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11 Tips You Need To Recognize Fake Phone Chargers


To be honest fake chargers are the worst, you buy them today and the next few weeks you are out trying to buy another. Worst case scenario is that the charger ends up causing damages to your phone’s battery by deteriorating the battery life and leaving you to either disposing that battery for a new one or getting rid of the entire phone.

But how do we avoid this kind of mess if we do not even know how to identify a fake charger in the first place in order to buy Original Charger? So right now if you have fallen a victim to one of these circumstances, I will understand that you want to take a walk with me to finding out how we can put an end to this.

Buying original Charger

 These steps will show you on how to recognize and spot a fake charger at first glance and do what is best by “avoiding” it usage.

1. Markings and texts on the plug

If your charger was bought from a well-known company like apple or Samsung, or came directly when you bought your phone you should be able to see markings on this charger showing the logo and texts or official markings of a safe product. These markings are from organizations that checks performance claims and test electrical devices as well as cables to make sure they comply with safety requirements. Some of these markings and symbols simply just mean that these cables are fire resistant.

Markings and texts on the plug

Some of these markings also mean that the product meet relevant health, safety, and environmental protection legislation depending on the country. So with these being said, if you ever find yourself wondering if you are buying the original charger of a phones product, do take into consideration these markings which should be on these cables and if you don’t find any, well, then you have your answer.

2. Rock bottom prices

Rock Bottom Prices

One of the easiest ways to spot a knock off charger is by simply paying attention to how relatively cheap the prices can be. Perhaps before you go on looking for a charger to buy, try doing a research on what the cost of the charger is. So, by this way you can do a comparison and raise questions when you come across one which the price seems extremely low. As we all know not all cheap stuff is good stuff, but this also has nothing to do if the charger company does a reduction on their prices or the site you are ordering it from is doing some kind of discount, even at that you will barely find the prices extremely low unless someone is trying to make quick money on something not genuine.

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3. Manufacturers own logo

Manufacturers own logo

Another easy way to recognize a fake charger is to check for the markings and texts and see if they are complete, up to the point of including the manufacturer’s logo. Some of this manufacturers who make fake chargers, fail to include important information that should be entailed in the markings of a cable and most especially for fraudulent reason of not getting found.

4. Typos


Easy and simple to recognize a fake charger? Check for “typos” such as misspelled words, missing words etc. legit companies will not bring such bad reputation to themselves by making such mistakes knowing fully well their reputation is at stake.

Such errors can only be made by organizations operating in making counterfeit chargers, ignoring the importance of proofreading and spell checks for orderliness. This shouldn’t be difficult to do if you are really interested in getting an original charger rather than a fake, all you have to really do is just read.

5. Weight

Genuine chargers can be differentiated from the counterfeits just by how much they weigh. And this is due to so many reasons one of which are the components, precisely the wall adapters should weigh about 40g. So in every aspect of this kind of situation, anything light weight is anything that spells out “fake”.

6. Charger instructions

Another thing to look out for in the recognition of a genuine charger is that they mostly come with instructions on how it can be used, no phone company leave this information or detail out of the picture. As an attempt to help their new users, they always include manuals for operation in the charger box so users can find it easy to operate without much unease. So when coming across one without these instructions, you should easily identify it as fake.

7. Serial number

Serial Number

An original cable for IPhone for instance has a 12 code serial number attached to it, so be on a look out for these serial numbers when purchasing an IPhone charger. They may be less visible and could be so easy to miss the eye but certainly they are there and are supposed to be there.

For the ones without it, you should know you shouldn’t trust it.

8. Location made

Some of these cables which are official cables like the iPhone cables will have writings of where the charger was made. For instance you could see a writing like “designed by apple California” or “assembled in china” or “assembled in Vietnam” about seven inches from the USB connector.

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9. Connectors face plate

Connectors face plate

This is the pin that goes into your phone when you are about to plug your device, specifically iPhone. And this pin which is known as the face plate insert should be a grey metallic colour if you want to know it’s the genuine iPhone charger.

The fakes are usually dark brown in colour or at most black. And are usually loose in fitting into your phones charging port. Genuine pins will always fit perfectly into your phones port.

10. Lightning on pin

These are the gold stripes on your iPhones cables pin. In spotting the difference with a fake with this part of your cable, you should know that the genuine lightning to USB cable is a single piece, smooth and rounded with a smooth contacts. While the counterfeit is more than one piece, rough or inconsistent finish and squared contacts with an uneven surface.

11. Materials

High quality materials

Most times these companies producing fake chargers use cheap materials, and for this very reason is why you see some cables getting burnt up after being plugged to a socket for a while, and the cheap prices they go for is due to lack of high quality materials used.

Genuine charger cables are usually thick in the materials used in making them, and the adapters heavy in weight as mentioned above. With counterfeit chargers, components within the head of a cable misses the job of soldering, which is necessary for a complete make. And also in most cases eventually lead to an increased risk of fire when plugged, as a result of electrical currents overload.


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