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31 Essential Free Apps In case You Decide to Install a Fresh iOS or Format


Deciding the app to install on your device after a format can be very overwhelming and confusing. Regardless of how awesome your device is, what good is it without awesome apps? But do not worry, this post has you covered.

Here are the list of 31 essential free apps in case you decide to install a fresh iOS or format

List of Essential Free iOS Apps

1. Youtube

The user experience is more than enough to earn a spot on your device. Users have access to HD videos, video clips, documentary, short films, movie trailers and lots more.

2. Evernote

A platform that takes variety of notes, photos, audio, sketches and more. It helps keep you organized in your stressful work life and also facilitate workflow. Evernote is an essential app for your device.

3. Google chrome

This is one of the most popular web browsers for a number of reasons. This is one of the most essential app you can have on you device with a guarantee to fast, reliable and efficient surfing of the internet.

4. Google Drive

Google drive is an online storage for all your large files, videos, pictures and any space consuming files. This is the best online syncing site and it’s amazing for your device.

5. Cam scanner

A free mobile scanning app for your documents. It is a scanner app that scans all your files like a pro. Very neat, easy and time saving. It additional features includes edit, sync, manage and share official papers.

6. Google Assistant

An Al personal assistant that allows you to navigate, communicate and get a lot of things done. With Google assistant you can ask any questions, get tasks done fast and make plans.

7. Swiftkey

A keyboard that uses artificial intelligence which enables it to learn and reasonably make-up what the user intend to type. It can auto correct and may as well make typing faster. 

8. Skype

A high definition of face time. Very incredible with vast location coverage. It’s not just free, it’s readily available and very easy to use. Make do with it for less charge on your video calls and messaging.

9. Microsoft office

Work made easy with the Microsoft office app. For student and entrepreneur this app does all the word, excel, PowerPoint and presentations documents work for you with ease and at your comfort.

10. Xender

One of the most essential android app you should install on your device. Without connecting a USB, you can exchange files from a device to another free and easy.

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11. Google Maps

Users can get lost when your device have Google maps for real time navigation features. This app covers accurate map of over 200 countries and territories which provide ease from the stress of finding locations and destinations. It’s a must app.

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12. PicsArt

PicsArt is a social networking app for sharing, editing and drawing on photos using it amazing features.

13. Twitter

One of the most popular social networking services. Its free and updates you with loads of information about the world, network with great people, keep up with latest trend, update content and make comments about discussions.

14. Uber

Get hooked up to your designated driver with the Uber transportation network app. With it flexible payment method, you can hire a driver to give you a ride to any desired location of your choice

15. Netflix

Netflix is a topmost app for a finely tuned entertainment brought to you with ease. It has loads official trailers, latest movies, seasonal movies and series all at your comfort. It is free to download but with a token as subscription fee.

16. Spotify

Spotify offers a massive catalogue of every genre of music you desire. You can use it to listen to podcast as well as songs for both offline and online listening.

17. Instagram

Instagram is a social media app in which it features allows you to view videos and pictures of several people all around the world. This app gives you networking privileges round the world.

18. Facebook messenger

You can use it on both Android and iOS devices for instant messaging, video calls, stickers and audio calling. Similar to imessage, it connects you to a vast network of social groups.

19. 1weather

The best and complete weather app you can find. With all stuffs like forecast, radar, predictions, dun fact and other weather tracker that keeps you well informed about the weather. It is a free to use and configurable app

20. Linkedin

A platform to showcase your skills and expertise for potential employers and recruiter

21. Google keep

This is a note taking app for the Android and iOS mobile operating systems. Google keep is very handy when it comes to taking notes, group discussions, project and perfect for team collaborations.

22. Chrome

With Google chrome your surfing the internet has been made easy.

23. Paint

This is the best app for art lover and hand painting app. It provides you the platform to enhance your drawing skills and love painting.

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24. Whatsapp

Whatsapp is a free communication app that free build your social network with this instant messaging app that is mostly used by nearly everyone all over the world.You can send voice note, make calls, send pictures, documents to any user across the world.

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25. VLC

This is a free video player that can play your videos anywhere. You can make use of the subtitle feature to get the subtitle file of any video you are watching, it supports a vast number of file types and it is very audible.

26. Ibook

Readers as they say are leaders, this app transform you into a leader with it highly sophisticated ebooks, that enhances your knowledge and keeps your learned. Absolutely free and covers vast subject area.

27. Dr clean

Your iOS needs to stay clean of any kind of junks that can slow your device. Dr clean help you optimize your device memory and clean out the hidden files that slows your device.

28. iTunes

iTunes is a media player and song library that provides you with a spectacular source of entertainment and music library. With itunes you enjoy the best of good music.

29. Emoji Keyboard

A customized keyboard for all your emoji, smiley face and, emoticons for decorating your text and communicating others which is just a click away after installment. It can be pasted on all your web browser and supporting sites.

30. TrueCaller

Feel free to get this app for your communication needs. A very essential app that’s suitable for android and iOS with its amazing features which enables you to identify an incoming caller and as well block spam calls alongside messages.

31. Oxford English dictionary

A very essential app for your device. It the largest and most trusted free online dictionary for learners of British and American English as well as translations.

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