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101 Google Search Hacks To Make You A Search Guru


A lot of times we find out that there are lots of functions provided by Google that we don’t use simply because we don’t know they exist. If you are looking to know about Google tips and tricks, keep reading.

  1. Google offers an advanced search option which I’m sure a lot of you are not aware of. To use Google advanced search, visit https://www.google.com/advanced_search.
  2. With the advanced search, you can search for ‘exact phrases’, ‘any phrase’, and ‘all these words’.
  3. You can specify how many results you want on the page using the “numbers ranging from”.
  4. You can also narrow your search by language, region, and other options.
  5. With advanced search, you can filter result using “SafeSearch and Usage rights”. This gives you access to more advanced features.
  6. You can perform an advanced search from the Google front page search box but can only be done using command line parameters. Some advance knowledge will be required to be able to do this.
  7. When you use Google’s main search, it combines search terms with the “AND” Boolean construct. For example, when you search for Smoke fire, it looks for smoke AND fire.
  8. If you want to search for either smoke or fire, simply type smoke OR fire. The ‘OR’ in this case is a Boolean function.
  9. Using the above example, you can type ‘|’ in place of OR. Smoke |fire. The will bring up the same search result.
  10. When performing Google search, the Boolean Construct AND and OR are case sensitive and must be used in upper case.
  11. If you want to search for a specific word and one of two terms, group them using parentheses like water (smoke OR fire). This will search for water and either smoke or fire.
  12. If you are searching for specific phrases, use quotation mark. For example, if you want to search for the phrase, there’s no smoke without fire, you should type “there’s no smoke without fire”.
  13. When searching for synonyms, placing the tilde symbol in front of the phrase you are searching for will bring out the synonyms of the phrase. Example ~Eggplant
  14. To exclude specific keywords from your search result, use the minus operator. Example if you search ‘new pram –Ebay’, it will exclude all results from eBay.
  15. Google ignores words such as I, and, then, and if. They are called stop words
  16. If you use the plus operator together with a stop word, the stop word will not be ignored. Example, fish +and chips.
  17. When a stop word is included in a phrase with quotation mark around the phrase, the stop word is not ignored.
  18. You can ask Google to fill in the blank by include ‘*’ after your phrase. Example, Christopher Columbus discovered *
  19. You can search for a numerical range by using the numrange operator. Example, to search for Sony TV between #30,000 and #50,000, type “Sony TV #30,000…#50,000.
  20. When using the advanced search, Google recognizes 13 main file types, which includes, all Microsoft Office Documents types, PostScript, Lotus, Shockwave Flash, and Plain text files.
  21. If you want to search for a specific file type, use the modifier filetype:[filetype extension]. Example, ‘soccer filetype: pdf’ will search for pdf files in relation to soccer.
  22. To exclude a specific file type from your search result, use the minus operator. Example, “sport –filetype: doc” will exclude every .doc document from the search result.
  23. You can combine any Boolean search operator, but make sure your syntax is correct. Example “Sausage and mash” –onions filetype: doc
  24. If you want to search for pages with a specific word in their title, use ‘intitle’. Example. Intitle: herbs will only search for titles with herbs.
  25. When you are searching for files rather than pages, use ‘index of’ as the intitle: parameter. It will bring a result of web and FTP directories.
  26. If you only want to search the web address of a page, use the ‘inurl’ modifier. Example inurl: sonaija
  27. To find live webcams, try searching for inurl: view/view.shtml
  28. The ‘inanchor’ modifier, only brings out results in the text used in page links.
  29. If you want to know how many links are present in a site, use the ‘link’ modifier. Example link:www.sonaija.com
  30. You can also find pages that are related to content by using the ‘related’ modifier. Example, related:www.sonaija.com
  31. To perform a normal search which brings the result of related pages, click on the ‘Similar pages’ link that appears next to your search result.
  32. When you use the ‘info’ modifier, it returns the information about the specified page. Example, info:www.sonaija.com
  33. If you want to specify the site Google should search, use the ‘site’ modifier. Example, Airtel bonus site:www.sonaija.com
  34. For the above tip to work well, it has to be on sites with directory and dynamically generated sites like www.dmoz.org
  35. To access Google Directory, search directory.google.com
  36. Boolean operators and modifiers such as intitle, inurl, and OR, work in Google directory.
  37. You can use the ‘site:’ modifier when searching for Google images. Example, DVD recorder site:www.jumia.com
  38. Also, if you use site:.com, it will only return results from .com domains.
  39. Google News has its own Boolean connectors. Example, the modifier ‘intext’ will bring back result with the phrase in the body of the News.
  40. Using the ‘source:’ modifier in Google News will only return result from the source you specified. Example, Nigeria at 69 source: daily_post
  41. By using the ‘location’ modifier, Google will filter the result of the news to the specified country. Example, MTN tariff plan location: Nigeria.
  42. Google has a BlogSearch (blogsearch.google.com), and it has its own syntax. To search for a blog title, use the modifier ‘inblogtitle’.
  43. To look for movie reviews, try using the ‘movie’ modifier. This works with the general Google search.
  44. You can use the ‘film:’ modifier in place of ‘movie:’.
  45. Search for Showtimes on Google, and you will get a result telling you where you can watch local movies.
  46. For a dedicated movie search page, visit www.google.com.ng/movies.
  47. If you requested Google to ‘Remember this Location’ when you searched for showtimes, you can simply just enter the name of the movie next time.
  48. To search for movies directed by a specific Director, use the ‘director:’ modifier followed by the director’s name.
  49. And yes, there is a cast: modifier as well. You can try cast: name_of_movie to get the list of cast.
  50. When you use the music: modifier, followed by a band, song, or album, it returns the music reviews.
  51. If you try searching for the weather of a location, you will get a 4-day forecast result.
  52. Google also has a built-in dictionary. To use this dictionary, use the define: modifier.
  53. Because Google also stores the content of old sites as cache, you can search for those contents using cache: site_url.
  54. Alternatively, simply enter cache: site_url on Google’s search box to be taken directly to the stored site.
  55. To activate Google’s built-in calculator, simply search any arithmetic calculation. Example try searching 12*15.
  56. Google’s calculator understands natural language as well. Try 12 multiply by 15.
  57.  You can perform currency conversion using Google’s calculator.
  58. It understands the currency code as well. You can type 200 GBP in NGN.
  59. You can also perform temperature conversion as well. Try 98 f to c. It will convert 98 degrees Fahrenheit to degree Celsius.
  60. Guess what it can also give you the roman numeral of a given number. Try searching ‘2479 in Roman numerals’.
  61. To personalize your Google experience, create a Google account. Visit www.google.com/account. Next click on Create Account.
  62. Having a Google account gives you a lot of extra, like having a free Gmail account.
  63. You can personalize your front page when you have a Google account.
  64. To add custom tabs on your iGoogle, click on “Add a Tab”.
  65. With iGoogle, you can also select a theme for your page as well. Simply click on “Select Theme” to change your default iGoogle theme.
  66. Some iGoogle themes changes with time, like changes as you browse from day to night.
  67. By clicking “More” under ‘Try something new’ you get access to a full list of Google sites and new features.
  68. Using “Custom Search” allows you to create a Google search for your own web site.
  69. Visit www.google.com/psearch to search for an active, useful service that is missing from the list in your personalized search. This only works when you are logged in.
  70. The search result from the above search returns page list that you have recently searched and is divided by categories. Click on ‘Pause’ to stop Google from recording your history.
  71. To see the list of sites you visit most, and terms you enter most, click on ‘Trends’.
  72. You can also bookmark your search result from the personalized search.
  73. You can use iGoogle bookmarks gadget to add or access bookmarks.
  74. Google allows you to also search within your returned result. Scroll to the bottom of your search result and find the link to do that.
  75. To make a local search, include your postcode after your search query. This will bring local result within the postcode you specified.
  76. If you are looking for a map result, simply add Map to the end of your search query. Example, Lagos map.
  77. To make Google display images as the result of your search query, simply add ‘image’ to the end of your search query.
  78. Google also recognizes faces. Simply add &imgtype=face to the end of the returned URL
  79. If you are into stocks, type stocks: followed by the market ticker of the company, and Google will return the data from Google Finance.
  80. To track flight information, simply search the carrier and flight number on Google’s main search box.
  81. To find out the time of any location, simply type time, followed by the location.
  82. Google also has a built in spell checker that checks the correct spelling of what you typed and give you suggestion to the correct spelling when you are wrong.
  83. To deliberately activate the spell checker, use the modifier spell: followed by your keyword.
  84. By clicking “I’m Feeling Lucky”, Google takes you to the first page it found for your keyword.
  85.  To find the population or statistics of a particular location, simply type it on Google. E.g. Population of Nigeria will bring back the top result.
  86. When your Google result is displayed in a different language, click on “Translate this page” to see the result in English.
  87. If you want to search foreign sites, click on the Language Tool and select which language you want your search result to be displayed in.
  88. There are other features on the language tool page which include a translator for a block of text, which you can type, cut, and paste.
  89. You can also enter the URL want to translate in the Language Tool and it will translate it.
  90. Clicking on Search Preferences will open you to a lot more functionalities.
  91. To specify what languages your search result returns, select all the language boxes you like.
  92. With Google’s Safe Search, you are protected from sexual contents. You can also switch it off completely.
  93.  You can increase the number of the search result you receive from Google. This can be done from Search Preferences.
  94. Google can also display your search result in a new window.
  95. Go to www.google.com/zeitgeist to see what others are searching for or to improve your page rank.
  96. To find the hottest search terms, visit www.google.com/trends.
  97. The performance of two or more terms can be compared on trends search by entering all the terms you want to compare and separate them using commas.
  98. Do you want to search Google in Klingon? Visit www.google.com/intl/xx-klingon.
  99. You can make your job list appear on Google search by visiting www.google.com/jobs
  100. You can use one Google account information to log in to all Google platform.
  101. Type “Number of horns on a unicorn” and you will be surprised what the result will be
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I hope you enjoy some of this tips, please leave a comment about and tips you know.

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