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90 Best iOS 12 Features You Will ABSOLUTELY LOVE


From the ios 10 to the 11th upgrade, Apple has continued to add features to the delight of the waiting world. And just to be on the aesthetic, Apple has consistently kept with giving an upgrade with even better features.

The latest onion of these upgrade is the ios 12 which Apple have used to overwhelm its users. The ios 12 comes with features even better than its previous counterpart. We shall be looking at the best features of the iOS 12

1. New For You Tab In Photos

This new tab carries a single place for Memories, Shared Albums, intelligent suggestions from Siri. You can now find effect suggestions and more here.

Tab in photos

2. Better Performance For Older Devices

If your iphone 5 uses the iOS 11,  Apple has made it possible for your device to also work with the iOS 12. The CPU performance has been tweaked so devices like the iphone 6 can also work.

3. Places An Event Search

The ios 12 upgrade allows for more generic search, with multiple keywords. Now you can search for places and events going on around you in a better way.

4. Improved Camera Import

The camera import is now improved than as it were before. Now, import is faster with new large preview mode.


5. Sharing Suggestions

The sharing method similar to Google Photos has been improved as well. With face recognition the Photo app will identify event and places and suggest you share with other people. Sweet.

6. RAW Photo Support

The iOS 11 has this feature. But this time, you get to import the Raw photo and  manage them as well. With an ipad pro, you can edit them.

7. New Median Type Section

You can now search images by media types as there is a new section in the Album tab dedicated to sorting images that way.

8. Search Suggestions

Search is even better than the IOS 11. Search is so intelligent that you get quick responses for events, people, places, and dates she you search.

9. Sharing Photos Using iCloud Link

If you are an iCloud Photo library user, you can now instantly generate a link for any photo or album with the ios 12. You can share link on the web and anyone can download it.

10. Portrait Segmentation API

Third party developers now has a new API that allows for separation of layers in photos. Like seperating a foreground from a background and vice versa.

11. Animoji

There are great new animojis for an aesthetic experience. They include: Ghost, Koala, Tiger, and Trex.

12. Highlighted QR Codes

iOS 12 allows for QR codes to be highlighted once they are recognized in the camera app.

QR Code

13. Portrait Light Gets Better

The portrait lighting has gotten better with the iOS 12 such that the camera app now generates a mask when it detects a person,  and then separates the person intelligently and elegantly from the scene.

14. Memoji

Memoji enables you to create your own Animoji character in a 3D feature. You can choose from diverse options of eyes, skin colour, hair, and so on, to create a character than resembles you.


15. Animoji Recording Time Increased

It used to be ten seconds. But now recording time now reaches 30 seconds.

16. Tongue Detection In Animoji

Now, you can do some funny things like sticking your tongue out, no matter the emoji you use. Plus there is also a wink detection.

17. FaceTime Integration In Messages

Whenever you are in a group thread, now you can start a facetime call, and people can join from the link in messages, and leave when they want.

18. Camera Effects

Now, opening the camera from message app, there is the little Effects icon in the bottom-left. From here,  you can add filters, stickers, Animoji. It’s a cool way to send fun photos and videos in iMessages.

19. App Limits And Downtime

With ap limits, you can set the extent to which you use an app. So, when you’re using an app, a white splash will play on the screen when the time is up. Downtime is the nuclear mode, such that you will be locked out of almost all apps except phones app. This enables you to be focused.

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20. Do Not Disturb During Bedtime

As before when using Do not disturb at night, a light comes up when there is a notification; this could be a distraction. Now, notifications are hidden until you tab on your screen to view them when ready.

Deep sleep

21. Turn Off Do Not Disturb

The iOS 12 gives you the option of turning off your Do Not Disturb after a set time, location or event on your calendar.

22. Parental Control With App Limits

The app limit feature also has a family sharing option. This means that parents can as well set limits for apps in their kids device , by using their own device. If your kid is addicted to an app, you can use this feature.

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23. Instant Tuning

The ios 12 has an instant Tuning feature. Now you can just manage notification settings for an app from the notification view. Now even if you’re no using an app or interacting with a notification, Siri will suggest you turn it off.

24. Grouped Notification

There is a grouped notification improvement with the ios 12 upgrade. Notifications are grouped by apps, threads, conversations, even by context.

25. Control Center Shortcut for Do Not Disturb

You can now customize a DND mode by 3D touching the Control Center shortcut. With this you can turn on or off a DND mode whenever you need.

do not disturb

26. Deliver Quietly

iOS 12 has made the Deliver Quietly option to silently send notifications to the Notification center without interrupting whatever you’re doing.

27. New Siri Shortcut App

You can create shortcuts, name it, and Siri would be able to perform these shortcut for you in a workflow pattern.

28. Screen Time

This is a new feature with the  iOS 12 that gives you an insight of how you use your device. It tells you the number of times you touch your devices, what apps you use most, and so on.

29. Add To Siri

With Sirikit, and with the Add to Siri feature, third-party apps will be able to expose certain functionality to Siri.

30. Better Translation

Siri was limited to few languages. Now there is more than 40 language translation it works with.

31. Siri Shortcuts

It is one of the most brilliant feature as you get to now set custom chain of commands which triggers quicky with Siri.

32. Facts Checking

ios 12 presents a smarter way to check facts about things such as celebrities, food, including calories and nutrient content.

33. New Siri Phrases

Siri now works with phrases like “where is my phone”, “where is my watch”, “turn on flashlight” and “turn off flashlight”.

34. Newer Knowledge Areas for Siri

Siri’s knowledge has been improved such that you can get answers relating to Motorsports, schedules and stats, Formula 1 etc.

35. New Shortcuts Section In Siri Settings

In the siri and search section, you can now create shortcuts for newer actions. You can even record a specific phrase and Siri will do the action.

36. Persistence

If you are a developer, persistence enables you to save and reload experience right from where you left off.

37. More Natural And Expressive Voice

For the Siri, there is a more natural and expressive voice now available in Irish English, South African English, Danish, Norwegian, Cantonese and Mandarin (Taiwan).

38. Multi-Users AR

There is now a way for Multiple devices to share a single AR experience. You can share a single AR game with your friends.

AR Game

39. Object Detection

As a developer, the new object detection and image tracking gives you new tools to recognize real world objects and track images while they move through space.

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40. Suppressed Ad Retargeting

The iOS 12 prevents Ads retargeting by reducing advertisers’ ability to identify iOS devices uniquely.

41. AR Quick Look

AR Quick Look lets you view AR objects with built-in apps like News, Safari, and Files and share them with friends with iMessages and Mail.

42. ARkit 2.0

This new ARKit comes with a 3D object recognition, better face tracking, scene reflection and  more.

43. Group FaceTime

You can now do group calls with people up to 32. The facetime also has a new design that gives you an aesthetic feel.

44. New Siri Voice Works With Text To Speech

With the speak selection feature,  the new Siri works with it in a seamless manner.

45. Apple Maps

The Apple Maps app in iOS 12 powered by the Apple Maps engine have been revamped and rebuilt. Now it displays foliage, pools, buildings, pedestrians,  pathways, and other map elements more accurately.

46. Better Password Management

iOS 12 now helps by suggesting better, unique and stronger password. It would also remind you when you use such password again.

47. Augmented Measure Reality App

You can now measure flat rectangular surfaces by drawing a line on the live camera view. It also allows you to capture and share screenshots of your measurements.

48. Enhanced Tracking Prevention

The ios 12 now blocks share buttons an comments widgets from tracking you without permission.

49. Reused Password Flagged

For any reused passwords, it is flagged in Settings->Passwords and Accounts.

50. Siri And Passwords

With Siri on iOS 12, you can quickly navigate to a password on an authenticated device.


51. Easily Share Passwords

With the iOS 12, you can easily share passwords with  iOS Devices nearby. It works for iOS to Apple TV, and from iOS to Mac. Password sharing takes place using Airdrop.

52. OTP AutoFill

If you use a two factor authentication, this is a game changer. iOS 12 now automatically fill in one-time passwords received via SMS.

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53. New Apple Book Apps

The app Ibook has been renamed. Now it also has a new design. It also has a redesigned ebook and audiobook store similar to the Apple Store.

54. Bookstore

The book store is not left out. Now it is easy to find favourite reads with the new and popular sections from Apple Books editors and recommendation.

book store

55. New AutoFill Passwords API

With this feature, there is no need to switch between apps if you’ve got to fill in passwords. The new Autofill API does that.

56. Reading Now

This feature enables you to get back to the book you’re currently reading. It also helps you find great recommendation for what to read next.

57. AudioBooks Store

This new bookstore has immersive and informative nonfiction that is even narrated by your favourite author, actors, celebrities.

58. Want To Read

To keep track of what you would read next, there is a new Want to Read collection that enables you do that.

59. Search Songs Using Lyrics

You can now find songs by key in a few words of the lyrics you know.

60. Friend Mix

Improved FriendMix that allows you to listen to songs your friends have or are listening to.

61. Redesigned Artist Page

Artist pages have an easier to browse with a personalized station of any artist’s music.

62. Daily Top 100 Songs

There is now a new chart to show you daily top 100 songs in countries around the world.

How to change playlist pictures directly from your iphone

63. New Play Button For Artist Page

In the banner section of the music app, there is a new play button for Artist page.

64. Redesigned Apple News App

You can now navigate the news feed easily. Swipe down to jump to any of your favourite topic or channel.

65. New Stocks Apps

You can now get new information about the stock market with the redesigned stock app. There’s the watchlist feature and also price checking feature.

66. New Voice Memo Apps

The voice Memos also gets a redesigned touch. There is now a new UI for trimming and editing voice notes.

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67. Top Stories Section

In addition to the improvement on the stock app, you will get stories about stock market which can be read directly inside the app in the Top Stories section.

68. iCloud Syncing

iClouds syncs with all your iOS devices, keeping your recording and edits safe.


69. New Voice Memo Settings

In the settings app from the Voice Memo section, you can now choose the audio quality, delete old notes automatically, or even change the default recording name.

70. Automatically Clear Deleted Voice Memos

When you delete a voice memo, it doesn’t delete, rather it ends up in the Recent Deleted Folder. From the settings, you can set your voice notes to automatically delete after 7 days to 30 days.

71. Skip Customization

The podcast app is now designed to allow customization to skip seconds between 10 to 60 seconds interval.

72. Listen Now

From the listen now screen, you can now easily manage new episodes notifications.

73. Headphone Support

There is now a backwards and forward seek when using Bluetooth (headphones while in car) with the Podcasts app.

74. Chapters In Podcasts

You can now find chapters sections in the Now Playing Screen.

75. Critical Alerts

Even when in Do Not Disturb mode, there is a new type of opt-in notification where you get critical information like reports for healthcare providers.

76. Improved iPad Support

Available on iPad with support for both portrait and landscape orientation.

77. Stocks App On iPad

The stock apps is now available on the iPad with this upgrade. There is a sidebar where you can see all the stock prices.

78. New Sidebar For iPad

There’s a new sidebar for iPad devices which makes it easy for you to go straight to your favourite publications and discover new ones.

79. Automatic Updates

If you want to install Updates automatically, there’s a new section in software update called Automatic update, that lets you do this. By default it is turned off. But you can choose to turn it on.

80. Safari Tab In Iphone X  landscape view

Now in Landscape view, Safari will show tabs on top of the screen. A nice addition that should have been there from day one.

81. QR Code Control

Now there is a new default control in the Control Center. A short to opening the camera quickly and scan for a QR code.

QR Codes

82. Easily Quit Apps On iPhone X

You had to tap and hold to quit apps in Iphone X running iOS 11. Now, with iOS 12, just enter multitasking  and swipe up to force quit an app.

83. Shows Icons In Tab For Safari

If you enable this feature from Safari settings, you’ll now see icons for web pages in the tab view and in landscape mode.

84. Now Playing Widget In Dark Mode

There is a new design for the Now Playing widget. It is dark on the Lock Screen and Control Center.

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85. Swipe Up To Retry Face ID

You can now swipe up again to retry a Face ID recognition when it fails.

86. MarkUp Features Gets More Colours

There is now more editing colour picker for pen tool. Instead of the usual six, there are now array of colour to choose from.

87. Use the New Thesaurus

Now you can add a Thesaurus to the Dictionary section in Look Up.

88. Tv App Notification

Get notified when movies and TV shows are available to watch in Up Next.


89. Share Favourites

You can now share your favourite TV shows, movies with a universal link.

90. New Dictionaries

The IOS 12 now rocks three new language dictionaries. They include: Arabic and English bilingual dictionary, Hindi an English dictionary, a Hebrew Dictionary.

These are pretty much the features that comes with the ios 12 upgrade. Now you can use your devices to the fullest. Enjoy.

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