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13 Tips You Need To Know How To Recognize Fake Phones


Knowing if your phone is a real product of the company’s make or a clone can really be difficult, I mean to be honest it has to be heartbreaking to even want to find out if we have been using a fake device all long. But that shouldn’t stop us from trying to find out, and saving us a bunch of heartbreaks and perhaps disappointment.

As with every other thing in the world, items, properties, products etc. there is always a clone out there somewhere and this is not limited in regards to our smartphone mobile devices either. We always have to be on the lookout, So as not to fall victims to this kind of situations and people promoting such also.

And with these said we have put up together 13 tips anyone can use and check first as a criteria to recognize if the device they are purchasing is a real or a fake. Hopefully, these tips would be helpful enough to save many from the disappointments of being victims.

How to Spot a Fake Smartphone

One of the ways to spot a real or fake phone is to:

1. Verify the serial number

Depending on the product, you can find the serial number of your phone. With apple for instance, serial number can be found by heading to settings > general > about in your phone. After doing this and finding out the serial number, you can head to apples warranty website and putting in that serial number as well as a code provided to you that helps you bring out the model, warranty period, support status and other information about the phone.

Check Serial number

If these information do not come out, or gives you a feedback of the serial number as not being valid, then you know that your phone is not at all genuine.

2. Memory card slot

Memory Card Slot

IPhone devices never uses a memory card slot when opened up, the position for the memory card slot are either by the sides or other obvious locations depending on the model of iPhone. But certainly not at the back of the phone.

Most cases,  memory card slot that has theirs behind the phone is usually android devices, and if you buy an apple phone device and find out you have your memory card slot at the back of the phone chances are you bought an android device that has been replaced with the body materials of an iPhone.

3. Logo placement

Logo Placement

On the back of every genuine phone product is a logo or company name of the product of the phone. Now, this logo or company name at the back of the phone is usually engraved and solid when felt.

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With fake phones, most of the time, this logos and company names behind the phone when felt, doesn’t have the solid and smooth or engraved appearance. It most often feels like something that can be raised or detached and more like a sticker which practically should never be that way.

4. Comparing with similar products

Compare Similar Phones

One of the easiest ways to spot a fake phone is by simply comparing  with another phone of the same type and model. Bringing these two phones together and checking for specific features that they should both have as well as other qualities in every way because they are both similar products, so therefore they should always have similar features. If for any reason, one of the similar products have a different outlook or features or missing something that the other has, they should be checked for authenticity because one of these products is definitely not genuine.

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5. Default apps

Default Apps

Another way to spot genuine phones and differentiate them from the fake ones easily is with certain default apps that they all come with. Both on android and IOS devices are apps that came with the phones which you can always look through to know if your devices entail.

Some of these apps on iPhone are podcast, wallet, maps, reminder etc. while on android music player, calculator, calendar, stop watch, timer, notes app etc. So in order to spot the differences between a fake and genuine phone you can do a comparison with other phones and check the apps in those phones to match with yours to ensure that the apps on both devices checks out.  

6. Size

Checking the sizes of your devices can enable you to know if they are genuine of fake. Most of these devices come in different models but if they have anything in common it will be the sizes in which they come in. Sizes of these phones go beyond just the length and width of the phone, it can also be the size of the camera, or the size of the front or back lenses

Whatever the case might be, they always have the same sizes in which they do come in and if they do not match that of others in the same model of phone device then you can know that you have purchased a fake phone.

7. Materials

The materials used in making phones products are usually very authentic for the sake of its durability, phone companies have always put in a lot of consideration and thought into materials used in making phone models.

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Its authenticity is the difference between a genuine phone and a fake, in the sense that most fake phones are always equipped with materials of lower/lesser quality and its durability serves for a shorter period of time. Some of these materials you can be on the lookout for as an example is the screen of the phone. By going online and doing a little bit of research, you can find out what kind of materials is used in making a model of phone you are about to purchase.

Perfect example of this, is most companies making their phones with a glass screen, so if you have this information and you see a phone of that same model but uses a plastic screen then you can be rest assured it wasn’t made from a genuine source.

8. Checking the specs

Another thing you can do is checking the specs of the phone device under your settings options, after doing a good digging of the specs of that very phone model. Most times the specs that should be entailed should be the same as that of your device but if it’s not then you know you have a fake phone in your possession.

9. Price 


By now it’s no news that fake or counterfeit things are usually and relatively cheap. Like every other thing, this applies to phone models as well with the knock offs being twice lesser than the initial price. It’s important to know the price of whatever phone you desire before going to look for or get it, if not it can be easy to believe that they are discounted or price has dropped in the market when indeed it’s not so. Knowing the price will make you raise questions about anyone you find that doesn’t match the price you know, which will lead to a discovery that it’s not genuine.

10. Packages

Most of the counterfeit phone products usually come in a nondescript package box, in the term that the boxes used to package these fake phones usually lack distinctive or characteristics features to give them identity. It shouldn’t be difficult to spot if you have a knowledge of what the genuine box package should look like and could save you all the time and money that will be spent on purchasing a fake phone.

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On this note it’s important to familiarise yourself with genuine phones products and package boxes to avoid getting a fake.

11. Performance

One of the best ways most users have found out about their fake phone devices is in its performance, fake phones usually have a slow performance in its processing which are sluggish and discomforts users during daily use of these devices. Some of these devices gets as worse as some apps not being able to run, because of the operating system which is being run by the phone not being genuine. It’s important to read reviews about certain phones to know how they perform before purchase.

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12. Hardware

Fake phones usually fail to input many critical details and alternatives on the hardware. Some of this left out details which should be on the lookout for, as an example is poor camera quality, which in comparisons to other genuine phone products shows the difference. Most cases the track pad and fingerprint fails to work, and as much as its important to find out certain details about the phone you desire to purchase it’s also easy to find out about certain specs and quality of hardware it operates with. 

Perhaps you should test all of this hardware settings before you purchase a device, ensuring that the front and back cameras work as it should, ensuring that the finger prints options works okay as well and all other hardware components.  

13. Batteries

Battery Details

Phones batteries have details and information on them specifying that they are from a trusted manufacturer. These details can be as simple as a well defective workmanship among other things that shows you the difference between the real and the fake.

Sometimes the battery lasting power also can give out the ingenuity of the phones, by not either charging completely or battery getting always drained after a long period of charging hours and less usage. Some mobile phone manufacturers also place hologram stickers on their batteries, which are difficult to replicate by counterfeiters.

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