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Life Hack: 20 AMAZING Things You Can Do With Your Phone


There is no doubt that our smartphones have become what we could ever have imagined few years ago. From surfing the Internet, streaming videos online, playing games online, taking selfies, watching movies, video calls, voice calls, chats, our smartphone have become that one gadget that makes life so easy.

Other than the above, there is a likely possibility that a greater percentage of smartphone users do not know other super cool things that could do with their phones. For example, not many know they can scan a QR code without an app. Also, you could use your smartphone to check the alignment of your paintings (quite useful for artist)

You want to know those dope hidden  features that you can use with your smart device? Check out this awesome twenty list of things your smartphone phone (Android and iPhone)  could do.

Diagnose Your Car Problems

You are not sure of what is wrong with your car, and you don’t want to waste money paying a mechanic for telling you ‘it’s nothing’, there’s an app you can use to this effect.

Car prroblem

Download the Automatic Pro app for your iPhone or Android device and you’ll get an adapter that allows you to plug it into your car’s ODB-II port, usually located near the base of the steering column. When you plug it in, the app can remind you where you parked, diagnose engine trouble, and even alert your loved ones in the event of an accident.

Check The Batteries On Your Remote

At a point in time, when its time to watch that favorite TV show of yours, your remote starts misbehaving. It could take precious time figuring out if its your remote or your services provider.

The good thing is you can figure this out with your smartphone faster.

Simply point your remote at your phone’s front-facing camera and press any button. If you can see the infrared light from the remote flashing on the screen, your remote is working. If not, it’s time to change those batteries.

check The Batteries On Your Remote

Keeping You Safe While Walking Home

Our smartphones can be more than just a device we use to make calls and surf the Internet. It is also a safety tool. Almost everyone gets freaked out when walking home in the night. But your phone can be your safety companion during these times.

With the ‘Bsafe’ app for both android and iPhones installed on your phone, it allows you to send invitations to selected contacts to track your location, set a timer that will trigger a distress call to your contacts if you haven’t made it home within a specified time frame, and can even schedule fake calls to make it seem as though you’re talking to someone on your trip home.

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Monitor Your Heart rate

Your smartphone can be used to check your heart beat at any point in time. Simply download the ‘Instant Heart Rate’ app to your Android or IOS phone. Launch the app, place your finger tip on the front your camera lens. You should see a detailed report displayed on your phone screen.

Cool right?

Monitor Your Heart rate

Reverse Search Images and Photographs

You can use your smartphone to get information about a painting, or a statue or pictures of them. So when ever you go to a museum or art gallery, simply take a picture of the painting or statue, use Google search app, and it will give you all the information there is to know about it.

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Charge It Faster

Its frustrating when you plug in your device to power up only for it to be slow. There’s a trick your phone could do to enable it charge faster.

Whether android or iPhone, simply place your phone or Air plane mode. You’d be amazed at how faster it charges.

Work As A Sci-Fi Camera

Seek Thermal gives you the thermal technology that was once only available for the military and other professionals. It’s a tiny camera that attaches to your smartphone so you can get a thermal image of anything around you, showing you a temperature snapshot of your environment. What this means is that your smartphone can act as a sci-fi tool.

Automate Your Life With IF

IF ( Referred to as IFTTT Or IF That Then This in the past) is an app which creates simple connections between apps and functions. It is available for both Android and IOS.

With the “IF” app you can, for example, set your mobile data to turn off automatically when you’re connected to Wifi or automatically upload new photos to your cloud storage service of choice. You can be able to do all these and more, as long as there’s an app or function somewhere. To make things even easier, there are dozens of pre-created ‘recipes’, so you can instantly automate almost everything.

Accept Credit/Debit Card Payments

Square Register is a revolution that’s disrupting the current old, static transaction system. It takes the advantage of the smartphone’s mobility to let you accept any credit card payment anytime, anywhere. The buyer signs on the smartphone to authorize payment and avoid potential fraud.

Accept Credit Debit Card Payments

Close Multiple Apps At Once

Operating your device, you could have opened multiples apps in the process. Closing them individually could be a little time consuming. There’s a faster way to this, Simply swipe up with multiple fingers at once and you can close them all in one fell swoop.

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For Android users, apps like KillApps will do the same thing for you in seconds. It can also preserve your battery life in the process.

Measure A Distance

Your smartphone can be used for measuring distances, lengths, heights, and breaths. So even if you got no measuring tape, with SizeUp on your Android or iOS phone, you can measure almost anything through your phone’s camera. Run the program, point the camera at the object, and wait for the result. As easy as that.

Operate Your Phone Without Touching It

You can do this with the numerous gesture enabled apps for both Android and iPhones. Go to Google play store or Apple store and download these gesture apps that can make you to receive calls, launch music or video players with a wave of your hands without the fear of soiling it with dirt while cooking or washing.

Make Better Decisions

Sometimes it gets confusing which place could be perfect for shopping or a place you can share a good time with your date. You find yourself stuck between choosing among two or more places that has similar functions.

Not to worry. Your smartphone can aid you in that decision making process. With the Decision Crafter App for both Android and iPhones, you can save your time and make the decision-making process a little bit easier, name your options, set characteristics, and let the app suggest the best choice instantly.

Scanning QR Codes Without Apps

QR codes could only be scanned with apps that allows for such functions. However, things are a little bit different now. Now, you can simply point your iPhone camera at QR code and have it scan automatically. All you have to do is open your camera app, focus your camera on the QR code, and then tap the resulting notification that takes you to the product page or website.

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QR Codes

This also works with Android. All you have to do is to open Google app, enable screen search and follow the same steps as above.

Measure Your Blood Alcohol Content

Bactrack Smartphone breathalyzer is a tiny device that connects with an app on your smartphone. With this, you can check the alcohol content contained in your blood to see if you are safe enough to be behind the wheel or to take a cab instead and keep everyone safe.

Shake Phone To Undo The Mistakes

By just shaking your phone, you can undo the mistakes made while typing. For iPhone user, when you shake your phone, a pop up will come up giving you options to undo the mistake you made. For android users, there’s a shake module downloadable than can also enable your phone to perform this function.

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Turn On Your Light

You can use your smartphone to turn on or off the lights in your house. If you have wi-fi enabled bulbs, there’s an app called Alexa app that can be used to do this. With this app, you can control all the lights in your house in one full swoop, turn it on while far away so it seem your home is occupied. You can do this with a touch of button from your smartphone.  

Using Your Phone As A Level

Can’t get a level to find the straightness of that painting or bed or furniture, you can do this with your smartphone. Simply download the Bubble Level app for either iPhone or Android and you have an easy-to-use level right in your pocket, helping you get the right angle the first time and every time.

Control Your Car

With Viper SmartStart app on your phone , you can lock, unlock, and even remotely start your car with the touch of this app. Also, depending on the system you use, you can easily diagnose problems with your car using the app.

Find Out What Flight Are Flying Over You

Sometimes you hear the buzzing sound of an aircraft flying so low over your rooftop. You could get curious to know what flight it is and where it  is heading to.

You can find all of these by asking Siri on your smartphone, and you get the flight, its the altitude and angle it is flying.

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