innovations that help humans carry out task faster and better. There have been countless inventions that have supported in making life easier, some of which are smartphones, computers, home appliances, Google search etc.

It is interesting to know that payment has also been made easier with some smartphone brands like Apple and Samsung.

Apple Inc is one brand that have continued sorting out ways to make our day to day task easier and this fact we have seen in smartphones manufactured by the brand. These smartphones are able to carry out series of functions and that includes the Apple pay.

Apple Pay is a digital wallet service that allows user make payments either in person, on IOS apps or on the web. With the Apple pay users can make payment without a debit or credit card on a device that supports the digital wallet. Some of the devices that supports the Apple pay are iPhone, iPad, Apple watch and Mac.

A lot of users may not necessarily buy the idea of the Apple Pay, but it is very good and with it users do not need to stress themselves carrying out PIN transactions at a contact-less capable point of sale or POS terminal. All they need do is use their Apple Pay at outlet, merchants or stores that support contactless payments.

Not only is Apple Pay fast, it is also secure, and this is made possible by the authentication added to the Apple pay. Now users can utilize the face ID, touch ID, PIN or password to protect their Apple pay. How does this payment system work?

What Apple Inc did is allow Apple devices interact wirelessly with point of sale or POS system by using a near field communication (NFC) antenna. This antenna is a dedicated chip that stores payment information making it easy for payment transactions to be carried out.

Apple Pay Double

What is Apple pay?

Apple pay is an innovation from the stables of Apple inc that offers easy and secure payment transactions on your iPhone, Apple watch, iPad and Mac. With the Apple Pay, users can also send and receive money to and from family and friends.

Guess what! You can carry out any payable transaction on the Apple store for example you can order for a pizza, pay bills and more using the Apple pay on IOS, or by asking Siri.

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Where can I use Apple pay?

Apple pay can be used in stores having specific symbols, within apps and on the web in safari. The digital wallet can be used on device that supports it, latest versions of IOS, watchOS or macOS, an Apple ID signed into icloud, a supported card from a participating card issuer in a country.

Some of the countries that supports the Apple pay are New Zealand, Australia, China, Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, Brazil, Denmark, Germany, France, Finland, Ireland, Italy, Isle of man, Monaco, Jersey, United kingdom, Spain, Switzerland, united States, Canada, united Arab Emirates etc.

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Note: Users can send and receive money with Apple pay and Apple pay cash card available only in the U.S and this service are provided by the Green dot bank. When making payment in a store, you can use your iPhone or Apple watch, if you are using the web you can transact on Siri, while on apps you can make use of the Apple pay on iPhones, Apple Watch or iPad.

To start payment transactions on the IOS device make sure you check the settings: go to settings- check your wallet and Apple pay- turn on allow payment.

How do I use the Apple Pay?

Firstly, you need to add a card to the wallet, the card can be debit, credit or prepaid card and should be added to the device you want to make use of. You can get help from your debit, credit, prepaid card issuer or Apple Care if you encounter any difficulties while adding the card to the wallet.

In countries like United States you can add the Apple pay cash card to wallet by sending or receiving a payment or by simply turning on the Apple pay cash in settings. Also, you can add cards to wallet in some countries in Asia Pacific by adding transit cards to wallet and use them with Apple pay. In some other countries, users are allowed to add boarding pass, coupons, movie ticket etc. to their wallet.

The use of Apple pay varies in different countries, for instance, in some countries if the transaction exceeds certain amount, you will be prompted to enter your PIN while in other countries you might just be needed to sign a receipt or use a different payment method. Noteworthy is the fact that you will not reward or benefits from your credit, debit or prepaid card when using the Apple pay.

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How do I check transactions?

Checking transactions on Apple pay is pretty easy, when you check your debit, credit or prepaid card in wallet you will see your recent transaction. To see more simply tap card, then tap transaction. In some cases, you will only see transactions carry out from your device or you might see transaction made from your card and this may depend on the bank or card issuer.

You can also use the Suica transaction in the Apple Watch app to check your last transaction. To do this, you have to set up Apple Watch with apple pay on your phone. Next, go to the Watch app and tap wallet and Apple pay, tap card then tap transaction.

Note: Some card issuer will only send the first authorization amounts to wallet and this might be different from you final transaction amount.

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Is Apple Pay secure?

With the password touch ID or face ID authentication; you are guaranteed privacy and security on Apple pay. Each time you carry out transaction either on you iPhone, iPad, Apple watch or mac, you will be prompted to put your password; use your touch ID or your face ID.

All this is done to ensure you alone can have access to your Apple pay while transacting. You will be required to put a password that only you knows when you put on the Apple Watch or when you are using the Apple pay via the Apple watch.

No one can get access to your password without your consent as the password is not stored On Apple server. When payments is done to a merchant or store, only details like your name, email, billing and shipping address will be sent and note that it will only be sent when you authorize it. All apps that uses Apple pay usually comes with privacy policies on data usage that should be read by the user.

What happens if my Apple pay supported device gets stolen or lost?

Due to the fact that all transaction made on Apple pay requires a password, touch ID or a face ID, this will make it impossible for any other person to make use of the Apple pay. There are actually different ways your Apple pay will be protect even when your device is lost or stolen.

Apart from the aforementioned, your Apple pay will be suspended when the device is offline and you can also call your bank or card issuer and inform them of the situation, from there your credit, debit or prepaid card will be removed from Apple pay.

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If you are using a Suica card with Apple Pay, you will be able to recover your balance when you lost your device. Also, you add the balance if you decide to use Apple Pay on another eligible device that is signed in to iCloud.

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