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Quick Fix: How to configure 9mobile APN internet settings


Let’s put this out there, this 9mobile internet settings code is something most people don’t need. So don’t mess with yours if it’s working perfectly.

Fast developing telecommunication internet provider Etisalat which was rebranded to 9mobile is known to have fast internet speed as it has 3G as well as 4G LTE and 9mobile customers can enjoy fast browsing off all platforms of the internet.

The rebranding of Etisalat to 9mobile has resulted to many changes in the network, I must say I prefer the service rendered by Etisalat than 9mobile because 9mobile has failed to render a lot of services effectively, this is really disappointing because I expected more from the network after its rebranding.

Due to this rebranding, some 9mobile customers might not receive internet settings on their phones, even if you do not receive the internet settings, you can setup 9mobile internet on your own.

At a press briefing in Lagos, Boye Olusanya, the Chief Executive Officer of 9mobile said the new brand identity reflects the bold and creative attributes which the organization shares with its valued subscribers.

He also said that the new name and brand is a deliberate representation and confirmation of its Nigeria heritage and 9ja-centricity. He then added that although its name and brand changes, it assured its customers that the values on which it operates remain the same.

The Chief Executive Officer of 9mobile, Boye Olusanya also stated in the press conference that “the new logo, a number-themed one represents resilience and continuity and also reflects the network’s futuristic perspective.

The color green, both its light and dark variants, reflects vibrancy, dynamism, life, and youth as well as the brand’s Nigerianness”. The rebranding has commenced at all of the company’s offices, experience centers, online and physical touch points, to facilitate seamless integration, as 9mobile guards its position as the most customer-eccentric and leading innovative telecom company in Nigeria.

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9mobile internet APN settings

9mobile has fantastic internet plans or data bundles that their esteem customers can enjoy. However, they cannot enjoy this data bundles if they do not have internet settings or 9mobile Access Point Name or APN settings on their device.

Consider these services rendered by pother networks in Nigeria

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For those that did not receive internet settings from 9mobile automatically and have no idea how to go about the internet settings, this article will tell you how to go about it. Before we go on, be sure to learn the tricks for online recharge card business.

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How to configure 9mobile APN settings (automatic and manual)

Automatic 9mobile APN settings automatically

  • To setup internet automatically on 9mobile send SETTINGS to 790

Manually setup 9mobile APN settings

  • Profile/ access point name: 9mobile
  • APN/ Access point: Etisalat or 9mobile
  • Username/ login: blank
  • Password: blank
  • IP/ Proxy:
  • Port: 8080

This internet configuration settings works on Android, Blackberry and IOS device.  You can also get configuration settings on your laptops through your modem automatically.

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  1. Please, I need manual Apn configuration settings for the Nokia X2 with the followings :
    NAME :
    PROXY :
    PORT :
    SERVER :
    MMSC :
    MMS PORT :
    MCC :
    MNC :
    APN type :
    APN protocol :
    APN roaming protocol :
    APN on/off:
    Bearer :
    Please, kindly help me to complete the above listed Apn setup. Thanks.

  2. I need manual setting for internet browsing for my iPhone XS Mass


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