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13 Ways To Remove Scratches From Your Phone Screen


Scratches on phones makes it less appealing and sometimes difficult to use. This can be a bit frustrating and can most likely eat up cost, since most people will feel the need to get rid of the entire part that have these scratches. Which in most cases happens to the screen.

One way to make this scratches avoidable is by being extra careful in the way you handle your phones, keeping it away from the reach of infants, especially if that is the major cause of these scratches, which to be honest most of us have experienced

But there are other ways to get rid of these scratches if we are not kin to doing any of the options above, which also may be most effective for minor scratches and not the major ones where you know the screen just has to be changed.

Ways to Remove Scratches From Your Smartphone screen

1. Toothpaste

As funny as it sounds, it turns out it is not only your teeth that can be helped by this guy, the scratches on your phone might need to share with you. These works very perfectly also if the scratches are shallow, this is so, because of the abrasive ingredients in the toothpaste.

All you have to do is put a small portion on a wool, or your finger or a little piece of cloth, and rub it on the affected part of the phone in circular motion.You have to keep doing this action until you take note that the scratch has left your screen or is barely visible, then wipe the remains of the paste off with a moist or damp cloth. Works best also if the screen is plastic.

2. Protector

Another way to remove scratches from your phone which may not practically apply but still help, is to simply get a screen protector or screen guard. This is not the usual form of removal of scratches but works best in longevity to prevent any from your phones screen.

Protectors are relatively cheap, compared to getting a new screen if you wouldn’t want to try any other method of removing scratches from your phone. Furthermore, it goes a long way in guarding your phone against falls and any other kind of unforeseen accidents. Cell phones are fragile and having occurrence of scratches is almost inevitable in our world today and investing in a screen protector will offer you more durability and comfort.

3. Vegetable oil

This is known to remove small scratches and works very effectively. Getting drops of the oil on your phone and rubbing it gently with a soft cloth on the affected area, wipes away scratches instantly from the screen. This solution is quick and less expensive compared to others, reason being that there is always a vegetable oil somewhere just lying around the corner of your kitchen and willing to help you with your problems.

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4. Baby powder

Baby powder is another effective way to get scratches from our phones screens, working for us as a thick paste when mixed and giving the feel of any other method of phone scratches removal. All we need is to check for our infants tools and we are good to go. To do this effectively, get a bowl of little water, put a little portion of this baby powder into it then stir for a while till it forms a certain thickness that can then be pinched with a cloth and applied on the affected area. Afterwards, wipe with a clean moist cloth to get rid of all the baby powder paste from the area to give you a shiny screen afterwards.

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5. Baking soda

Baking soda works best also as baby powder. Two different contents though, but same process and procedure in carrying it out. By getting little water in a bowl, and putting a little bit of baking soda in it and stirring till it forms thickness like pastes

Then using a cloth to pick up a little portion and applying and rubbing gently on the scratched area of your screen till the scratches are entirely gone or less visible. Cleaning the screen again with a damp cloth to get rid of all the baking soda that may be left on it

6. Erasers

Perhaps it is not only cleaning of pencil errors that the erasers have proven to be good for and can be used for. Not only graphite on paper work, but working as a scratch removal for our devices even if they seem less obvious and maybe even unbelievable.

But it works, and have been working. Using erasers, by gently pressing them against the areas of the phones screen that has scratches helps in removing this scratches as effectively as other methods out there. This is because they are abrasive and work magic Like that of the tooth paste

7. Displex

Displex is a screen repair polish or a mobile phone screen repair polisher that was made to serve purposes in situations when scratches occurs. You can find one of these on amazon which will cost you a few bucks, But not compared to having to replace the entire screen for the sake of these scratches.

This polish revitalizer has a caution on working most effectively on display on phones and not touchscreens and is simple and efficient with fine abrasive particles that helps in the removal of scratches.

8. Sandpaper

This method of scratches removal is effective but has to be done with a good amount of caution. It is also important to use the less abrasive sandpaper when doing this as it may lead to more scratches if you use the abrasive sand paper

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Another thing to note is that this method works best for scratches at the back of the phone or the sides of the phone and a bit more risky on the screen, it will cause damages to your screen and leave your situation worse if not handled properly. This method helps to smoothen out scratches from the back and side of your phones to make them less visible

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9. Cerium oxide

This is said by reviewers to be the best glass polish out there, cerium oxide is a polish that has a standard for the use in polishing glass windows, and car shields. You can always count on asking your car wash service

To aid in getting you some, which you will be much happier about when you see what it can do in helping you get off scratches from your phones screen Same process as most of the others, by mixing in a bowl of little water and rubbing gently on the affected area with a cloth till the scratches come off, unless this time you will need to tape out the sensitive edges and parts of your phone screen like the lens etc., Due to its effectiveness which could cause damages to other parts if not careful.

10. Wipe screen regularly

We always have to wipe our screen more often, and even regularly to prevent and keep scratches away. Sometimes this scratches stem from little debris which just keeps building up till it becomes a mark we can’t help but notice But if we regularly wipe our screens from dust and other things, we could keep watch on what might form up and leave scratches, which is quite simple if we put our mind into it. Using a silk little piece of cloth works best, and also for touchscreens, when we always have to have our fingers on them, might leave stains and things that could blur up the screens.

11. Getting a phone purse

Getting a separate purse for your phone is the absolute best. This might not be one of the methods of removal but of prevention from removal, caused by leaving our phones in a corner with a bunch of items like car keys, coins etc. that could leave marks inevitably.

Getting a purse for your phone gives you the assurance of your phone being alone where it’s being kept and is safe from things rubbing against and touching the screen. Most of these phone purses are relatively cheap and prevent even the accident of your phone falling to the ground.

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12. Car scratch removal screens

Next time you visit your local mechanic for a repair or whatever car troubles you might have, it is important to let he/she know you are looking for and need one of the car scratch removal creams they have been using to get your car worked up Car scratch removal creams can also serve as phone screen removal creams, this creams are usually used to remove little scratches from the surfaces of cars or little scratches caused in a dent and is known to work effectively .

There are bunch of products on these creams to look out for and it is best to look out for the best when trying to purchase, so it works best also for your phones screen. Some of these car scratch removal creams might come with sandpaper, polisher and wax.

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13. Egg and potassium aluminium sulphate

Another strangely but effective way to get scratches off from your phones screen is by simply using egg whites and potassium aluminium sulphate, getting eggs from the supermarket shouldn’t be hard, Or maybe you have a crate in the house, and getting potassium aluminium sulphate from a nearby drug store also should come at breaking no sweat.

But the most interesting part is getting these items ready in order for it to be used to get off scratches from your phones screen. You can start by getting a microfiber cloth for this, mix one egg white and a teaspoon of aluminium sulphate on a frying pan, heat up this mixture with a heat of 150 degrees, and then soaking the microfiber cloth in this heated mixture. Go on to place the microfiber cloth into an oven of 300 degrees till it dries up, continue by putting the microfiber cloth in cold water and rinsing for 30 seconds, do this rinsing 2 to 3 times and let the cloth air dry for 48 hours.

With all of this process and contents on the piece of microfiber cloth, it makes it ready to be used for wiping off scratches.

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