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25 Secret New Apps You Never Knew Existed On Your Phone


The other day I was bored, and had nothing to do. And like most of us, I decided to play with some Apps on my phone. It came to my greatest surprise that there were Apps with amazing features I have never used before which were just there unexplored.

And as I scrolled through, I found the most exciting bit of information on most of these apps and their relevance. So, let us have a look at some of these secret new Apps that we barely knew existed or could perform a particular function/functions and gave less attention to.

Here Is The List Of Secret Apps

1. Monochrome mode:

This app allows smartphone, precisely IOS users to save batteries by temporarily reducing background activity like downloads and mail until you can fully charge your phone. This also helps to combat phone addiction by enabling gray scale on your phone as well as help those who are color blind. This process of enabling differs from different models of smartphones, but here’s a quick look on how to go about it.

In iOS 10, you go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Display Accommodations > Colour Filters > and switch on. Or you can press the home button three times to enable or triple press again to go back to color.

Monochrome mode

2. Lock screen message:

This app allows you to recover your lost phone faster, by enabling you to leave a message on its screen while it’s locked and since you might be the only one who knows the password, it allows a person who finds it to be able to read that message with other details and information by you on how it may be returned.

Android and IOS devices work differently in displaying messages on the lock screen.

Android lets you leave messages of up to 63 characters max on your lock screen, so in this way, you can choose additional information you want to add to your lock screen message. Perhaps you want to include your home address, email address, surname, name, office address etc. Just to give a finder more details on how to return your phone to you. In order to enable this function;

Open the settings menu on your phone > scroll down and select security within the settings menu > under the security catalogue, you will see an option called “lock screen message” > a space for text will pop up, Then you can begin to type your message > click on save > hold down the power button, to put your phone on standby, and repeat again to turn on the screen. After doing this you should be able to see your message on the screen, below the clock.

iOS Lock Screen Message

In iOS things work a bit different, you can get back a missing phone by leaving a message on either using the find my phone app which is in the setting option. By going to settings > selecting your name > click on icloud > choose find my phone. With this method, when you misplace your phone you could simply login to your icloud with another iOS device and leave a message to your own device.

Another easy way to leave a screen message on IOS is by using the reminders app. Open the app > type in a message > set the time and date you want the message to be a reminder, which in a case of finding your missing phone you can set the reminder on every day. Which will leave the message permanently on your screen below the clock.

3. Mobile passport: 

This U.S approved app enables its citizens and Canadian visitors to save time during the entry process, by allowing customs and border protection to process their details and allowing submission of your passports through the app rather than paper form. In theory this app is known to be a time saver, by allowing declaration of information electronically and skipping the customs lines at major U.S airports when returning from abroad.

Mobile Passport

The mobile passport app is easy and completely free to use, the only downside to this app is if you do not use a smartphone or some airports don’t allow it, if not it has proven itself to save people from the hassle of lines upon entry at airports. This app is available for both android and IOS users.

4. Skiplagged:  

Everyone who loves to travel needs to try out this app, maybe you just love to take spontaneous trips, this is one app you should definitely use more often. skiplagged is an app and travel site like no other that help you to save money by finding cheap flights and hotel rates you wouldn’t get anywhere else. They do not only find tickets to where your destination is the final stop, but also any stop that leads up to another destination.

This app only help you to search up cheap flight rates, you cannot book through them, once the flight is booked it sends you to the actual airlines website and gives you instruction on how to book the flight. All you have to do to enjoy this benefit is download the app in app store which is only available for IOS users.

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5. Transit:   

This app is free on the app store and google play, which makes it available for both android and IOS users. Transit is an urban travel companion that helps in real time tracking and predictions. Do you want to navigate your cities public transit system for single trip planning? This is the best app for the job .with this app you get to see exactly where your bus or train is on the map, view schedules and routes itineraries, find nearby car share vehicle and book one etc.


Transit allows you to save more time in planning, by giving you the best step by step direction/route to where you want to go.

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6. Sleep as android:

As the name implies, this app is only available for android users. It is a sleep management app that tracks your sleep to find the best moment for your wake up, with gentle alarm, wake up light and nature sound playlist.

This app has features such as snoring detection and statistics and anti-snoring for help in reducing your snoring, Sleep phase detection, gentle fall asleep and wake up, smart light automaton, sensors in discovering your sleep through movements etc. It also prevents over sleep with various alarms that requires problem solving. Don’t know about you reading this, but I think almost everyone will like to use more of an app that provides intelligent tracking of their sleeping cycle.

7. Runpee: 

So check this out, runpee is an app on both android and IOS devices that lets you know the right time to go pee when in the middle of a movie at a theatre, crazy right? I know. This apps helps you to not skip important scenes when watching a movie.


Apparently you put the movie you about to go see in the app, and it tells you the exact scenes of that movie that is okay to leave without missing anything important. This app was created to improve your movie watching experience and is updated weekly with new or old movie release. The built in timer will alert when a pee time is coming, so in this way you would know ahead of time and wouldn’t have to worry when the best time is to leave and also coming back to ask “what did I miss”.

8. Period tracker clue:  

This app is most benefitting for women during their monthly cycles of ovulation. It is also known as a female reproductive health toolkit allowing you to record period dates, flow heaviness and menstrual products to use. Also includes algorithms that can help you predict your period cycles and fertility data and also easy and accurate thereby arming you with the knowledge you deserve to have about women health and empowers you to live your life, your way.

Period Tracker clue

All you have to do now is download this app and enjoy an easy going update of your cycles.

9. Trusted contacts:

This is a safety app that allows trusted contacts like friends and family to request your location so they can be guaranteed of your safety, and allows you to deny these requests if nothing wrong seem to be going on with you. But this app will share your last location upon getting no response from you to your trusted contacts.

Works both online and offline, and regardless of phone being on, and certainly has been known to work best for worried parents to help keep a very close eye on their children and their where about. Use this app now, by setting it up and adding trusted contacts, Using the contacts to share your location, And ending up seeing a contacts location.

10. Fabulous:


This app is an exercise and self-care app that helps you build healthy rituals in your life, by helping in the reduction of your energy levels, weight loss, sleep patterns, and shaping for you healthy habits and patterns in your life. By following step-by-step programmes it reveals the important rituals in your life by helping you focus on what really matters.

The ultimate goal of this app is to help you adopt habits that improve your health, by acting as your life coach and building your motivation by focusing on developing habits that help to reduce your mental health issues like anxiety, and improving your productivity. One of the important and ultimate reasons to use fabulous if nothing else will have to be to increase your energy levels and find focus. And wouldn’t we all want to have focus in a world where there is so many distractions? I bet we do.

11. Justwatch:

This is a TV app that keeps track of latest offering from 37 streaming services just for you, showing you when and where you can watch a particular TV show with names like HBO, AMAZON PRIME, NETFLIX, HULU etc. This app makes it easy to browse through your favorite TV shows to see if they are available for streaming at any of your favorite cinema. All that is required is that you log in, create your account and synchronize your watch list on all of your devices. Its features include whats new, whats hot, price deals/drops and watch list.

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12. Unfold:

Unfold is a picture template and collage making app that captures your content with the unfold camera and edit with 10 filters and effects, supporting photo and video media and saving your stories in high quality for sharing to other platforms such as Snapchat, Instagram, Whatsapp etc. “Unfold keeps things elegant and simple, your vacation photos will look like pages from a travel magazine” – Forbes

It has easy to use templates to make your images look amazing on Instagram stories, add captions and borders to images so they stand out, easy to use editing tools that makes your smartphone pics look like polaroid images.

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13. Slowly:

Slowly lets you match with someone that shares your passion, write a letter and collect stamps from all over the world. The app was created for people who yearn for meaningful conversations with other people in the era of instant messaging. Matches are based on language and interested topics, by practicing a language and exchanging thoughts in the same passion.

Millennials will definitely remember a time when one had to give meaningful thought into writing a letter in order to get across to someone distant as a means of communication, before the digital era came and made drastic changes in this approach via emails. Note, this app is not a dating or networking app it was only created for those who can remember pen pals back in the days to have a pen friend experience while using it.

With this said, meet a new pen pal today and start connecting with the world on slowly.

14. Vuforia chalk:

Is an app that offers remote guidance experience by combining both live video and audio and the ability for both the remote and the other participant to annotate their live shared view. It’s a “see what I see app” that lets you give a live action of your current experience with someone on the other end of the phone.

Vuforia chalk

Helps organizations to save money on travel costs, and with technicians who will have the app available also to see and diagnose cable issues without having to move an inch to where the problem is. Vuforia chalk helps by solving problems faster and more effectively, boosting customer satisfaction and job satisfaction, increasing service quality while reducing repeat visits and travel burden as mentioned above.

15. Automate:

Automate lets you mechanize the settings of your mobile device automatically, like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi etc and perform other functions like sending SMS, play music and take photos. Although this app is only available on android in Google play store but with it you can create flows that do more than you might imagine. This also can be either apps or built in functions in the device that enables automation and are ready in the Google play store.

An example of one of this inbuilt android device automation is the “Do not disturb” option. This option allows users who are not comfortable with receiving calls past midnight and at other odd hours which gives you the option of setting this up instead of turning off your phone or leaving it on silent. With actions by you of the hours of the day when your phone should be muted, without making any sounds when texts and calls come through your device. Setting this up, you can go to your settings depending on the format on your device and tapping the do not disturb option.

16. Libby:

This app is a device for reading e-books and listening to audiobooks. You can borrow them instantly for free just by having this device in your hand and allows you to download books and listen to audiobooks for offline reading. You can also keep track of your reading history in the activity tab. Moreso, whenever someone suggest a book up for read, you can always find it on this app you just have to be patient enough for its release in your cart and you don’t have to pay a dime for it.

All you have to do is get libby app on either apple app store, Google play or windows windows store > follow the instructions to find your library and sign in with your library cart > browse your library collections and browse a title > borrowed titles appear under shelf> loans, and download to the app automatically when you are connected to Wi-Fi, so you can read them when you are offline.

17. Google arts & culture:

Google arts & culture

With this app you can visit top exhibits, browse thousands of stories and pictures, videos and manuscripts. Find your favorites artists add them to your collections and see all their works and also be able to share with friends.

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Offers VR of natural wonders and tours on your screen and gives you the opportunity to learn something new every day.

Your location will be needed in using this app to recommend cultural sites and events based on your current location, your camera also will be needed to recognize, to provide artworks and provide related informations about them. Furthermore, you can discover collections curated by experts from the most famous museums today with a download of this app which is available on the app store and Google play.

18. Dream lab:  

This help uses collective power of smartphones to fast track cancer research, which makes it possible to find answers through medical approaches on the issues of cancer. When you plug your phone in and power dream lab it makes it downloads tiny parts, of a huge research project and sends the results back to the research team.

Dream Lab

The more people that power dream lab the more quicker it can complete critical research in order to speed up time in the fight against cancer which serves as becoming part of something for the greater good and save lives of cancer patients. All you have to do is simply download the app and choose which project you would like to be a part of and support and track the contributions you have made and keep up with important news updates.

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19. Podcast and radio addict:

This app allows you to manage feed, podcasts, live streams etc. giving you the choice of streaming and downloading, continuing where you left off, setting up a sleep timer and not being bugged with adverts. Previously known as podcast addict, this app is the most popular app of its kind that includes dozens of radios from seven different countries that you can choose from, listening to them live or searching for past transmissions.

20. Signal:

Signal is a private messenger app which is fast, simple and secure and allows you to send high quality group texts, voice, video, document and picture messages anywhere in the world without SMS or MMS fee.

This apps features an end-to-end encryption engineered to keep your communication safe and give you complete privacy and is the only private messenger that uses open source peer reviewed cryptographic protocols to keep your messages and calls safe. The server never has access to any of your communication and never stores any of your data.

21. Flud:

Flud is a torrent downloader that shares files with ease from your phone/tablet and also download files directly to your phone/tablet. It features no speed limit, supports torrents with large number of files, has option to download on Wi-Fi only, recognizes magnet links from the browser and ability to move files while downloading and so much more.  The app also lets you know if the file size you want to download would exceed the available space on your device.

22. Anymote:


This app is a universal smart remote control for TVs and home electronics and works best for a variety of TV products like Samsung, Panasonic etc. This app is more of a custom remote that can simulate anything that sends infrared remote commands, like TV remote, DVD remote, VCR remote, Air condition remote and control other devices too.

Its features involves customizing remote by re-arranging buttons, changing colors, positions, texts, icons and more, voice commands through Google now, use automated tasks to execute commands without interaction etc. Download this app and turn your smartphone into the most powerful remote to control the device in your home.

23. Retroarch:

This app allows you to run classic games in a wide range of computers and consoles with its interface. This interface allows you to make cross platform applications that can use rich features such as location support and more in the future. It comes with its own inbuilt collection of applications to provide you with a one stop shop for entertainment. In addition its major features include ability to enter and load cheats, multi-language support, ability to remap control, built in input remapping.

24. Autoboy dash cam:

This app is a dashboard video recorder that performs function as any other dashboard camera unless this time on your device. Saving you the cost of purchasing a dashboard camera, autoboy dash cam is simple and easy and has features to make your usage effective.

Some of its key features include, pause and background; giving you continuous recording with the same background and recordings, continuous background recorder; continue recording as long as the battery is charged in the background, support main theme, provide various screen mode etc.

25. Manything:

This app turns your phone device into an instant home security camera with live video streaming, motion alerts, detection zones which are adjustable and camera sensitivity, easy clip sharing and downloading etc. Upgrading to a monthly subscription plan lets you use more than one device to receive motion/sound alerts and watch your camera live streams. Simply install manything on your device, select “camera” mode and press record, then download manything to your main phone which you carry with you and select “viewer”

Now you can watch your camera from anywhere.   

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