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Life Hack: Android and IOS Codes For Every Purpose


Technology is advancing every day across the globe. A lot of phones have been produced as a result of this. These include Android phones, Samsung, iPhones and lots more. These phones are being operated in different ways because their operating system is not the same.

A lot of people find it difficult to operate android phones and iPhones because they have limited knowledge about it which is why this article is written. It is to let people know more about Android phones and iPhones including codes that work on both.

Also, there is more functionality to your phone dialer menu than making calls to your loved ones. The green send button is not just developed to pick calls it can also function as a tool to finding out more information about your phone. It can also help you to troubleshoot issues, and sometimes mask outgoing calls on your device.

Many users of these phones are not aware of how they can be manipulated for better usage because smartphones are not limited to making calls and texting online.

These hidden phone codes, which can also be called shortcodes, and to some people it’s referred to as star codes, they have been around long ago. However, thousands of activation can be carried out on phones without the need for technical personnel.

For a faster and maximal usage of Android phones and iPhone, below is a list of codes that are helpful.

1) *3001#12345#* with the call button is used for cellular connection on iPhone. It shows the field test tool which is for a data connection on SIM card.

2) #06# this code is used for checking IMEI number. When this code is entered on the iPhone, the IMEI number becomes visible. This is faster than going to settings looking for IMEI numbers that might have gotten thrown away. However, this code does not work on Verizon Wireless devices.

3) *67 dialing this code on iPhone with the number to call (*6708143215433) enables the phone operator to make calls anonymously so that the caller’s name and the number doesn’t appear on the recipient’s phone screen or caller ID.

4) *82 Show Your Number on Caller ID

Peradventure you have permanently set all your outgoing calls anonymous with the phone setting, you can quickly call a friend or a relative’s number, you can break anonymity by dialing *82 with the recipient phone number. This code, when it is dialed with any number on iPhone makes Caller’s identity visible. It makes you break anonymity on a call by call basis (*8208141335214).

5) Dialing 411, on your on iPhone gives you access to the cell phone provider directory assistant with a live operator, this service could help you get details of a business organization you need, this service can even get you details on movie showtimes, give you driving directions around the city. However, you might be charged for some information you requested for.

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6) 611 this is the phone manufacturer Customer Service

Another functional three-digit number is *611, calling this number connects you with wireless manufacturer customer service of your device, the number is free and you might be redirected to the automated phone system.

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7) #932# On iPhone, this code is the fastest way to check data usage and balance without installing any app. Dialing this code connect you to a robotic answerer who would read out data usage verbally or send a text message that states total usage for a month.

8) *#5005*7672#* and call button on iPhone enables the user of the phone to be able to see where text messages go. Whenever you text somebody an SMS or MMS, the message is forwarded wirelessly. This code helps to see where messages sent are going to.

9) 511 Local Traffic Information

You might want to head out of the house and you need traffic details information, and traffic information on Apple Maps, Google Maps on iPhone, are not satisfactory to you, a call to 511 will help you with live traffic updates, and traffic condition. Although this code doesn’t work in some countries like Delaware, Alaska, Montana.

10) ##004# It is for canceling call forwarding. It’s is applicable on T-Mobile. Call forwarding is disabled by dialing *73 on Verizon wireless device. It might be good for you to know that each network provider has its own way of offering the call forwarding service. For some other devices, you can access the call forwarding service under the call settings section while for some other ones you can access it dialing the following code

For Sprint devices

11) *73 Only call forwarding

12) *730 Disable call forwarding 

13) *74 Call forwarding only

14) *740 Disable call forwarding 

15) *72 Unconditional call

16) *720 To Disable unconditional

For T – Mobile Devices

17) **62*XXXXXXXXXX# Turn on call forwarding 

18) ##62# Turn off call forwarding

19) **67*XXXXXXXXXX# Turn on call forwarding

20) ##67# ………………Turn off call forwarding

21) **21*XXXXXXXXXX# Turn on Unconditional

22) ##21# Turn off unconditional

23) **61*XXXXXXXXXX*SS# Change call

24) **61*XXXXXXXXXX# Turn on call

25) ##61# Turn off forwarding

26) **me, or **63 dialings this code from your iPhone helps to subscribe unique name service.

Another cool way for you to hide your phone number from the general public and replace it with a nickname is to use phone handle name services. With phone handle, name services phone numbers are out, and phone handles are in. It enables you to pick a nickname that people can call instead of the phone number. For instance, if your nickname is the less, your personal handle can be set as *THELESS (*8133436). Other people could call you using that number instead of trying to remember your 11 digits.

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27) 911 this code is for calling the emergency line. During distress time you might need to call for emergency services, however, the general emergency number know is 911, you can dial 112 instead this works for some countries while on other devices like sprint the 112 code will not do anything.  It is easy especially with Emergency SOS for the iPhone and Apple Watch.

28) *729 If there’s any bill you are owing, whether it is credit, loan or data, dialing this code makes payment of such bill easy.

29) *#0000#* ….Check the software version. This code makes iPhone users check their software version with ease.

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30) *43# …….Turn on call waiting. Call waiting can be easily turned on instead of taking the long lane of going to call setting. This code is basically used to turn on call waiting on phones.

31) *#*#1111#*#* it is used to display or get information about software version on Android phones and iOS. When information about the version is gotten, upgrading can then be done.

32) *#*#232331#*#* is used for Bluetooth testing on Android phone and iOS. This code is just to test the working ability of phone Bluetooth.

33) *#*#2663#*#* is used to get the touch screen version of the phone. An Android phone or iPhone user may not know the version of his phone’s touch screen. This code helps to know the version of the touch screen.

34) *#*#2664#*#* This code is used to test the working ability of Android and iOS touch screen and to know its capability

35) *#*#232337#*#  -Displays Bluetooth device address. This code enables the user of the smartphone to have information about his phone’s Bluetooth address.

36) *#*#4636*#*# – To display your Phone statistics and Battery details. This code is useful in knowing Android and iPhone battery details such as its capacity, lasting durability.

37) *#*#34971539#*#* – This code gives information about Android and iPhone camera details. It’s the easiest way of checking details about phone camera and its version

38) *2767*3855# –This is the code used to format your Android and iPhone device thereby bringing it back to factory data reset.

39) *#*#7262626#*#* It is used for Field test which allows Android users to precisely determine the strength of signals the phone is receiving. It helps especially when one wants to install a signal boosting system.

40) *#*#4636#*#* it is a code for getting information about the phone, data usage statistics and more.

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41) *#*#1472365#*#* this code is helpful in quick GPS test.

42) *2767*3855# this code is for It’s a complete wiping of your mobile also it reinstalls the phone’s firmware

43) *#*#7594#*#* use of this code is that Changing the power button behaviour-Enables direct power off once the is code enabled on Android.

44) *#*#8255#*#* dialing this code on Android device enables the user to monitor Google Talk service.

45) *#*#0842#*#* is used for testing vibration and backlight of Android devices. This code enables the user to set and reset phone vibration and backlight adjustment.

46) *67 Anonymous CALLS making: You might want to disguise and call a friend, making calls anonymously will help you achieve that, your name and phone number will not be displayed on the recipient’s phone number. *67 is the code you will dial with the recipient number and all that will show is a private number or unknown number.

47) You can easily access your data usage without going under the phone app settings, checking how much data you have left on your cellular plan can be easily done on these devices with

T-Mobile:  #932# Verizon: #3282 AT&T:  *3282# After dialing the designated code for your device you will receive a text message that states the total usage of your data plan for the month so far.

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48)    Use Other Carrier – Specific devices shortcode

Several carrier/provider has its own set of a secret code which is specifically designed to function on their service. Also some only work with particular plans, some are country restricted but it never hurts to try, though.

The following codes are extracted from the AT&T carrier service website for the iPhone section :

49) *729 To pay for your phone bill

50) *3282# View your data and message

51) *#08 To activate your voice connect

52) *225# If you want to check your phone bill balance

53) *639# ……to check your upgrade 

54) *646# If you want to view your minutes

For Sprint devices

55) *2 If you want to open the My Sprint

 56) *3 You can check payments made through your phone

 57) *4 Get minutes used totally

58) *5 Get minutes used so far on your phone

59) *70 Cancel call waiting service

For T – Mobile

60) #646# Check your minute usage

61) #674# Check your message usage

62) #686# View your phone number

63) #763# Turn off international calls

64) *#9999# Check the software version

 65) #225# Check your balance

 66) #263# Turn “Binge On”

67) #264# Check “Binge On” status

68) #266# Turn “Binge On”

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