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95 Android Cleaners and Boosters To Speed Up Your Phone


Have you noticed your Android device being slow or hanging? You may want to consider cleaning your Android device. This is not compulsory; however, it’s important if you want to enjoy your Android device.

Cleaning your android is even more important if your RAM is low. Moreso, your Android device will enhance your device performance and get rid of junk files, which will improve your device speed. RAM (Random Access Memory) is a form of computer storage that is responsible for storing data for the applications currently running.

Furthermore, it is not the memory where you save your pictures and videos. Certainly, the bigger your RAM the more apps you can run at a time.

It doesn’t matter if your RAM is large or small, it is definitely important that you clean your Android device from time to time. In this article, I’d be telling you about some Android cleaners and boosters that you can use for the purpose of cleaning your Android.

List of Android Cleaners and Boosters

1.      Clean Master

Clean Master

Clean master is one of the best Android cleanser currently available for download. It is available for download on Play Store. Clean Master is very important in cleaning your Android cache, search history, which also comes with an antivirus, and also improve apps installation. Comparatively, it is reported that it improves your battery life. Certainly, your stored contents like photos and videos are not affected during the cleaning process. This could arguably be the best Android cleansing app out there.

Features of Clean Master

  • Junk notification cleaner to clean notification after reading.
  • Wifi security to detect an unauthorized connection.
  • App lock for keeping your apps safe.
  • Game master which helps accelerate the loading speed of games.

2.      DU Speed Booster

Enhances your device speed by 60%

DU Speed Booster is a very efficient Android cleaning app which can act as an optimizer, cleaner, security app and has an anti-virus function. In fact, this app is used by over 230 million users and very easy to use. With just a single tap you can enhance your device speed by 60%.

Even more, it interestingly gives you an option to uninstall apps that you don’t use frequently. It also comes with a default notification bar which can be deactivated as well. Furthermore, the DU Speed Booster also shows you the apps that consume more power and can help you terminate it as well.

Features of DU Speed Booster

  • It has a scanning feature
  • Comes with antivirus for detecting Virus.
  • A network booster to check the network status.
  • A CPU cooler for cleaning apps to avoid overheating.
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3.      CCleaner

This is equally a very common and well trusted Android cleaning app which functions majorly in removing junk files. It interestingly can be used to delete call logs and SMS. CCleaner helps in removing application cache, reclaim space, clean RAM and secure browsing. Uniquely it can also be used to uninstall applications you are not using anymore.

Feature of CCleaner

  • Cleaning of download folders, browser history and application cache.
  • Allows you to check data consuming apps as well of battery consuming apps.
  • Helps you delete leftover files.

4.      The Cleaner

The Cleaner

The Cleaner is yet another popular and widely used Android cleaning app which also allows you to uninstall apps in batches, and also allows you schedule reminder to clean your Android device. Just like other cleaners, it removes junk files, clear cache files, kill background tasks and optimize your device. It is also a lightweight Android cleaning app.

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Features of The Cleaner

  • App security for locking your apps.
  • It has an app manager for uninstalling apps.
  • A game booster to speed up games.

5.      CM Booster

CM Booster has a reputation as the world’s smallest booster which is able to enhance Android performance. When I said the smallest, I mean it has a size of just 1MB. This app cleans junk files and recovers the phone’s space to make more room for new apps and other contents.

More so, it comes with a CPU cooler which kills apps that heat up your phone to avoid overheating. Are you looking for a cleaner that performs and still doesn’t consume your device space? CM Booster is your best option.

CM booster cleans junk

6.      Avast Cleanup and boost

If you are a computer system owner, you would have heard about Avast antivirus. They have the same makers with the Avast Cleanup and boost. This is very common because a lot of people already have a good experience using Avast antivirus. Avast Cleanup and boost is a cache and junk cleaning app for Android devices. It comes with an antivirus, a smart safety feature to delete unwanted data and also uninstall apps.

7.      Android Booster

Android Booster

Android Booster is another Android cleaner that has been downloaded by over 1 Million users. It has a virus scanner for detecting harmful apps and files to your Android device. It is also good for optimizing Android devices and works with just one click. It also comes with a privacy protector feature.

8.      AVG Cleaner and battery saver

Just like Avast discussed earlier, AVG Cleaner is also made by a prominent antivirus company. It is regarded as one of the best Android cleaner and optimizer. With this cleaner, your device can be optimized to run faster, recover more space, delete junk files and perform better. Just like the name implies, it also has a battery saver feature, which helps you optimize your battery usage. You can also uninstall apps.

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AVG Cleaner and battery saver recover more Space

9.      Go Speed

Go Speed claims to be 50% more efficient than most boosters because of its policies to stop auto-starting of stubborn apps. Go Speed is lightweight and have an advanced monitoring technique. You can also use it to clean up and stop background apps. It comes with a widget that allows you to check your memory status and can also remove junk files, clear cache and manage apps. Did I mention it can help you with backup as well? Yes, it can.

10.  Power Clean

Power Clean with over 2 million downloads is also another popular Android cleaner. It is regarded to be smart, fast and lightweight. Just like other Android cleaners discussed, it deletes junks files, recover space and boosts Android device speed. It comes with an advanced junk cleaner, it also has a memory cleaner. All this can be activated with just a single tap. Contrarily, the downside is that it comes with in-app ads display. However, it is free and has a premium version.

11.  Ace Cleaner

Ace Cleaner is regarded as a very simple but effective memory cleaner for Android devices. It comes with features such as Ace Clean, Ace Boost, Quiet Notification, Battery Saver, and CPU Cooler. It can remove junks, clear cache, delete APK files, etc.

Ace Cleaner Features CPU cooler

12.  Hi Security

Hi Security is a combination of an Android cleaner and mobile security. Hi Security will not only clean and optimize your phone performance, but it will also protect your Android device from virus, intruders, etc. It has an interface that allows you to view vitals of your Android device.

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13.  Cleaner

Cleaner in an Android app that cleans and boost your Android device. With just a single tap, it will clean and optimize your Android device. With Cleaner, you can analyze the performance of your Android device by running a speed test. It is completely free and does not have a premium version. Furthermore, it can also clean background processes, and has a CPU Cooler.

14.  All in One Toolbox

Just as the name implies, All-in-One Toolbox acts as a multi-purpose Android cleaner. It cleans your Android device, optimizes your device speed, and act as an app manager. It has more than 30 tools to increase Android productivity. You can also manage your SD Card directly from the app, and boost charging speed.

15.  Systweak Android Cleaner

The beauty of this app is that, if you don’t like starting the cleaning process yourself, you can set it run periodically without your intervention. It performs cleaning and optimization functions and comes with a battery saver that can close any power consuming apps running in the background. This also comes with an app manager that displays apps you no longer use.

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16.  360 Booster & Cleaner

360 Booster & Cleaner comes with RAM booster

360 Booster & Cleaner as the name implies is a multipurpose Android app that can clean and boost Android device performance. More also, app comes with a battery saver, RAM booster, and cache cleaner. Lastly it can optimize Android memory and boost game speed.

17.  Norton

This is another Android cleaner produced by a very popular antivirus company. As expected, it comes with an antivirus feature. Norton comes with a cleaning feature that cleans and optimize your Android phone, while also serving as a security app that protects your Android device.


18.  Simple System Monitor

Simple System Monitor is another Android cleaner which clears the RAM and notifies you of the RAM usage. You can also check your CPU usage and average frequency and time spent. It also shows network activity. You can also check the device temperature and also shows battery health.

Other Android Cleaners and Boosters

These are the list of the top 18 Android cleaners and boosters. Other options you can use are listed below.

  • All-In-One Super Cleaner and Booster 5X
  • Nox Cleaner – Phone Cleaner. Booster, Optimizer
  • Droid Optimizer
  • Files GO
  • Turbo Cleaner
  • Boost Cleaner
  • Top Cleaner
  • One Tap Cleaner
  • Fancy Cleaner
  • Clean Boost
  • Memory Booster
  • AMC Cleaner
  • Starlight Cleaner
  • Phone Cleaner
  • Better Cleaner
  • Super Cleaner
  • Speed Booster & Memory Cleaner
  • Super Phone Clean
  • Accelerator
  • Clean Phone
  • Speed Booster & Super Cleaner
  • Super Fast Cleaner
  • Card Cleaner
  • Fast Super Cleaner
  • EZ Cleaner
  • A Plus Boost
  • Phone Cleaner
  • Easy Cleaner
  • Boost+Speed, Clean, Security
  • Phone Clean Best Speed Booster
  • Magic Cleaner
  • Super Magic Cleaner
  • Super Phone Master
  • APUS Turbo Cleaner
  • Simpli Clean Mobile
  • Booster & Cleaner
  • Max Optimizer
  • Power Security
  • Super Cleaner Master
  • Master Cleaner with Ram Booster
  • Fast Cleaner
  • Virus Cleaner
  • Super Junk Cleaner
  • APUS Security
  • OM Cleaner
  • Super Security
  • QCleaner Cleaner
  • Android Cleaner
  • Smart Clean by XtrasZone
  • Avira Optimizer
  • Yellow Max Booster
  • Phone Speed Booster
  • Clean Cache
  • Mobile Security & Antivirus
  • Super Toolbox
  • SuperB Cleaner
  • Task Manager
  • Dr. Safety
  • Antivirus & Virus Cleaner
  • CLEANit
  • 1Tap Cleaner
  • Scan Virus
  • Powerful Cleaner
  • Ancleaner, Android Cleaner
  • Powerful Booster
  • Clean Security
  • Phone Cooler
  • SD Maid
  • GO Security
  • Finally Clean
  • Battery Saver Pro
  • RAM Booster
  • Phone Cooler CPU
  • Nero TuneItUp
  • Auto Clean UP
  • MAX Cleaner
  • Security Defender

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