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16 Apps That Drain And Kill Your Android Battery Fast.


It’s no secret now that some Android apps are killing your battery. These apps keep working in the background all the time, even when you aren’t using them. They’re pinging the internet and using motion sensors, all of it sucking the battery’s life.

While several apps do this, some are far worse than others. The biggest leeches are often some of the most popular apps.

Here are the 16 battery killing apps for the android phone.

1). Snapchat


Bad news, Snapchat users. This is the most battery-hogging social media app according to every survey out there. Snapchat was ranked #4 in Avast’s list and #2 in AVG’s list. Several users on the XDA Developers forum mentioned a significant battery boost after uninstalling Snapchat.

2). Tinder

Tinder boosts your social life, but it also sucks the life out of your battery. The app is all about finding people who are around you, so it constantly tracks your location and refreshes the data based on that.


3). BBC News (or Any News App)

News apps are important to stay updated, but this comes at the cost of battery life. Apps for BBC News, NYTimes, NDTV, CNN, and others constantly refresh in the background. Due to the massive amount of news content coming in at a steady rate, the app always refreshes in the phone’s background.

4). Microsoft Outlook

This is a surprising contender on the battery hogs list. Microsoft makes some great Android apps, and the Outlook email app has been winning people over. Unfortunately, it was #10 in Avast’s list, so it might be time to reconsider.

5). Facebook

The biggest social network in the world is also one of the biggest battery drainers. The Facebook app, and its sister app Messenger, constantly rank high in all these reports. It’s logical when you consider how many Android permissions Facebook asks for.

6. Amazon Shopping

If you have the Amazon Shopping app installed on your phone, get rid of it right now. Amazon has plenty of deals and offers, but the app is not well optimized for Android, according to Android Pit. The result is that it drains battery as the app constantly pings servers in the background to get you the latest deals.

7). Samsung Link

Samsung devices come preinstalled with a whole bunch of their proprietary apps. You probably don’t use many of these, but they are working in the background, using up precious battery.

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Samsung link is the official app from Samsung for storing files in the cloud. It is a cloud storage app that offers up to 100 gigabytes and lets you play video/audio and view pictures on different devices.

8). Samsung’s Beaming Service

The beaming service that was pre installed by Samsung on the Samsung Galaxy device provides applications like Beep n Go and others with access to the free barcode beaming feature built into these select new Samsung devices. The service drains your battery because it systematically beams at the background.

9). WatchON

The WatchOn is an application that enables you to control your TV, Blu-Ray and DVD player, as well as any other multimedia device from your android phone. The watchON is almost an essential app which anyone  can make use of , regardless if you have a Samsung device or not. But, it kills your battery because of its massive function and ability to control other off phone devices.

10). musical.ly

This relatively-new social network for aspiring music stars has been growing in popularity and taking its slice of battery life with it. Musical.ly is filling the void left by Vine, but it isn’t the background process that kills battery here. When you run the app, it uses a tremendous amount of hardware resources and is a data hog as well. The result is that it consumes far more battery than the average app.

11). YouTube

As a video streaming device, YouTube is capable of streaming large amounts of multimedia, due to this the app was built to withstand any amount of media is capable of streaming. Unfortunately, this takes its toll on the battery.

12). Netflix

Netflix is a video streaming site in which paid users can gain access to thousands of movies and TV shows. Unfortunately as a streaming app especially over Wi-Fi, it takes a heavy toll on your phone batteries too just like YouTube.

13). Facebook and Messenger

The biggest social network in the world is also one of the biggest battery drainers. The Facebook app, and its sister app Messenger, constantly rank high in all these reports. It’s logical when you consider how many Android permissions Facebook asks for.

14). LionMobi Power Battery

Ironically, battery optimizers and system cleaners are some of the biggest battery culprits. Avast found LionMobi’s Power Battery series to be among the top 10 guzzlers. As a battery cleaner, they run every time that the phone is on.

15). CleanMaster

And just like the LionMobi Power Battery, the CleanMaster uses a lot of battery in the background. The clean master is a phone cleaner that always runs in the phone’s background to perform its cleaning functions.

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16). Verizon’s Cloud app

A really serious problem comes with Verizon’s Cloud app. The app is always running, always draining your battery fast (as of marshmallow). With photos and most messaging apps (including Verizon’s own messaging app!) you will not need it running constantly. You can re-enable it and re-install it once a month for picture saves, that’s it.


Android makers are increasing battery sizes in phones. Now you can get Android devices with batteries as large as 5000 mAh.

But it’s not just apps to watch out for. Habits like charging a phone overnight can drain large batteries until they perform no better than smaller ones. You can also take a look at our tips for extending your Android battery life for additional things to try.

If you prefer to stream all your movies and music, then it’s only natural that those apps will use a lot of battery. After all, they’re using either Wi-Fi or data, and in the case of video streaming, your screen is also on all the time.

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