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13 Best Free Phone Camera Apps to Take Pictures Like a Pro


Taking pictures is always amazing. Either for the memories or just to have on our archives, but the hard part just might be taking those awesome shots that’s a little bit more captivating and breathtaking.

Those photos that we all know that one stare is just not enough, and we have to soak in the angles, the beauty and perhaps the insight of the photo for hours. “Yes” those kinds, and don’t raise an eyebrow as to whether photos like those exist Because they sure do.

But in a fast changing world of technology and with lots and lots of applications out there, anyone can turn into that aspiring photographer at an instant and take those amazing hours staring photos without breaking a sweat.

We are going to go through some of these really good camera apps that can help anyone take pictures like a professional and perhaps make you want to take it up as a new profession. Okay maybe that’s not what you want, but then you understand the drift.

We will look at some of these camera apps below by starting with:

1. Retrica

This camera app makes it easy to express yourself with mesmerizing filters and discovering new interesting scenes, by giving you a variety of aspect ratios, zoom blur effects and time stamping to offer fascinating experiences.

Retrica has 190+ filters to choose from which allows you to see them in real time before you take your scene. And also has exclusive filters release, but only on a condition that one signs up to be a premium member. 

Some of retricas features include filters with sepia tones, vintage camera light leaks, artificial shading or timer, viewfinder and insight and so much more.

2. Cardboard camera

Cardboard camera lets you capture moments and share moment with friends with virtual reality photos. Works in 3D and lets you enjoy moment of photos taking, with sounds and images also in this format. This app needs access to your camera, microphone, photo/media/file and storage to capture images, sounds, and save files.

The 3D lets your photo capturing experience inability, to making nearer things appear nearer and farther things appearing far. And is an easy, less expensive and convenient way to create pictures to show to all your friends.

On your phone find and install the camera board app, open the camera board app, follow the instructions and give the app permission to view your pictures and files.This same process works for both android and IOS devices.

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3. VSCO cam

This app is amazing because it’s a creative connecting community that allows you to share your photos and get explored by other creative photo sharers around the world and get curated, as well as allowing you to explore what is being shared by other inspiring creators.

VSCO offers membership to its users, with a free trial period of testing these experience of photo sharing and an annual membership fee for users who are interested in continuing membership after trial period ends.


Some of its membership features include exploring tips, tricks and tutorials tailored for its members, using advanced edit tools, recreating vintage film looks by Kodak, Fuji etc., and having access to complete pre-set library with 130+ pre-sets.

When you are done working on your photos you can share them using other apps like Facebook, Instagram etc. Moreso, this editing app give you photos that you take with your device, a more elegant outlook and is available on both android and IOS devices.

4. Hypocam

Hypocam is a monochrome specific app that favours those who have a thing for the black and white outlook of photo making and photo sharing. The entire user face of this app is black and white so there’s no hope of getting expectations up to seeing anything colour

This app is one of the most best and unique apps in the apple store, and has built in news feed you could be always updated with on the latest news and best selections of monochrome formats for you to use,Giving you the best control of your shoot and a live-view control.

5. Google camera

Using portraits and night sight, Google camera takes pictures using HDR in low light and backlight scenes, with the latest version of this app only working on pixel cameras and android 9.0.0 and above

This app will need access to your camera, microphone, storage and location to enable an elegant and amazing experience for users Some of its features enables users to switch quickly between video and photo mode with a quick swipe, and easily creating photographic effects.

6. Camera MX

Known as one of the most trusted free stock camera alternatives, camera MX offers android users an easy to use full-fledged camera app with support of all resolutions and ratios, HDR for high quality of photos and time-lapse video recording

Some of its features include grid lines for a better composition, low focus and exposure, optional GPS setting, timer for delayed shots etc. Camera MX comes with every possible features you could ask for and makes it an interesting option to use.

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7. Footej camera

Give a new life to your best times on footej camera with its amazing photo and video quality, HDR, time-lapse, panorama mode, video slow motion recording, snapshot during video recording, animated gifs, integrated gallery and slider.

This app also allows you to buy a premium version that allows you access to other features that are not included in the normal app section, a recognizable feature of this premium version is being able to record videos longer that the usual time than when using the app in its normal version and being able to creates gifs. But it has an overall lasting user friendly experience.

8. Manual

Manual is an insanely fast camera app that turns your phone into a professional camera with features that brings your phones photography to a next level phase. And specifically requires android 5.0+ to operate.

Giving you a fast camera performance by performing quickly and creating photos with so many effects and pro HD camera and pro HD features Some of its features include burst camera mode used for creating time lapse, manual focus distance, photo grid; 4k camera line, location targeting feature, manual focus like DSLR, customizable volume keys etc.

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9. Snow

This app which allows you to perform actions like professional photo edits with just a few taps is used by over 200 million people around the world. Also include exclusive seasonal filters that add colour to your daily life.

This app is most benefitting for women as it is a beauty and make up camera app with features like making your own slideshow, using stickers to decorate photos for your camera with augmented reality and photographic filters, videos can be saved as gif files etc.

10. Halide camera 

This award winning app is your go to camera when you want to take a photo and not just a quick snapshot. Available for iPhone 8 and iPhone x this app comes with high end tools to change exposure of photo shots.

Halide features include intelligent automatic and manual mode, grid overlay with built in level live histograms, focus peaking and powerful manual focus and intuitive gesture interface. Halide gives you intuitive, yet powerful ways to take beautiful photos with high definition.

11. Polarr

One of the best photo editor apps, polar has it all and can turn a novice into a professional photographer with its amazing features by offering tools and sophisticated filters to edit all the details of your photo with curve tools, local adjustments and many others.

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A powerful photo editor for both IOS devices and android, offers batch exporting, advance suite of face editing tools, dual lens effects, complex blending modes etc.

Polar also come with both local and global adjustments settings options and also amazing layer and blending modes. This app is also customizable with ability to rearrange icons, select whichever theme suits you best, and provision of two work spaces.

12. Cymera

This app lets you create photos, layouts, collage, posters, background texts etc., with over 200 million worldwide. It is also known to be the best serving as a professional beauty tool with amazing selfie filters and effects

You can also create your own collection of special filters and download popular packages. Cymera is a diverse app that offers language support like Korean, English, and Spanish, German, Japanese, Chinese, Thai, Portuguese, Russian, Indonesian, Turkish and Vietnamese with an amazing customer service that listens to your suggestions and opinions.

13. Cupslice

Cupslice stands out among the rest with its powerful photo processing that makes your photo a bit more elegant, with high quality stickers that covers most of the important topic from music, quotes, friendship, birthdays etc.

Most of the filters on this app is customizable, easy to use and have a unique nature that makes it stand out among the rest. This app requires access to your precise location, camera device, information about networks, and information to Wi-Fi networks.

And can be downloaded and installed on android devices supporting 16 API and above.

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