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All You Need To Know About 10-bit HDR Capture


Professional videographers usually use special digital cameras to capture amazing pictures and videos.  

Amongst the many available cameras used by videographers, the Panasonic GH5 stands out. And this is probably because Panasonic is the first brand to build a camera with 10 bit 4:2:2 video into its GH5 spec.

Moreover, the 10- bit the in Panasonic GH5 is able to shoot amazing 4k videos. But the exciting thing is that smartphones now have camera features that enable users and videographer to shoot professional videos.

Since apple and Samsung are usually the first brands to incorporated new ideas into their smartphone devices, it is normal for one to think they will also be the first to feature the 10-bit HDR video.

While high dynamic range has been considered the minimum requirement for color and finishing, there is still a need for wider color gamut.  

Honestly speaking, high dynamic range (HDR) is not new as it has been built into many digital cameras;

It became a standard for color since the first DPX film scan.

A lot of individuals argue that HDR is more important than UHD resolution and this is probably because of the wider contrast ratio and wider color gamut. Even though the 10-bit HDR has wider gamut color, the different between it and the 8-bit is minimal.

10 Bit HDR 2

What is 10-bit HDR capture

First of all let’s know what HDR is, whenever you hear the word high dynamic range (HDR), know that it has to do with high color or color quality when shooting a video.

In other words, HDR is a technology used by videographers and customers to create intense colors and high contrast between colors.

By the way the HDR 10 is also called the Dolby Vision so do not get confused when you hear this term.

Videos shoot using a dynamic range is usually boosted in the darkest shadows and brightest highlights. HDR videos give a very colorful display which so many users excited.

In fact, there are films that has already been upgraded to the HDR and HDR 4k TV’s are already available in the market.

The 10-bit color simply refers to videos which have 10-bit of luminance information or 1020 total steps per pixel.  This can be R, G, B or in most cases Y, Cr, Cb, although this has to do more with Chroma subsampling.


10-bit HDR on Smartphones

Smartphone devices are known to frequently undergo updates which are meant to improve and make the interaction between the phone and the user easier.

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It is not surprising that the 10-bit HDR that is usually built into digital cameras have also been built into mobile phones device.

The nitty-gritty of the 10 bit HDR been built into smartphones is to ensure a better shooting experience for users.

Moreover, it will enable users and videographers shoot professional videos with their smartphone devices.

In consideration of the fact that top phone brand like Apple and Samsung are usually the first to bring up new ideas, it is normal for users to be disappointed when a new kid in town incorporated the 10-bit HDR.

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By the way, the new kid am referring to is a smartphone brand that is not as popular as Apple and Samsung but surely deserves an accolade for its invention.

When it comes to mobile device, LG might not be as popular as some other smartphone phone brand but has made quite a name in other areas of technology.

LG is the first brand to incorporate the 10-bit HDR into its smartphones. Some of the smartphones that came with the 10-bit HDR are V10, V20 and the latest V30. Like its predecessor, the major highlight of the V30 is its 10-bit HDR capture.

Apart from this added feature, the smartphone comes with an amazing dual rear camera. One of its cameras can capture wide-angle field Of view of 120 degree while the other csm capture s neutral 70 degree field of view.

Furthermore, the standard angle camera uses glass crystals clear lens with an f/1.6 aperture that is supported by optical Image stabilization (OIS) and more improved color production. Due yo the improved color production, users can take sharp pictures Low light condition.

Just like the dual rear camera, the front facing camera is also impressive. Honestly, the selfie camera is actually better than the rear camera and this is because it is powered by a 10-bit HDR sensor that is capable of capturing over 1.7 billion colors.

LG claims the V30 is able to capture twice as many colors as a typical smartphone and also reduce dithering or noise during video capture.

In addition, the device has improved shading and depth for a well detailed and clear video. That’s not all! The smartphone also comes with a manual mode, LG cine log profile and a built-in tool like the cine effect that allows you to customize your video.

More added to the aforementioned features is a zooming feature that allows you zoom in without loss of image quality while also maintaining the zoom speed.

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Perhaps it might interest you to know that what was just described leads to the popularly used term “4k video”.

By the way, the phone’s camera can capture 4k video at 30 frames per seconds and 720p videos at up to 240 frames per second.

Also, time lapse is available plus you can also edit your shoot using the LG’s quick video editor or snap movie. After LG incorporated the 10-bit HDR, some other smartphone brans joined the league.

Some 10-bit HDR Smartphones

Sony Xperia XZ2 Dual

Sony xperia XZ2 dual

Before the introduction of the 10-bit HDR capture in Sony smartphone device, Sony had already been producing digital cameras with the 10-bit HDR.

As the HDR 10 is not so new to Sony, the brand has made efforts to ensure the invention is featured in its device. Sony Xperia XZ1 comes with advance technology that enables it Give users a unique and thrilling experience.

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Within the phone’s software is an HDR that can capture well-detailed videos with the aid of advanced motion eye camera.

Also, the phone gets assistance from a dynamic vibration system, a full HD+HDR display and a BRAVIA technology. All this features work in harmony to Create a wonderful experience while capturing the video and viewing it.

Furthermore, the flagship device comes with a powerful stereo speaker that stimulates audio sound exclusively while excluding the surrounding sounds.

In addition, Xperia XZ1 comes with 3D creator both on the rear and front-facing camera. This 3D creator allows users scan themselves and the surroundings; you can also print it in 3D and share on social media.

So if you love capturing video, you might as well try the Xperia XZ1 and thank me later.

Nokia 7.1

Nokia 7.1

Nokia 7.1 is another phone to look out for, the phone comes with HDR 10 display that allows you enjoy a clear and well detailed HDR videos and streaming.

Aside the HDR 10 display, Nokia 7.1 Standouts with a diamond-cut colored chamfers and a HDR technique that presents a contrast and allows you enjoy true-life colors.

Perhaps, the most interesting part of the phone is its Zeiss optics dual rear camera that gets support from an Al technology.

The Al technology gives an artistic touch to all the photos through mask, filter and 3D effect. In addition, the glass front and 6000 aluminum frame design of the phone offers comfort while using.

Huawei Mate 20 Pro

Huawei mate 20 pro

Huawei is one brand that has done great for itself and the Huawei 20 Pro speaks for it’s brand. Coming in with a leica triple camera along with an LED flash, the phone is set to fulfil your shooting fantasies.

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Furthermore, the leica triple camera is supported by an Al technology that gives life-like color, nice texture and beauty to photography.

The overall performance of the device is also worthy of not. Being powered by strong processor like kirin 980 processor, we could only expect a hassle-free running of the system.

Besides, the processor is able to function effectively because of its cutting edge CPU and GPU multi-core build.

The front camera also comes with the 10-bit HDR technology and also a 4200mAh battery that charges super fast.



Being the first to incorporate the 10-bit HDR capture into its smartphone, we are not surprised that the LG G8 comes with thus technology. LG G8 HDR gives a deep color and wider color range that is complemented by the 5.7inch Quad display with a 1440 x 2880 pixel resolution.

Even though the phone has impressive cameras, it is disappointing to see that the device is not powered by the latest snapdragon 835 processor.

However, the phone’s Qualcomm snapdragon 821 processor is still strong enough to ensure smooth running of the phone.

The phone sports a dual 13mp camera setup of which one is a wide-angle Lens that gets support from other features like optical image stabilization which ensures a nice capturing experience.

Also the phone has a classic design, although I feel there is more room for improvement, well that’s just my opinion.

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Sony Xperia XZ premium

Sony xperia XZ premium

If you are looking for a phone with a very attractive design I wouldn’t really recommend the Xperia XZ Premium.

But on second thought, a phone is not just all about the design the performance in terms of camera, battery life and overall performance also matters. Coming in at a starting price of about $1000, it would have been disappointing if the phone’s features are not on point.

Honestly speaking, the phone is good for users who are more concerned about the over performance of a phone than its appearance.

Aside from the fact that it is powered by the latest Qualcomm snapdragon 835 processor, the phone comes with a 4k display that will blow your mind.

More effort was made in terms of camera as the flagship device comes with a 19mp gyro based EIS that captures amazing videos.

In addition, XZ premium comes with a UFS 2.0 based internal storage and is IP68 certified. The phone seemed great in performance until its 3230mAh battery spoiled the show.

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