21 Things That Shows You Started Using Cell Phones Early

signs you used phones early

Everything in the world changes, as change is constant especially in the mobile technology world from regular cell phones to smartphones of today. We have had times when things were done differently other than what it is today. When things with meaning are totally different from what they mean today and perhaps how they are perceived.

With phones and technology, there is a vast increase in these kinds of changes as new tech products keep storming the markets and changing society and how things are done. In addition, we can all probably remember times when we had certain devices that are still in use today but have a different outlook and features.

Some of these changes do not totally take away the experiences we once had but gives us a backdated insight of how most things used to be back then, in the cases of cell phones, some of us started using them later than others,While some of us started handling cell phones from a very early stage of its invention.

So, what are these things that can differentiate or give us a feeling that we once had? In this article, we would be looking at some points. In the event we do remember, it probably means we started using cell phones at its early stages.

  1. Saving phone contacts on the SIM card because there was not enough space on the phone to save contacts.
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Phones from back in the days (3)

2. Dragging up the antenna of a cell phone in order to make a call, answer a call and bringing it back down when done for better reception.

3. Having absolutely no idea who was calling you on your cell phone, because contacts couldn’t be saved.

4. Recording a song from your radio, or television to later use as a ringtone.

5. Having either only one or a very few numbers of ringtone to pick from that came with the cell phone.

Phones from back in the days (5)

6. Sliding down a case covering the alpha numeric section of your cell phone before you can access those numbers and alphabets in order to make calls and answer calls.

7. Being able to customize the case of your cell phones if you do not like how it came, or simply just want it to look different, with glitters, rubies etc.

8. Having to use WAP browser only, if you want to use the internet which was also relatively slow.

9. Being able to add only emoticons to texts and messages, rather than today’s emoji.

Phones from back in the days (2)

10. Flipping your phone open and close when you need to answer a call and when you are done with the call, as the only way to use your cell phone.

11. Having to use cell phones that only came with 8MB of storage space.

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12. Cell phones that came with a camera resolution of 0.11MP.

13. Phones that came with only the snake game on it, and there was not much you can do about it than enjoy only that game.

14. Using cell phones which also came as personal organizers with a full keyboard and with a better speed of internet than the WAP browser.

15. Exchanging pins as a means of messaging.

16. Going days without charging, because some of the cell phones back then had longer battery life than those of today.

17. Cell phones that were large and heavy weighted compared to our existing phones of nowadays.

18. Positioning your phone in a particular angle if you want to capture everyone when taking photos because of the camera size and size of your phones screen

19. Having different collections of chargers for your phone, precisely if it’s a flip phone and you always change phones, without having a universal charger.

20. Setting colour video graphics that will play when you receive a phone call.

21. Having to always use cell phones with an earpiece to make phone calls because they didn’t come with an inbuilt speaker. Examples of some of these phones are the blackberry 5810 that came out in 2003.

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signs you used phones early


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