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Airtel SmartROAM – FREE Incoming Calls while Roaming


Unlike other networks in Nigeria, Airtel smartROAM is different when it comes to incoming call charges while roaming.

When traveling out of the country, do you ever worry about how you would reach you family, friends and business associate in Nigeria? 

A lot of individuals in Nigeria always experience problems with communicating with their loved ones when they travel abroad; this is possibly because they have no orientation before traveling.

All Network in Nigeria – Glo, 9mobile, MTN and Airtel – offers roaming services, the roaming service is an initiative introduced by various network provider to enable telecom users communicate effectively with their families, friends and business associate in Nigeria.

This service differs from different telecom network providers as some networks cover more international roaming destinations than others.

For example MTN Nigeria covers more international roaming destinations than Glo Nigeria; this simply means that MTN subscribers has wider destinations they can travel to and still roam with their MTN SIM.

However, Glo can still partner with more countries and also have wider coverage of international roaming destination, I have notice that these networks partnership with networks of international destinations increase as time goes by.

Airtel Africa is another network provider that offers roaming service to their esteem customers; Airtel covers more international roaming destinations than any other network provider in Nigeria.

These international roaming destinations are up to 100, isn’t that amazing?

Of course that is a huge success, for Airtel to be able to partner with over 100 countries all over the world this figure is far more than the international destinations of MTN and Glo together.

This show that Airtel is not a network to joke with when it comes to roaming as it is here to stay and achieve more success in the future. Before I go on, let me teach you how you can make money from selling recharge card online in Nigeria.

Airtel Images - Airtel smartROAM

Airtel smartROAM service

Airtel has also introduced a roaming service that allows subscribers receive up to 500 minutes free incoming calls while roaming on networks in 5 countries after recharging N5,000 and above in a month, this roaming service is called the Airtel smartROAM.

Compiling an essential list of all things roaming so you worry no more

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The 5 eligible international roaming destinations for this offer are Saudi Arabia (Zain), South Africa (Cell c and Vodafone), United Kingdom (Orange and vodafone), United States of America (AT and T) and United Arab Emirates (Etisalat); the network in barracks are the network carriers of the various countries.

Note; The N5,000 and above can either be for a single recharge or cumulative recharge within one month.

The chief commercial officer of Nigeria in a press statement explained that the strategic focus for the new roaming service is to ensure a convenient and seamless communication experience for customers when they travel abroad and that the 5 destinations selected was as a result of frequent visits of Nigerians to those locations.

He also added that the network is committed to delivering exceptional services to their customers and that the thrust of the initiative is to bring easy and affordable roaming to Airtel customers who travel to the five selected countries.

How to activate Airtel smartROAM Service

To activate the smartROAM service, simply recharge a minimum of N5,000 within a month and start enjoying free incoming calls valid for 30 days in the 5 countries mentioned above.

This Airtel roaming service does not require any deposits or subscription fee and the subscriber can utilize his or her recharge of N5,000 or more to make calls, chat, browse or text within Nigeria and abroad while still enjoying the benefits of the smartROAM.

The smartROAM service can be enjoyed by both prepaid and postpaid customers of Airtel. Below is a summary of the benefits of smartROAM

Benefits of Airtel smartROAM

  • The Airtel smartROAM does not attract any fee or subscription charge.
  • Airtel smartROAM service does not have any migration code, the prerequisite to enjoy the service is having a minimum of N5,000 in your account
  • As a service, smartROAM offers up to 500 minutes bonus for incoming calls
  • The offer is valid for 30 days giving more time to enjoy the free incoming calls benefit while roaming on Airtel
  • You can recharge the N5000 once or recharge as many times till it gets to N5000 or above
  • Airtel smartROAM service can be enjoyed in five different international destinations, you can check above for the 5 selected countries and their network carriers
  • The service also allows you use your N5000 recharge and the bonus given to you as well so nothing goes to waste when roaming on Airtel

All in all, roaming on Airtel with smartROAM is one sure fire way to cut cost of calls when you are overseas.

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