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100 iOS 11 Features That Will Turn You Into a Rock Star


The Apple iPhone has always been a wonder. Not just because of its sophisticated nature, but because of the manufacturer to always give upgrades that continue to wow users of smartphones.

One of such is the IOS 11 upgrade. What’s more, there are a whole bunch of exciting features that come with this upgrade. So, in no particular order, we are gonna be looking at 100 features of the iOS 11.

1 New Unlock Animation:

This is a cool feature. Now,  when you unlock your device by pressing the Home button, the Lock screen pushes out by sliding up in an animatic manner to reveal the Home Screen.


2 Customizable Control Center:

iOS 10 didn’t allow this. But with the iOS 11 upgrade, you can now customize the control center. To do this,  Go to Settings -> Control Center and then you will be able to add and remove several actions like Notes shortcut, Alarms, Magnifier and so on.

3 Screen Recording:

Since you can now customize your control center, one of such customizable toggles there is for Screen Recording. Tap on it and then you will be able to start recording the screen. Tapping on the blue bar on top will stop the recording, and the video file will be saved in Photos App.

4 New Status Bar:

The iOS 11 comes with a subtle new change in the status bar. Now, instead of the bubbles, you see a classic Nokia style cell range icon. The location icon is now hollow and the battery icon looks more rounded.

5 Redesigned Locked Screen:

The lock screen was definitely changed with the iOS 11. For example, if you don’t have a Touch ID or a passcode set up, you will be able to swipe up and unlock your device. Also, both lock screen and Notification center have been merged to behave the same way.

11 Lock Screen

6 New Lock Screen Now Playing:

When you’re playing something, it now shows up as a card in the Lock screen instead of taking over the entire screen.

7 Redesigned Notification Center:

The Notification Center has also been redesigned in such that while using an app and you swipe up, it will show you available notification and the Now Playing card. To view all, you need to swipe up.

8 Redesigned Message App:

The message app like other default app, sees a redesign that puts a big bold message tag at the top of the message view.

10 Redesigned Control Center:

Just as the control center can now be customized, it has a redesigned feature also. Now it is designed to being just one page. Each tile, design wise has a black background.

11 Redesigned iMessage App Drawer:

The iMessage app drawer has a new outlook. Tap on an app icon to directly jump into the iMessage app. Tap and hold on the bar for a larger view of the apps, along with their names.

12 Do Not Disturb While Driving:

This Do Not Disturb while driving feature is new on iPhone and other iOS devices. It engages automatically when you are in a car. It is built on top of Do Not Disturb so you don’t get notifications except your favorite contacts.

13 Redesigned Calculator App And Icon:

Your calculator app is not left out. Now it looks more like the circular keypad in the phone app. The new icon has a retro feel to it.

Calculator App

13 Siri Intelligence Everywhere:

Almost everything with the iOS 11 has a Siri assistance. For example, it can prompt you to create a calendar event for a concert you just booked in Safari.

14 New Siri Visual UI:

The Siri UI has been improved here such that there is more space everywhere, and the replies are in bold. Siri also presents multiple results instead of one.

15 Siri Natural Voice Feel:

This upgrade has really worked on ensuring the siri voice to be more natural, and less robotic.

16 New Male Siri Voice:

New Male Siri Voice than the one familiar with. Also, it sounds more natural.

17 Siri Experience Sync:

If you have more than one Apple device, you can now sync your Siri experience with the iOS 11 upgrade with your other device so you can enjoy such experience across all the devices.

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18 Translation Siri:

iOS 11 now support language translation support for Chinese, French, German, Italian, and Spanish.

19 SiriKit QR Support and List:

You can now easily tell siri to display your QR code from an app so your friend can sca it. A thing that was not possible before.

20 App Store Redesign:

Even the ap store is not left out from the redesign revolution. It now looks more like the music player app, with big cards and horizontal swiping lists

21 Siri Typing Ability:

With Google Assistant, no option to have both voice and typing feature side-by-side. But you can do this with Siri in the new iOS 11 upgrade.

22 Apple Pay Cash:

Now when you receive money using Apple Pay, it will go to your Apple Pay Cash, which you can use to pay for apps to other users, o transfer to your bank.

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Apple Pay Cash

23 Today Tab In Apple Store:

There is a entirely new Today Tab. It is a great way for users to discover new apps, video, in-app purchases

24 Portrait Memories Videos:

Memories videos are now generated intelligently by switching your camera from landscape to portrait mode.

25 Photo App Redesign:

The photo app is not also left from redesign like the Messages and Note apps.

26 Apple Music Friends Network: You can now have your own public profile people can follow with the Apple Music. With this you can have an idea of what your friends are listening to.

Apple Music sharing features

27 Person To Person Apple Pay:

You can now pay apple users like you. It works using the iMessage app integrated with iMessage threads.

28 Live Photos Effects:

You can now add effects to Live Photos such as loop, Bounce, and Long Exposure. With loop, you can loop and effect like GIF. Bounce adds a reverse effect. Long exposure acts exposure effects to moving parts of photos.

29 Indoor Mapping In Map Apps:

There is now an indoor mapping feature which you can use in the Malls around the world.

30 Live Photo Editing:

These new features include: Trim, Mute, Key Photo. You can use them when viewing a live Photo, by pressing the Edit button.

Live Photo editing

31 Memories UI an Technology Overhaul:

The memories engine is now much smarter and will automatically create videos for your pets, kids.

32 Lane Guidance In Maps Apps:

When you’re navigating in Maps, you’ll now also get lane guidance for making the turns.

33 MarkUp Screenshots:

Now when you take a screenshot with your iphone, there is now a preview where you can now mark it with a doodle, annotation, text, signature and more.

34 One Handed Keyboard:

From IPhone 6 users and above, you can tap and hold the Globe key to dock the keyboard,  either left or right,  making it easier to type with one hand.

35 Makeshift Dark Mode:

There is a new settings called Smart Invert. It is accessible via Accessibility -> Display Accomodations->Invert Colors. It inverts the color for the UI elements and the text.

36 Redesigned Storage Management Section:

The storage and Cloud usage section is now renamed iPhone Storage, with a new UI that shows graph of storage space by apps, photos, media etc.

37 Unified Siri And Search Section:

The IOS 11 update now allows for a unified Siri and Search sections.

38 New Accounts and Password Sections:

Now there’s a new section called Accouts and Password, which list all your Mail and Contact accounts.

39 Offload Unused Apps:

With the iOS 11, a new feature automatically deletes old and unused apps when you are low on storage. All apps data and documents are saved.

Offload Unused Apps

40 New Password UI:

It now has buttons without borders and bolder text.

41 Automatic Setup:

If you get a new iPhone running the iOS 11, you can be able to copy over passwords, data and apps easily from your former device. You will see the Automatic setup section, during setup. Just bring your old iPhone closer to the new one to start the transfer.

42 Airpods Settings:

Now wit iOS 11, you can now customize actions for individual Airpod. There are also new actions for Next and Previous tracks.

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43 Phone App Redesign:

The phone app also has a new redesign look, such as bolder titles, and keypad look like the passcode.

44 No Labels In Docks:

The Dock in ipbone and ipad no longer has labels for apps and folders.

45 32 Bit App No Longer Supported:

You can’t install 32 bit app on IOS 11. But they are still found on the App Store.

46 FLAC Support:

You can now play FLAC files in iOS 11 using the built-in media player.

47 New Spotlight UI Design:

Searching for an app with spotlight, it will now show up in the suggestion box, instead of listing.

48 New App Store and iTunes Store Icon:

The app store and iTunes store now has a new icon outlook.

49 Create PDF from Pages:

When using Safari, in the share sheet, you now convert the entire page into PDF.

50 Quickly Share Screenshots:

As soon as you take a screenshot, you can quickly share by tapping on the button to sbare to a device using AirDrop or apps like Whatsapp.

51 Now Purchases Overlay In App Stores:

There is now an Apple Pay Style Overlay just before you confirm purchase when you want to purchase an app.

52 No Volume HUD when Playing Videos and Audios:

There use to be a HUD volume taking over the screen before, but with iOS 11 upgrade, you don’t anymore.

53 Seconds Option In Timer:

You can now set Timers in seconds.

54 New iMessage Effects:

iMessage now comes with two new effects. They are: Echo and Spotlight.

55 iMessages in iCloud:

iMessages can now be automatically sync with iCloud and its possible between all devices. Heading to the settings, there is an option where you can toggle to activate it.


56 PodCast App Redesign:

The Podcast app is not left out in the redesign revolution with the IOS 11.

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57 UI Changes In Safari:

For the Safari , the URL bar is more spaced out and the tabs more rounded.

58 Creating Tabels in Notes:

In the Note app, there is a new options that enable you to create tables.

59 Apple Music Social Sharing Feature:

As intoned earlier, you can now have your personal profile in Apple Music and people would follow you.

60 Faster Scrolling In Safari:  

The inertia scrolling with Safari is no more. Now scrolling works the same as it does in the rest of the OS.

61 Pin Notes To Top:  

You can now pin your notes to the top list. To do this, swipe in from the left efge of a note in the list view and Tap on the Pin button.

62 Document Scanning In Notes:

You can now scan documents in Notes. To do this, tap the + button when in notes and select Scan Documents inorder to scan paper documents in color or gray scale.

63 New Notes Typograhy:

The typography in Notes app is slightly tweaked.

64 Swipe Options With Notes:

The swipe options which is a new feature with the iOS 11 allows you to swipe to lock note, move or delete it.

65 Paper Style In Notes:

You can change the paper style in Notes to a grid or lined paper option.

66 GIF Support In Photo App:

This upgrade allows you to now save an playback GIFs in the photo app.

gif support

67 Auto Answer Call:

When you go to the accessibilty function from setting, you can now tell your ios device to automatically answer any call after a set seconds.

68 New Background Refresh Option:

This allows you to now select the Background app refresh, which happens only when connected to Wi-Fi , not Cellular data.

69 Mail App Redesign:

The Mail App also gets redesigned, having huge headers and spaced out UI

70 Create Watch Face from photo app:

You can now make a watch face by tapping on the share button while veiwing a photo, and select Create Watch Face from the current photo

71 New Wallpaper:

The IOS 11 has a new aesthetic beach wallpaper

72 New Numeric Keyboard Design:

There’s a new, more button-like rectangular design for the keypad.

73 Alerts Look Like Banners:

Now any persistent alerts take the look of banners and show up from the top of the screen instead of the middle.

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74 Prevention of Cross-site tracking in Safari:

The new Apple feature that prevents sites from following you everywhere you go is enabled by default.

75 Family iCloud Sharing:  

With a 200GB or highter iCloud plan, you can share such with your family. Sweet.

76 Share Wi-Fi Passwords:

If your friend runs an iOS 11, whenever they come around, you can log them into your network without them doing anything. An Airpod style pop up comes up whenever your devices are near asking I you would like them to connect to your network.

77 Disable Auto Join Features By Networks:

From your Wi-Fi settings, you can now toggle auto-join feature and it’s based on each network.

78 HEVC Video Support:

iOS 11 now has an official HEVC support, resulting in a twice compression in size.

79 3D Touch For Safari Tab:

When using Safari, you can quickly switch between tabs by using 3D touch.

80 Airplay 2:

This is an update to Apple audio stream format. This update now supports multi-room audio.

81 iCloud File Sharing:

You can now share files you have stored in iCloud Drive.

82 One-Handed Zoom In Map Apps:

You can now tap and hold with on finger in Apple Maps, like Google Maps, and swipe up and down to zoom in and out.

83 Spotlight Tab In the News App:

Searching is now also possible using the News App.

84 WebRTC Support:

Safari Now supports WebRTC , which is an open, web-based audio and video interface format.

85 Dictation In Hindi:

The Dictation Feature( speech to text) with the ios 11, now works in Hindi as well.

86 New Video Player UI:

The video player has a new redesign. It has a floating view which is dark. Also, there are clearer buttons for Picture in picture and Airplay.

87 Location In Files App:

There is no location section in files app and you can also add sources like Dropbox.

88 Disable Control Center in Apps:

The iOS 11 now brings the ability to disable Control Center when using an app.

89 Scan QR Codes From Camera:

This is done by just opening the Camera app and pointing to a QR code. The iOS 11 will recognize it. if it is a free WiFi QR code, it will offer to connect to the network for you.


90 HEIF Replaces JPEG:

Just like JPEG, HEIF is a file format for pictures. It is an open and compressed format, so as to minimize storage space.

91 Settings For Do Not Disturb While Driving:

iOS 11 now offers dedictated settings item for Do Not Distrub while in Driving Mode. You can set up the auto reply message and also who to allow calls from.

92 New Advanced Settings For Safari:

A newly added section in Safari is that for Advanced Settings. You can find out experimental features here.

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93 Better Search In Music App:

The music app now offers better search results such that you get links to directly search artists, playlists and more.

94 Airplay  Button In Music Widget:

The Lock screen’s music widget now has an AirPlay button right there.

95 Files App Share Extension:

There is an upgrade to the Save to Files extension, which now allows you to add anything to the files app using the Share sheet.

96 AR Mode In Apple Maps App:

It Is a cool feature. With this mode, you can move your device to basically fly around the city.

97 Long Press Option For Screenshot Preview:

You get to see the familiar share sheet when you long press the screenshot preview. This way, you can share a screenshot without opening the Photo app.

98 Authentication API for Safari:

Safari in iOS 11 has a new authentication API that will make it easier for apps and websites to log users in.

99 New TV Providers:

There are now New Tv Providers from the Provider Section in settings like Comcast and son other ones.

100 Colorful Control Center Icons:

There is now a colorful tint for icons for the flashlights, lower power mode and so on.

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