9 Ways To Secretly Record A Phone Call


Want to record a call from your phone?

There are some many reasons why you many want to do that, it might be because you are a journalist and you want to have full and detail information about the call without mixing words and many more harmless reasons.

First you need to put in mind if it legal in the country you live in, if it’s illegal you will have to ask for the permission of the person at the other end of the call before you start recording. Here are some easy ways you can achieve this on your mobile phone:

Google Voice

Google Voice. For you to have a Google voice app on your phone, you download from play store if you are using an android phone, but if you are using an iOS device you download from apple store. After having this app on your phone you choose a dedicated phone number through which you will receiving all incoming calls.

You should then click on the app’s hamburger icon which is located in the upper- left corner. Click on settings, stroll down your phone screen and turn on the incoming calls option to enable call recording. 

When a call comes in, answer and the press on the digit 4 on your phone keypad to record the call, this will prompt an announcement that the call is been recorded

Incoming call

Note: This will also notify the person at the other end of the call that the call is been recorded.

And if you want to stop recording, press 4 on your device keypad again. The recording is saved in your inbox, you can listen to it and have it downloaded to your personal computer. Unfortunately, this app can only record your incoming calls.


This app relies on a three-way calling and it helps you record both incoming calls and outgoing calls, also at your desired length of time. The free version of this app only plays the first 1 minute of your recording. To have the while recording play, you will have to go for the full version which cost $9.99.

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For you to record your outgoing call open the this app on your device

  • Click on the record button, the number you want to use to make the call appears on your device screen.
  • Click on call to place a call to the number to start the recording
  • Then click on the call button to call the person you want to call. When the the call is answered
  • Click on the merge button to start a three-way call with the other person and the recording line.
Tap A call

When you want to record an incoming call, click on the record button to initiate the recording progress. The app prompts you to call your recording line. Call the recording line and click on the merge button to connect the calls.

Smart voice recorder

This app can be download to your device from Google play store. It’s simple to use and free. When you want to record and call with this app, make the call or receive the call for the case of incoming calls.

  • When the call has been connected, ask for the permission of the person at the other end of call.
  • If the person give a you a go ahead, then you can continue with the recording process by putting your phone on speaker or on hands free mode.
  • Then click on the home button to go to the home screen and not ending your call.
  • Then open the app and click the red button to start recording.
Smart voice recorder

You know it’s recording when you see the colored waveforms moving as you speak, make sure the other person’s voice is audible, if not use the volume button to increase the volume. When you are done with the call, tap the finish button in the app, then you can name the file.

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Call Recorder

This app can automatically record your phone calls. When you open the app,  you will see four different categories for you to store your recordings, which are all, incoming, important and outgoing.

  • Click on the setting icon to enable or disable the call recorder to automatically record your calls be it outgoing call or incoming calls.
  • You can also set it not to record a particular phone number. When you want to record an incoming call you don’t have to do anything, when you have set the app to record automatically.

For you to record an outgoing call

  • Just call the person and the call is been recorded.
  • Open your app and you see all your recorded calls.
  • On the home screen on this app you can delete a call, view it details or share it by clicking on the three-dot icon. 

Smart call recorder

This app also records calls automatically. Download this app for free on Google play store or Apple store for your Android device and iOS device respectively. Open the app then click on the hamburger icon and the click on settings.

You can enable or disable the recording app. When you want to record a call make sure the recording app has been enabled and make your call or pick up your call and it records automatically. Finally, you can view your recorded call from the app under the incoming call or outgoing call. You can listen and also share this recording via meals.

Automatic call recorder pro

The call recorder app has a well-made interface, and works well too. This app allows you to record every call either incoming calls or outgoing call automatically.

It has so many amazing features such as the shake to record feature which allow you to simply shake your phone to start recording a call, you have to active this first in the settings page on the app. You can also set this app to record your calls and save to several cloud servers such as Dropbox and Google Drive.

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Automatic call recorder pro

Recording calls with an external recorder

You can also record your calls with an external recorder, this may not be the easiest method and may be a bit expensive compared to using an app.

First, your phone has to have a 3.5-millimeter jack which you will plug the external recorder into, to record your incoming and outgoing calls to its internal storage. You can download your audio file to your personal computer afterwards. Example of such external recorder is ESONIC Cell Phone Call Recorder.


The IntCall app isn’t free, the cost per minute is dependent on the country you are placing a call to, the cost per minute ranges from 10 to 20 cent per minute. This is a voice over internet protocol (VOIP) service that records both incoming calls and outgoing calls. This app uses the internet to make calls, with a Wi-fi call can be made even without a phone network.

The app can be downloaded for free on play store or Apple store for your Android device and iOS device respectively. When you want to record an incoming call, simply open the all and click on the record button to have the call recorded. To record an outgoing call, open the app and then dial the number you want to record the call from. 


NoNotes is an app available on iOS device for free,  it provides you with the option of transcribing your recorded phone calls. Based on the app’s review it has been created the best call recorder and transcription service.

You will get a 20 minutes free call recordings when you sign up for a NoNote account with your email, phone number and numeric pin, after you have exhausted the 20 minutes you can either buy a 100minutes for $10 or you pay 25 cent for every extra minute. 


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