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27 Best iPhone 8 And 8 Plus Cases To Buy Online


iPhone latest flagship phone on the block is the iphone 8 and 8 plus. While this phone has all the security you could ask for, it does need the physical security to prevent scratches, scruffs and damages from falls.

Not only the luxury of protection, there is also styling of your iphone to get that extra sleekness and beauty. So let’s dive in and see some of those fancy casing.

List of Best iPhone 8 and 8 Plus Cases

1 ESR iPhone 8 Case

This casing offers three layer protection to phone, with soft TPU edge that lets you slide in your iPhone over it easily. It has a sparky layer for style and a PC-like layer for protection. There is a raised lip added to protect the camera, screen and lens. Price for this case starts at $11.99 on Amazon.

ESR iPhone 8 Case

2 Trianium iPhone 8 Case

This is a clear and transparent case. If you wish to flaunt the original Iphone 8 back design, while getting the protection it needs, then this case is your exact fix. With its hard polycarbonate back, you have a firm grip on your phone. It comes in different colours and price starts from $9.99.

3 Caseology iPhone 8 Case

This casing is made of TPU and PC material making it durable and robust against accidental drops and impacts. It features a raised lip for screen and camera protection and responsive buttons, so you could carry actions smoothly. Price starts at $13.99 Caseology.

Caseology iPhone 8 Case

4 Otterbox Case for Iphone 8

This is a protection based case, that gives a double protection layer to your iPhone 8. This light case protects your phone from drops and shocks. The hard shell of the casing is designed to bounce back any shock so the phone doesn’t receive any damage. Price starts at $15 Otterbox.

5 SupCase iPhone 8 Plus Case

This one is designed for iphone 8 plus. The pack of the casing is crystal clear and transparent and the panel is coloured. It is made of TPU and  PC material. It also has an upper bezel to give added protection to the phone. Pricing starts from $13.99 on Amazon.

SupCase iPhone 8 Plus Case

6 ESR Matte Finish Iphone 8 Case

This casing gives your phone a smooth texture and a super-fine look. Made of soft TPU material and yet so strong, and can easily fit on the iphone 8. This casing supports wireless charging, and comes in one colour. Price starts from $12.99.

ESR iPhone 8

7 Spigen Rugged Armour iPhone 8 Case

Spigen case maker focuses on making sturdy and classy cases. This one has a glossy and  carbon fibre texture back. It has an opening for the Apple Logo and openings for other places of the phone. Ths TPU is fingerprint resistant and has a Military grade drop protection. Prices starts at $10.99 on Spigen.

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8 Caseology Wavelength iPhone  8 Plus Case

This case is tactile matte cover from TPU materials. This casing protects your phone from wear and tear, shocks, scratches and accidental drops. It has precise cut-outs with responsive buttons. This casing price starts from $14.99 on Caseology.

9 Hepic Floral Pattern for iPhone 8 Plus

A beautiful case that comes in different shades of colours. So this is a fit for the women who love exotic colour mix. Quality case with amazing durability, and strong protection. This fashionable case sells for $9.99 for a start.

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Hepic Floral Pattern for iPhone 8 Plus

10 Spigen Ultra Hybrid 2nd Generation iPhone 8 Plus Case

This is one of the best in the block. Comes in four different colours, supports wireless charging, and it is a military-grade drop protection certified with air cushioned technology for the corners of the iphone. The price of this casing starts at $12.99.

11 Otterbox Defender Series for iphone 8 Plus Case

According to the name, it is a strong and durable case. Comes with a built-in screen protector and a three layer technology which saves your phone from falls, shocks, bumps, and scratches. There is also a perfect round opening for the Apple Logo of your phone to be seen. It comes in eight different colour combinations. Price starts from $54.97.

Otterbox Defender Series for iphone 8 Plus Case

12 Ringke Air Prism

This is a protective casing for the fashion conscious because of its sleek design. It is made of TPU material which is sure to safeguard your phone from fall, shock,  scratches and what not. The amazing thing about this case is its funky design that comes in different colours. Pricing of this casing starts at $13 on Amazon.

Ringke Air Prism

13 Scooch Wingman Case

This is a military grade drop protection casing for up to 6 feet. Mounted on the back of this casing is a small flap which functions as a hand grip, a horizontal and vertical stand. If you don’t need it, you can fold it back in. Its cushion like design adds to the protection it gives your phone. Price starts from $40.

14 Mous Limitless 2.0 Casing

This is a casing that comes with a variety of finishes, such as Bamboo, Leather and shell. The underlying “Airoshock” material (the company claims its better than TPU) absorbs shock and impacts thereby protecting the phone. It comes with a free screen protector and pricing starts at $40.

Mous Limitless 2.0 Casing

15 Tech21 Evo Mesh

The maker of this casing focuses on giving light and stylish cases that gives protection. Made of TPU and Tech21 Special Flexshock material. It gives a drop protection of up to 10 feet. It has a unique steady bumper at the back of the casing for grip. This casing has a starting price of $40 on Tech21.

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16 SlickWraps Retro Apple Case

This casing gives a nostalgic feel of how Apple evolved overtime. It is made from polycarbonate with a soft TPU bumper, which can resist damage well. It also has a raised bezel to prevent the phone from resting on harmful surfaces. Pricing of this case starts from $39.

SlickWraps Retro Apple Case

17 Otterbox Strada Apple Leather Case

This soft premium leather case from the Otterbox maker comes with a design that makes it easy for you to grip your phone. As a folio leather case, it has a cover that protects the case when not in use, with a handle slot for keeping some extra cash and credit cards. Pricing of this one starts from $54.

18 Feel Super Thin Case

This case is designed for the iphone 8 plus. Because of the slim nature of the phone, this casing is super thin as well, making you forget there is covering over the phone to begin with. Made of TPU materials to offer a level of protection, plus it supports wireless charging.

Feel Super Thin Case

19 Incipio Stash Back Case

This is a casing and a wallet wrapped together. Ot comes with a shock-absorbing exterior that still manages to be slim. Its back panel is a make-shift for storing cards and cash. And it has a raised lips to protect your phone when placed face down. Pricing starts from $40.

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20 Lifeproof Fre Case

This is one of the best protective cases around, and it is proof against water, dirt, snow, and debris. Closing the case around your phone it covers your phone completely giving it an in-screen protection as well. Plus this case can give protection to your iphone when dip a 2m water for up to an hour. It also offers a drop protection up to 6 feet plus. Pricing for this starts from $90.

Lifeproof Fre Case

21 Zizo Ion Series

This case for the iphone 8 plus offers three layers of protection. The inner core is made from shock-absorbent TPU material sandwiched with polycarbonate to help protect from scratches and scuffs.While managing to be lightweight , it has a military grade drop protection. This casing is worth the buy at $17.

22 Gear4

The Gear4 has several case option for both iphone 8 and 8 plus. It has impact absorbing D30 on the inside of the case that absorbs shocks from falls, giving it a good drop protection. Pricing starts from $30.

23 Moschino

This casing has the vibe of standing out in the crowd. It comes in a variety of design for both the iphone 8 and 8 plus. Protection with this casing is worth the buy. Pricing starts from $37-$84 depending on the variety or build you fancy.

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24 Pelican

This is a rugged kind of casing for both iphone 8 and 8 plus. It has a protector case coming in different colours which is  military graded for drop protection. It is a non-slip casing with a lifetime warranty. Pricing starts from $39.99

25 Ted Baker

Maker of this casing produces lots of varieties for both the iphone 8 and 8 plus. It has a soft leather effect, and an electroplated back shell with a mirror inside. Gives your phone both protection and class. Pricing starts from $34.99.

Ted Baker

26 X-Doria

The X-Doria maker just like its counterpart makes a variety of cases for iphone 8 and 8 plus. It features a raised lip to keep your phone protected, also offering rubberized button protection too. Pricing starts from $24.99.

27 Vaja Cases

These are classy leather case which has strong firm grip, protective layer that offers protection to the phone, and it comes in different colours and styles. It’s pretty pricey.

Vaja Cases

So, after the security protection to your phone, there is the physical protection, and this list is well loaded to guide you on the best of them.

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