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23 Common Android Phone Problems And Easy DIY Fixes.


You as an individual is obsessed with your android phone. You take it to gatherings, eateries and even in the washroom. In the event that anything happens to your telephone, you don’t have the slightest idea of what to do, it could be frustrating.

I am sure you have gotten one of the most annoying problems in existence which have to deal with your phone. In this article, you will learn about some problems that can happen to your phone the reasons for this error as well as how to solve it in easy steps. I will be as descriptive as possible. That’s just the way it would be.

1.    Your phone is responding slowly

This is the most well-known cell phone issue, particularly happens as your telephone as it gets old. The purpose of the slow speed is the installation of pointless applications that consume your gadget’s RAM and save various unnecessary documents in your telephone.

Uninstall all the unused applications and clean up cache data left over by those apps. You can do this by specialized diagnostic apps. Assuming your phone is still working slowly, then a factory reset will solve the problem once and for all.

phone slowly repsond

2.    Phone or App Crashes

This can occur when there is a bug/malware in the app installed on your phone or your phone is coming up short on space This is one of the major cell phone issues. Clear the application cache from “Application management under settings”.

Abstain from using different applications at the same time. You can try restarting the device or remove the battery or result factory settings.

3.    Overheating

Overheating can seriously harm your battery and screen life — thus would water or anything moisture, we should make reference to — so if you perceived that you see your phone is excessively hot, here are some better approaches to cool it off.

You should your phone away from direct sunlight and stored it in a dry, free your phone for some time, by reducing the screen brightness, closing some applications, disconnecting from Wi-Fi, and deferring downloads or updates until your phone is in a perfect condition.

4.    Storage Space is filled up

You might have been taking pictures and recordings more now than at any time in recent time, so extra space has turned into the main problem for your phone. Applications, downloads, and new OS features also add to the consumed space inside your phone’s memory.

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5.    The battery gets drained easily

You can not enjoy your phone if it doesn’t stay alive long enough. Battery issues are one of the most common phone frustrations, usually encountered by phone users.

Make sure you are using a quality phone charger, reduce your phone brightness level, also take note if any apps and updates are not running in the background.

6.    Your Screen got Cracked

Cracked Phone

Screen crack may cause huge damage to your phone if water or any liquid splashes on the internal screen. Cracks may lead to problems with your touchscreen response therefore you will want to have it replaced as soon as you can. After repairing the screen you will need to get a screen protector.

7.    Phone Got Wet

It’s always a bad experience when your phone gets submerged in water, especially if the display starts flashing, skipping or not responding. Don’t plug your phone in or attempt to fix it on your own, take the phone to a technician for proper fixing, however you can put it in a silica gel pending the time you will take it for repair.

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8.    Phone screen Keeps Freezing

When your phone starts freezing, the home key and probably other keys will fail to respond, in this situation, when this is constantly happening then your phone needs to be fixed. Close apps that are not used but running, clear the cache, delete some apps you don’t need, move some of your files permanently over to external storage.

9.    App Is Constantly Crashing

When your regular app starts crashing over and over, it might be a sign of malware or bug in the app installation. Firstly close the problematic app, you can clear the cache of the app or update the app in the app store, you might also delete the app and reinstall.

10.    Phone Is Constantly Crashing

If peradventure its not only an app that is crashing or maybe your phone sometimes shuts down or restarts on its own. A good way to troubleshoot this is to simply restart your device to clear temporary memory and active app data. If that does not solve your phone problem, you might need to do a factory reset for the phone. If the phone keeps crashing you may need to visit the repair shop.

11.    Bad Network Reception

Your phone will just be a piece of hardware without the network functionality. Check your location if it’s not a dead spot where network reception is weak or poor, check other phones for their network signal strength.

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If you come to discover it’s your phone having network issues, go to the network settings under to see the network mode your phone is, also try restarting it to see its performance. You may also need to check your operating system installed.

12.    Trouble With Bluetooth

If your device isn’t pairing with another device, it can even be more frustrating because you literally can’t see where the problem is. Firstly check if your phone Bluetooth visibility is on, also check if the Bluetooth device is compatible with your phone? Make sure there is no obstruction between your phone and the other device you want to pair with, finally turn the Bluetooth off and on back. Keep the phone on airplane mode for 30 to 60 seconds and try to reconnect it.

13.    Your Charging Port Stopped Working

not charging

Due to constant charging of the battery, the USB port can easily wear out, the little metal tabs around the opening where you plug in your charger can be faulty or blocked with dirt particles. Do What You Can by cleaning with brush or cotton swab to clean out the port. Unfortunately, if the issue is really related to a broken charging port, You will need to see a technician.

14.    App Store Not Downloading Apps

Sometimes your app store might not install applications. There are two kinds of popular fixes. The first is to wipe the app store cache or to erase app store history. If this does not fix the problem, you might need to check the available space on your phone if it can accommodate new applications.

15.    Downloads Not Working

Sometimes downloads will fail to work on your phone, it might be as a result of wrong download path on the memory, for example, some browsers have dedicated download path and if it’s not followed, it can hinder the phone from downloading any files from the Internet. To fix this reset your browser download path, or check your phone storage ability if it is enough to accommodate the said download.

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16.    I Can’t Find My Download

Probably you have invested time and data to download a file from the Internet, and alas you couldn’t locate your downloaded file. There could be a change in the download folder, if probably you know the file name, you can search for it in the file manager. Check different folder to locate your downloaded file.

17.    Can’t Play a Downloaded Video

Sometimes videos in a proprietary format won’t play. Take note of the downloaded video file if your phone supports the file, check the format your video player installed to the phone supports, you might need to check online for an updated version of your video player.

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18.    I Installed Malware!


Cracked games, files or applications could be a source of malware to your phone, simply uninstall the culprit. If you’re not sure which app is wreaking mayhem on your phone, try uninstalling 2 to 3 recent app you downloaded or installed.

19.    Internet Not Working

The biggest cause of mobile Internet not working: Is misconfigured APN, or wrong configuration settings. Firstly make sure your sim is loaded with enough data to browse the Internet. Check if your data connection is on, do not forget to update your browser in the app store, if the problem persists you might need to call your service provider.

20.    Device Crashes on Boot

If your phone no longer boots, you might need to enter what’s called “safe mode” this mode would help you bypass present phone configuration and you can as well remove the app causing the anomalies.

21.    Device No Longer Turns On

Try removing the battery. If the battery is inbuilt, press and hold the power button for about 15 seconds or more, if the device refuses to power up, plug the device into a power source and hold the power button down if that fails you might need to take the phone to a technician.

22.    Device Not Reading microSD Card

SD Card

If your phone accidentally falls down and the microSD is not responding, or probably a bug is saved on the SD card, formatting the SD card might be the best solution if you tried removing and replacing it back to its slot or after you have tried repairing the SD card.

23.    Can’t Connect a PC

Phone Is Constantly Crashing

You might want to transfer files from your devices to a PC, and it refuses to synchronize, you might need to check the permissions level on the phone for connecting to a PC, or check the data cable you are using, or check if you have chosen the right option between Android Debug Bridge (ADB) or Media Transfer Protocol (MTP).

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