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Android Pie: Top-notch Features You Likely Missed


The thought of ‘Pie’ makes my mouth wet and this is simply because pie is delicious, well it depends on the type of pie. There is Cherry pie, Apple pie, blueberry pie, but guess what there’s a new pie in town.  

Over the past years, technology has become more advance and creative with new inventions that contributes to making life easier.     

The world today practically breaths technology, with new emerging innovations, soon technology will take the world to another dimension.

Like other industries in the world, there are also competitions in the world of technology and a need to step up the game by inventing new technology and improving the already existing ones arise.

Mobile phone technology enters a new era with the introduction of the Android pie release in August 2018. The Android pie is ninth major update and the 16th version of the Android operating system.

Some mobile phones will be privilege to have this new operating system, one of which is the Google’s pixel and pixel 2. Devices that are eligible to partake in the Android open Beta will also come with the update.

The Android 9 pie also known as ‘Android P’ has many new features; this post will tell you all you need to know about the Android 9 pie.

This new innovation was put in place for the purpose of making your phone more personal and, more effective and easier to use.

Aside from the fact that the Android pie comes with fantastic, you can download it on pixel phones via a free over-the-air update.

Some phones that are set to have the new Android 9 pie are latest sony, xiaomi, HMD Global, Oppo, vivo and onePlus phones. Google says these brands which all participated in the Android pie Beta will issue the update by the end of autumn.

Features of Android Pie                               

Adaptive battery life 

The Android pie is designed in a way that allows for a consistent and lasting battery. The Android pie do this by using an on-Device machine learning to ascertain the apps that will be used in the next few hours and apps that would not be used until later in the day.

The ability and capacity of the adaptive battery life with the Android pie was tested, it showed 30 percent reduction in CPU app wake ups which enabled the battery last longer.

Android Pie Battery Life

The adaptive battery life was made possible thanks to the partnership of Google with Deep mind. According to Google’s vp of engineering for Android David Burkes, the partnership lead to the refining of the Android pie’s learning algorithms which had big effect on the Android battery’s life.

Adaptive brightness

Some phones has poor brightness settings, this is one of the many problems the Android pie was designed to resolve. Google is giving smart phones manufacturers a more powerful and effective way of calibrating phone screen brightness base on the environment intelligent learning.

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According to Google, 50 percent of users who tested the Android pie feature can attest to its efficiency as they he stopped manually adjusting the brightness of their phone and experience a consistently colorful viewing when running on Android pie.

App slice

Although the app slice is not yet in use, Google has issued an API to developers to create more short cuts around its operating system interface. 

The app slice will provide short cut to your top destinations like your work and home, this service comes with a specific price that has been listed.

This saves you the stress of having to navigate to app menu to select options; with this short cut you get an easier access to want you want done with your phone.

When you use the Google search bar, the app slice can extend to photos, for example, if you want to go for a vacation, you can type your preferred destination and get photos on the destination, you can also get hotel recommendation using the app slice Google search bar.

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App slice can do more for you than you know, for example, if you search “lyft“, information can pop up telling you how far the closest car is, isn’t that amazing? The android pie is really the big thing!

Android Pie app actions

Before now, there is a top row of predicted apps, based on your usage history; Google has added more precision features into the app drawer. This is really helpful as your phone can now intelligently predict what you want to do next.

The short cut sits in a row underneath the predicted app icons, this means short cut for calls, snapping and guess what!

You can get access to your music app by just plugging your head phones. The app action is powered by artificial intelligence and basically takes note of your smartphone habits.

Navigation changes

The new system navigation interface makes easier for multitasking with a simple home button to can navigate to different apps with ease. This brilliant navigation changes is part of Google’s initiative to make UI simpler and adapt to various phone screens designs.

According to Google, the changes in navigate is accommodating to new users, you can swipe from the bottom  anywhere in the operating system to see recent opened files as well as five predicted apps at the bottom of the at the bottom if the screen.

When you swipe a second time, you will see your app drawer; with this approach Google is able to combine all apps and overview space gesture into one.

Android Pie llows you to scroll through App Quickly

This approach seems like an iPhone x horizontal bar replacing the typical home buttons. However, with the Android pie you can do better than the iPhone x interface.

Android pie allows you scroll through you apps very quickly by sliding right and left with horizontal bar at the bottom.

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In the first trials, you might find it difficult adapting to the navigation changes, thus is not unusually as its normal to experience little difficult a when certain changes are made, buy trust me it is worth the while.

Digital wellness

Phones are bought for use, but just like humans phones can also tire out due to excessive usage.  Some of us one way or the other find our self’s in the category of those who tires out their phones with heavy usage, this is not good for the phone as it can lead to malfunctioning.

Google is smart, that is why it features the Google wellness in the Android 9.0 Pie to allow minimize and control the usage of your device for better efficiency.

The digital wellness is one of the major highlights of the Android 9.0 Pie, this ensures your phone works properly for you.

Google also implemented a time limit for phone usage, allows them see where they spent most of their time on the phone and also winds down when you are able to sleep.

The digital wellness features the Android dashboard, this dashboard keeps track of the amount of time you spend on your device. The dashboard is very specific as it shows the time you spend on the internet, how long you send messages, make calls and even stream contents.

The board also gives you the privilege of setting screen time limit for specific apps like YouTube and also gives you recommendations to take a screen break.

do not disturb mode

The wind-down mode is also great idea, as it allows you to use Google Assistant when you would like to go to bed and it will automatically put your phone on do not disturb mode.

Like the app slice, the digital wellness is not yet available; however, Google Pixel users can opt for beta. The digital wellness is said to be available very soon with support from Android one device wellness.

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Improved security

It is no news that Android continuously adds new security features to its new inventions, but truth be told Google is gaming with numbers of security features that accompanied the Android pie making your phone more secure.

One of the most interesting security updates is the encryption; this is a well welcomed idea as it makes your phone more secure and allows you perform client side encryption.

This simply means that any data encryption or decryption on your phone will require authentication from your phone.

The authentication could be password, patterns or PIN, Google also backs up all your information to the clouds making it difficult for thief or hackers to access your information.

Android pie has a new feature that allows you create randomized MAC address for each network you access. This means that whenever you access a network, your phone will share you unique MAC address with the network.

The Android pie also comes with several other security features such as unified user interface for finger print, authentication, encrypted network traffic in third party apps and the user notification which informs you when a third party is using your old API.

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Top notch features

The top notch features is not new as it was first introduced in Apple’s iPhone X, ever since the many phone brand has incorporated the top notch features on their smart phones. However, the Android pie features a more improved you notch feature with native cutout support.

The native cutout support improves the way apps function on your device, it also ensures no content is lost while streaming apps like you tube. Some visible changes on the Android notch display are more color full menu, sharper text and improved transition animation.

The ambient display has also been renovated on the pixel 2 XL Oreo software which is better than that in the pixel XL. The date and day of the week still displays app notification icon and is no longer displayed underneath the time. The bottom of the screen displays the battery percentage, making it easier for you to see your battery percent without having to wake the phone or plug a charger.

Newly Added Features on Android Pie

New emoji

The Android pie comes with about 100 new emojis which includes emojis with multiple skin tones and hair, emojis with no hair and gender less emojis.

Multi camera support

Google developed a Multi camera support feature that is similar to the dual sight in the Android pie. This allows you use both camera lenses on your phone simultaneously to capture.

The dual sight was first featured in Nokia and Google decided to incorporate similar features into the Android pie.

Improved Bluetooth

Google improved the Bluetooth capacity of the Android pie as it can now connect up to five different Bluetooth speakers at once which are far better than the two different Bluetooth connectivity of the android Oreo.

This is brilliant as you can now build yourself a surrounding sound system; incoming calls can also be sent to any of the connected speakers that are capable to receiving the calls.

Android pie also remembers the last set volume and continues with that volume the next time you use it.

If you are an avivid user of Bluetooth headphones then you are not left out on the excitement. The Android pie comes with settings that make it faster for your phone to connect with your Bluetooth headphone.

An earphone with Google’s sound delay reporting support will report any lag to Android and the problem will be resolved by offsetting any video content eradicating any syncing issue.

Improved privacy

Google is not so big on user’s privacy, but as expected there are users privacy introduced in the Android pie. This OS will restrict access to other sensors, camera and the phones microphones.

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This means that when the device is running in the background or when idle, it will not be able to access sensor except the GPS.

That’s a wrap! If you have any questions or objections on this post, simply leave a comment in the box below.

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