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The BIG 10: Airtel Smart Recharge or MEGA Bonus Plan


After this, it will be hard to argue who the king of bonus is with Airtel Smart Recharge which gives 10x bonus on every recharge.

One of the telecommunication network providers that is really excelling is Airtel, from the time of its existence, they have really impressed their customers with tariff plans that offers mouthwatering and sumptuous benefits.

They have introduce plans that confirm to the life style of their various subscribers, these plans ranges from plans with data bonus, plans with voice bonus, roaming services and more.

Airtel now competes with top gamers in the telecommunication market, network like MTN and Glo have always been on top of their games but they should not put their mind at ease as Airtel is one network that will give them a run for their money.

I will like to share information on one of Airtel’s amazing tariff plan which is the Airtel mega bonus or the smart recharge tariff plan. Before I continue on this Airtel Mega Bonus plan, do you know you can make lots of money from selling recharge card online in Nigeria ?

Airtel MEGA Bonus or Smart Recharge Tariff Plan

The Airtel smart recharge is a tariff plan that offers its subscribers 10x the value of their recharge and more, this bonus value can be used to call other Airtel lines, make calls to other networks, send SMS to both airtel lines and other networks and for data.

The 10x smart recharged value is divided into voice call value, and data value.

For instance when you recharge N100, you will be awarded N500 to make voice calls, N500 for data to browse the internet, while N200 recharge will attract N1000 for voice call and N1000 for data, isn’t it amazing?

Before we go further, check out these multiples

There is more, you also get extra data value on top the 10x value offer.

What this simply means is that when you recharge N500 for example you will get N2000 to make calls to Airtel lines and other networks, N3000 for data that can be used to surf all platforms on the internet and an extra N3000 for data.

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So the total data value for a mere N500 recharge will be N6000 and the overall value will be N8000.

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That is tough to beat on by any network.

Airtel Smart Recharge Migration Code

To get the benefits of this tariff plan all you need do is recharge your Airtel line using the code *220*PIN# and start enjoying the 10x value of the smart recharge tariff plan.s

Just like every other bundle in various tariff plans, the smart recharge bundle also have validity period which differs depending on your recharge.

When you recharge the sum of N100 using the Airtel Smart Recharge code *220*PIN#, the validity of the bonus that will be given to you is only 3 days.

But a N200 smart recharge and it’s recharge bonuses has a validity period of 7 days, while N500 and N1000 recharge has validity periods of 14 days on Airtel network.

Airtel Images - Airtel Smart Recharge for mega bonus

Airtel Smart Recharge Balance Code

You can check smart recharge call and data balance by dialing *123# on your Airtel line and your unused smart recharge bonus can be rolled over to a new bundle upon expiry provided you buy another smart recharge plan before the previous one expires.

However, the benefits from this smart recharge tariff plan are awesome but the applicable call rate of the plan is quite high.

Calls to every other network in Nigeria are charged at N50 per minute while data is charged at the rate of N20 per megabyte.

Summary of Airtel Smart Recharge Tariff Plan

  • The tariff plan offers 10x bonus value for every recharge you make
  • The bonus is divided into two for voice and data
  • The smart recharge plan has different validity periods depending on the plan
  • N100 smart recharge bonus is valid for 3 days, N200 is valid for 7 days, while N500 and N1000 is valid for 14 days
  • Calls made to other local networks are charged at N50 per minute
  • Data rate are charged at N20 per megaByte

Due to the smart recharge’s high call rate of N50 per minute, some subscribers may not find it as attractive as other bonus Airtel network.

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