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21 OnePlus Android Phone Secret Codes You Can Use Today


Having a look at the screen dialer on your OnePlus you will find out that there is more than meet the eye. Apart from the main purpose of calling, you can also use it to reveal  information and make anonymous calls, and there are vast array of secret codes that you can input to troubleshoot your device.

OnePlus android phones are some of the top-rated smartphones due to its out of the box performance and extremely powerful hardware. Having said these, the list below shows codes you can use on your OnePlus device.

1. To check your IMEI number (#06#) 

The IMEI or International Mobile Equipment Identity number is a 15-digit number that is unique to a particular mobile device, and it’s assigned to all mobile devices.

In a case where your mobile phone got stolen, you can give your IMEI number to the closest service center of your mobile network staff to get your phone blocked.

It’s faster and easy to use this code to get your IMEI number than going to the about page within its settings or you trying to find the mobile device packaging that you may have tossed. 

2. Wireless LAN testing (*#*232339#*#*) 

Using this code will give you access to check the details of your wireless network card on your device. Serval information that will be displayed includes signal transmitting, network status and lots more. 

3. Battery and phone details (*#*#4636#*#*) 

Using this unique code you will receive some interesting details about your phone and battery configuration which came from the device manufacturer. The details are Phone information, Battery history, also Usage statistics and finally Battery information.

4. Factory Reset (*#*#7780#*#*)

When you input this code on your device a screen prompt up giving you the option to click on “Reset phone”. You can change your mind by clicking on cancel. Using this code will reset factory data on your device, data that will be removed include downloaded applications on your device, Google settings stored on your device, and system setting.

Using this code on your device will not affect your system software operations, and the files stored on your TF/SD card. 

5. Camera Information( #*#34971539#*#*) 

Using this code helps you get some interesting details about your device’s camera.   The camera details can be shown as  • Update camera firmware in image (don’t click on this option because this will cause your device camera to stop working, to rectify it you will have to take your device to a service center to reinstall camera firmware on your device) • Get camera firmware version  • Update camera firmware in SD card  • Get firmware update count 

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6. Backup All Media Files –( *#*#273282*255*663282*#*#*) 

Media files are picture, videos, and songs. This code will help you backup your media files to an external storage. You don’t have to go to the settings page to move your media files. 

7. Factory format ( *2767*3855#) 

You have to have a second thought about inputting this code of your device because once you do you do not have the option to cancel the operation except you remove your battery from your device. You can use this code is used to format your device, it will remove all file From your device and also your settings. It will also reinstall your device firmware. 

8. Events calendar. (*#*#225#*#*)

This code will help you access your calendar and add any reminder or event without navigating from your device home or calendar app. This will safe you stress of looking for the calendar app on your device especially when you have multiple apps on your device. 


9.  WiFi MAC address (*#*#232338#*#*)  

WiFi MAC (Media Access Control) address is your computer’s unique hardware number on your WiFi .WiFi . The hardware number is displayed when you dial this code from your call app. 

10. USB logging control (*#872564#) 

This code can perform  the following actions but not limited to : blocks unknown devices, stop USB, and USB keyboard activate , this code can also be used to block some actions you don’t want to activate on your USB connection. 

11. Change power bottom *#*#7594#*#*

Instead of using the power bottom to power off your device, simply fail this code on your device it enable the direct power off of your device.

oneplus secret codes

12. Access your backlight and vibration (*#*#0842#*#*) 

This code gives you access to your device vibration and backlight without having to go to your device settings page, you can increase or decrease your device backlight. 

13. Touch-screen test (*#*#2664#*#*) 

You can use this code to test the effectiveness of your device calibration easily. The testing is done by taping on specific part of the screen of your device. 

Touch Screen

14. Disables voice dialing mode (*#*#8350#*#*) 

This code helps you disable voice failing mode on your device without having to go to the settings page of your device. 

15. Enables voice dialing mode (*#*#8351#*#*) 

Voice dialing simply means speaking the name of the person you want to call on you contact to your device and your device response by automatically dialing the person’s number. This code help you activate this setting without having to go to your device settings page. It’s easier and faster with to activate with this code. 

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16. Bluetooth address (*#*#232337#*#) 

Bluetooth is a feature on your device, when you dial this code on your call app your device’s Bluetooth address is displayed on your phone screen saving you the stress over looking through it on your settings page. 

17. Language and keyboard settings (*#*#97#*#*) 

Dialing this code on your device call app will enable to change your device language and to also change the setting of your device keyboard, so fast and effective that going into your settings page. 

18. Reset Sim (*#*#46*#*#) 

You want to reset your Sim, dial this code on your device and your Sim will be reset leaving it as if  its new. All data such as contact, message and you call log will be erased from your Sim. 

19.  Access email debug information. (*#*#36245#*#*) 

This code helps you to troubleshoot any technical issues with your email without going back and forth from your email app to your setting app. 

20. Software and hardware information (*#12580*369#) 

This  help you to get your device software information such OS version, OS installation date, band base version and  lot more. While the hardware part shows device manufacture date, RAM, memory size and others. 

21. RAM version : (*#*#3264#*#)

This code help you to Check for the RAM version of your device, the RAM product name, date manufactured, and size.  

RAM Version

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